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That made me smile.. it's totally something my husband would. Let me rephrase that.. something he does.


Boys and their toys!!!

nancy in ks

That's my husband's most favoritist thing to do. Play with the big toys.

What Tracy said.



Judy Webb

Shovel handles DO NOT fit most men's hands. They enjoy most, tools/machines that have motors and especially ones that have steering wheels and motors. So, avoiding rose bushes with a front end loader is not a priority. Seen it all. LOL Your friend in Texas.


I was smiling when I saw this post and then laughed when I read the comments. All men are the same, I guess:)


This is so hot! Can I borrow that for my husband to drive around our yard!!!Did you have him hang his calves out?hehe:-)


LOL love it - especially the bottom picture where he has his tongue sticking out or whatever he is doing with it. HA! Great pictures and such a cute manly man - sorry about your rose bushes though. :o)


Kerry wanted to buy a little machine like that the other day. He saw a for sale sign on it and wanted to check it out. For what? We are finished any home renos that need something like that. He said for work. I think he is tired of the fork lift and wants more toys.


Go He-Man! (Sorry Nellie...)

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