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Lisa Ceaser

Pictures look great! (As always). I love those three white frames by the door. Did they come that way or did you paint them white? Love the vintage feel they have.

And of course, Annie's a doll, and growing up so fast. Who can blame you for lazing around enjoy her company. I wish I could do the same most days with my 5 mo. old whose home while I work. :(


Don't you love days like that? You deserve a little rest and relaxation before everybody comes home soon!! Pictures are great~not looking weird at all!


sigh Karen I just love the colors in your photos, the blue of Annie's clothes (the yellow swimsuit from last post), they all look soft and vintagey-gorgeous!


I LOVE lazy summer days!!!!!! Enjoy them while you can. And the pictures look wonderful!


She is looking like such a big girl in these photos...they grow so fast!

Jennifer S.

Karen, just enjoy these lazy days! You dont get many of them! And time just moves way too fast for me anyway. :) Photos are FABULOUS as always, no compression, no weirdness :)


Pictures look AWESOME!! When is erin going to teach us how to do that?

Patty Hetrick

I think everyone needs some lazy days! Sometimes I don't get really motivated until late morning and then I stay up late in the evening. Been working hard to change that but I get so tired when I get up early!
Pictures have looked great ever since you did the test post:)


Glad you had a nice relaxing morning! Photos look great in the blog posting, but for me they still look a bit softer when I click on them.


Pictures look great to me! Enjoy and relax Karen... sometimes we just need a few lazy days...& that's OK!!


Karen - can you tell me what color white your walls are? Thanks!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Sounds like a great summer morning! And the photos look terrific once again! yay! I am glad you figured it out!


Everyone needs lazy days - enjoy it while you can while it is quiet without the bigger kiddos. My house is nice and peaceful right now as well due to my son being gone to his mother's back home in Arkansas for 2 weeks and my daughter being in Florida for the next month or so. Even though I am working full-time every day, it sure has been nice to come home to a clean and quiet house each evening and to some alone time with the hubby. :o) Great pictures as always and I don't see anything wrong with them - and think they are clear as a bell now. Have a great rest of the week darlin! :o)

Leonie Joy - Australia

It looks fine to me & I am on a PC


Okay...honesty check. When you posted all that stuff about Erin I was thinking...What? I don't get it? KRs pictures are totally insane and I don't get why she wants them to look like Erin. I was seriously confused. I have to say that I can totally tell that these are inspired by what she taught you. They are amazing. I love them so much. I get it now.


Aw, Nellie, you've been through some life-changing moments these last few weeks. Maybe your brain needs this down time to chill and process. Nothing wrong with chillin'!!! (A little chocolate does a body good too!) :)

teresa b

Sometimes you just need a few lazy days.. and pix look great...


All looks great!!!


Enjoy that relaxation!! You have to take it when you can....I was reading the post and thinking to myself how amazing and crisp and clear your photos are and then you asked the question! So, yes, I would say they are beautiful and not blurry at all....but then again, I never think of your photos as blurry or fuzzy!!


I happy to your readers for helping you fix the problem. No problems viewing the pictures.

Enjoy the lazy days of summer. You don't get to do that much.


Don't feel guilty lazing around, everyone should do it sometime! And your pics are no longer pixelated ;-)
they look great as usual.

Sarah K

The photos are back to looking wonderfully crisp and clean again. No more of that jagged, distorted look. Thank you. I can't believe how much older Annie looks in that first photograph, wow. Enjoy your relaxing pace while you can, and don't feel guilty about it.


I LOVE Lazy Days---they are so few of them around my house!

No fuzzy photos here


The pictures look great... can you share what you did to fix the issue?


Yesterday I had the same kind of day, without pictures. I didn't shower till after noon, when I ate, because I remember I hadn't ate. And then I found some creative juices and scrapbooked all afternoon. It was awesome.

jodi lansink

Same thing here---it is 6:30 PM and I still have not showered for the day---throw a baseball cap on and no one would know the difference!!! HA!!!

Debbie J.

Love, LOVE your photos!

Kristal Jones


*that you wrote about this

*Annie's kitten

*the light in your house

*the couch

*your doorknob

*those white frames...heart them big-time


The pics are back to fabulous!


Those are the best types of days.

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