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Great pics- Love your commentaries you keep it real! Yes, you definately got the better end of the deal (I don't clean toilets either!) I guess we are both just lucky girls that way!!


oops re-read the "deal" - Got it all backwards!!!


Gorgeous pictures as always, Karen!

And am I the only one who thinks that those sweet girls sitting on that big rock waiting for the boat look a little like five little mermaids? So adorable! (:


Love all the pics!

I take a Bonine pill before we go out in the ocean, no more sickness for me!

Way to go on catching the biggest fish Josh Downs!

I clean toilets and drive, something's wrong with this picture! Hubby will drive if we are going east, I drive if it's any other direction! Crazy, but he only looks forward to going east and sleeps when we go any other way! I think I should assign him one toilet!

Jennifer M.

That shot of Annie with your niece (the one with their arms around each other) might be my favorite shot of yours ever. It's so sweet and the colors are amazing. Love it.


I am LAUGHING at Annie not crying about wearing pants. Poor girl just doesn't like pants, but i can see how that could be a struggle! These pictures are great, I love how you captured how blue the sky and water are.


Seriously i love seeing these photos...they capture such great moments!


you DID get the better end of the deal... i hate driving too!



I totally agree with the rest of the ladies, the pictures are great and the colors are so vivid!! I can almost hear the sqeals and giggles coming from that little bunch of girls running from the waves! Sitting in my office at work, I laughed out loud when I read about Annie's new rock baby, priceless!!!!

teresa b

Holy moly Karen!! The colors are amazing in your photos!! and I love love LOVE the skin tones!! So awesome!! Looks like everyone had a great time!!

Cindy Johnston

Beautiful photos as always! LOVE the ocean shots so much! *wish* I lived near the ocean!


I don't drive either--the road is hypnotic to me. Glad our Superdads take the wheel while we sleep (makes us better moms...)

And I love the beach shots--that goes without saying. Awesome, the bright backgrounds and normal skintones. Just awesome... :)

Val from Down Under

Hey Karen, as usual your photos are fantastic. What actions did you use on them to look like that?


Great stuff, Karen!! Are you still shooting JPG or have you gone back to Raw? I love the space I save with JPG but there is just something about the raw conversion process that is easier and faster for me.

lynda p

thanks for sharing...
i don't envy the "pant" fight on the little cutie. i have a 10 yr old, that still gives me heck about wearing pants. haha. i does get better, but still there's the stubborness that creeps through.

Jennifer Camplin

Amazing snapshots you have got!

Plus amazing family!!


Gorgeous shots! I've got the toilet cleaning deal too :)


you shot all of these with f2.8 and iso200? what lense did you use? i LOVE your pics!


I love how light and colorful these pictures are!

Kristal Jones

Congrats to Josh Downs!

I want a hula skirt like Annie's. How adorable.

Wonderful shots in that harsh lighting. My fave shots are the ones with Grandma Jo in them. Love, love those black & whites.


Such great beach shots!

Julia Spencer

I love the Grandma Jo Photo's. Very sweet and precious. (I'd blow them up as christmas presents!)

Ashley Newbert

The colors are looking amazing on your photos!

Tammee Donaldson

Is it just me or in that B&W pic does Grandma Jo look just like Annie in that picture plus 40 or so years? The look in her eye is just the same....


Your beach photos are amazing! Any way you would share your settings? Curious how much of the effect is coming from post processing, actions, etc. I've been working so hard this past year to improve my photography and am struggling to get the right effects. Would really appreciate any advice, as we are heading to Mexico for family vacation and I can't wait to shoot away (just hoping I don't come home too disappointed with the photos)... Your blog is amazing and I look forward to reading it daily. Thank you!

Brooke - in Oregon

Hi Karen, long time no see! I really miss the crew at No Bare Pages. I pop in here every once in a while when I get a spare minute (remember we are in the Nursery business and it is still our 'Season' not a great one but it is all we've got!) :) I just have to tell you that photo of Gramma Jo and Brooke is amazing, you know I love your skills but that is one of those 'Oh' photos that almost make you skip a breath. Fabulous!!

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