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Congratulations to Josh! What a sweet photo of your beautiful family! Susan


super cute hair Karen Russell ;) LOVE the photo :) tell Josh Congratulations....what an amazing AMAZING accomplishment :)

Cathy Kuhlman

Congratulations to Josh! It's an awesome thing he's doing and wonderful that he has your support and are willing to sacrifice so that he can serve his country! God Bless you all!

Shannon H.

Congratulations! Go Air Force! My husband is in the Air Force also.


Congratulations!!! :-)


congratulations! that is so awesome. and look how proud courtney looks in that beautiful photo!


Congratulations Josh! And man, for Ross and Josh not being blood relatives, they sure do look alike.


Congratulations! That's awesome!!!

Jennifer S

Congratulations Capt Downs!!!!! (I am sure it will be a smooth transition to get used to being called "Capt" In stead of "L-T"). Not sure how it is in the USAF, but in the army, Platoon Leader was fun, but Company Commander was equally as fun! Good Luck!


Congratulations Capt. Josh Downs!

Mom & Dad

Congratulations Capt Josh!!! We are so proud of you.
Mom & Dad


Congrats indeed. :)


Congratulations to Josh Downs and Thank You for the sacrifices you have made for our country

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Congratulations! and Thank You! to you, and every member of the military and their family that serves. (and I love how Coley is standing just like his dad!)


Congratulations, Captain Downs. I appreciate and thank you for your service to our beautiful country.

God bless you.


Heather Freeman

Congratulations and a huge thank you to Josh Downs and all of you for your sacrifices. I love how proud Courtney Lee looks.....and how Coley is standing proud just like Josh!

Carrie T

Congrats! What a great honor for all your hard work!


I love family pictures! Congrats to Captain Downs! (and I see Ross made it back in one piece after his trip from Hawaii!!)

Shannon Laux

YEAH Congrats Josh Downs! Very awesome thing! THANK YOU for all that you do and your fellow service men and women for protecting our country!


Congratulations, Captain Downs! Love the picture Cali took :)


Congrats to Capt. Downs!


Congratulations Captain Josh Downs! The photo and your hair is adorable, Karen! ;o)


Congratulations to Josh! Cute picture!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Congratulations Josh Downs! Way to go!

Heather Topich

Congratulations, Josh, and thank you for everything you sacrifice for us!


Congratulations...and thanks for your service!

Nancy Wyatt

Congrats to hunky Josh Downs!! *hugs from Conroe, TX!

staci bailey

Congratulations!!!! And THANK YOU! for serving!!!


thank you for keeping this wonderful country safe!! Congrats on the promotion!


I love this picture because it shows how the military stance compares to normal folk stance. =D


Congrats! It's a great family photo! And it makes me feel better, you are not looking at the camera, Courtney Lee is looking at her dad, Annie is playing with her hair, Cole is zoning out, but Ross and Josh are looking right at the camera! Perfect! (I know it's not possible, but they sure look alike in this picture!)


Congratulations. :)


We salute you, Capt. Downs, SIR!


Congratulations Josh Downs!!!

Sandy Brown

Awesome!! Congratulations, Captain Downs! and thank you, his family, for sharing your husband/father as he serves our country. This really touches my heart.


Congrats! Love the family photo!


Congrats Josh! Love the family pic!


Alright! Captain Downs way to go. That is awesome. Congratulations. I know as an ex militar myself he must be feeling really good. Nice


Congratulations to Josh Downs. You are our hero:)


Congratulations CPT Downs! Thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you and your family make.

Terry D

Congratulations Josh Downs and Thank You for your service!!!

Great photo!

Rhonda P

What a wonderful thing. Congrats to Captain Josh Downs!

Congratulation...:) What a great day for you and your family. I have accidently came through your site. Your site is awesome, so down to earth, full of inspiration and so interesting. Hope you don't mind a stranger respond to your page.



Congratulations Josh!


Way to go, Captain!! Thank you for making sacrifices to protect my family! (I know you make sacrifices too, Karen, so thank YOU too!)


congratulations and God bless you all!

Happy day!!! Congrats!


thank you for your service Josh Downs!!

Jennifer Camplin

Congrats!!! plus thank you too!

TerriB in Oregon

Congratulations, Captain!

Melissa Mann

Congratulations! Love how everyone in the photo is looking at something different :-)


Very good. Congratulations Captain Downs, and thank you.


Lovely photo of a lovely family!


Congratulations Josh! I would also like to thank you and your family for your service to our country and for the sacrifices that entails. Thank you and God Bless.


Yours is a lovely family. Congratulations Mr. Downs.

teresa b

Congrats Josh Downs!!

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