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Looking good! Back to normal. 600x400 and web sharpened look the best to me. PC, XP, and IE. :)


Looks great, just as you described. And I didn't comment on your post below, but those also looked to me as you described them. The web sharpening looks GREAT. (Mac OSX, Safari)

Allison Akins

The look just like you said they should.


I think you are exactly right! Much better. I think it does have to do with the size of the images with a web sharpener.


Looks good! Just as you described (though I would say, generally, the unsharpened ones do actually look a bit soft to me, so I prefer the sharpened ones!) PC, Win7, IE

Jennifer S.

You did it!!!! They no longer look compressed. All fixed! :)


I didn't get a chance to comment on your initial post - but yes, it was the resizing that was causing the jaggedness (i've done this myself in the past). They look PERFECT re-sized to the 600x400 and sharpened for web. I am on a Mac, using Firefox and still noticed the jaggedness in earlier photos - so it was definitely the re-sizing. ;)


The images all look fine to me now.

It was the first one of Josh and Cole in the previous post that was all weird for me.


These all look exactly as intended... my fav being the web sharpened ones. :-)


They look great. Good for you figuring it out :)


The web sharpened images look better. "And when you double-click on them, they should look exactly the same" They don't look the same. The web sharpened ones are still sharper and the others don't look bad at all, just soft.

gina f.

the sharpened images definitely look better. With Ross and Calli their skin tone is better in sharpened photos and in tractor pix Coley's shirt color is brighter


the unsharpened ones are definitely fuzzy, you can really notice it on Cali's hair.


oh and when i click on them they are still fuzzy in the unsharpened ones


much better. sharpen for web at 600x400 is best!


yes...much better. 1 & 3 are nice and sharp looking and 2 & 4 are softer looking or just not as sharp. I guess that's what I ment by soft. Again depends on what look you're going for.


Works for me just like you said in the end of the post.


Yeah!! Glad I could help. Love the new results.

Susan T

All the pictures look good to me with the sharpened pictures looking a bit better than the unsharpened. (Win 7, Firefox)

Jen Spain

They look good to me now -- 1 & 3 are nice and sharp, and 2 & 4 are softer. Oe other thing I noticed was that when I looked at them in Google Reader, the sharpened-for-web images looked over-sharpened, but reading it on the blog they didn't. I'm not suggesting at all that you format your images for an aggregate reader, but I'm wondering if some people were viewing it that way and noticing more of a difference?

Kara Bischoff

1 and 3 look awesome...2 and 4 are soft.
Windows XP, IE

Vanessa West

web sharpened looks much better. the unsharpened ones looks blurry.


I think the first one of the tractor pictures is a little too sharp. But maybe that is just personal preference? I know even less about this stuff than you, so you probably shouldn't listen to me :) I'm on a PC. I do think the top ones are okay, maybe it is all the sharpness in the trees I'm seeing in the tractor pics? It reminds me of the first time I got glasses and then saw everything I was missing:).

Vanessa West

oh.. and i'm using firefox on a pc :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

It is somewhat better - the web sharpened one of Cali looks VERY soft, and the sharpened one of Josh is soft, but not as much. It really has to be an issue with the web-sharpening. Which is weird - we all seem to be split. I have to say, I have a really good monitor, and when I looked at them on another monitor, the difference isn't as pronounced. If I had to give my unsolicited advice, I would say go back to the way you used to post them, because absolutely none of us had an issue with your image quality then.


Web sharpened looks the best.


All looks good,

teresa b

Mac user
Fire Fox web browser
The images were never distorted I loved your images as they were and can see a difference with the web sharpener.. They are def sharper and I'd say I love them either way.. each shows a little something different. Just keep on keepin' on KAren!! You are Fabulous!!


They all look really good with the web sharpened ones looking better but they all are tons better than before. Thanks for problem solving - your pictures are great!


I think you figured it out...they all look great.


Oh... That fixed it. I think it's an internet explorer thing. I use firefox on my PC at home and they all look fine. At work I have to use Internet Explorer. I thought it might be because I was on an old version but they upgraded me during my lunch so now I'm on IE7. Anyway, these new pics look great. I double checked and the old one's are still messed up even with the upgraded version of IE. You solved it!

PS - definately like the sharpened pics better. What program are you using to do that?


I agree with Johanna: web sharpened images look better. Double-clicking on photos, the web sharpened ones still appear sharper and the others softer. I use Firefox 3.6.3 on Windows XP.


I have a pc and the tweaked ones look FABULOUS!

Lisa Bosch

Ditto...the sharpened images look fine but the others are too soft...MacBook Pro Safari


Yeah, what you said!


I just figured I needed to put on my glasses! And I'm all for a Mac!!


1 and 3 look great and 2 and 4 look slightly soft. (Mac on Safari)


They look great for me on my PC (Firefox & on IE). I like sharpened ones best. What sharpener are you using?


Sharpened is indeed sharper! PC, XP, IE, BWX, PX, EX, FL2...ha

Melanie L.

Yep, sharpened for web looks much better.


they look awesome.....i like the sharpened ones....dont look jagged anymore


Well, the first two images look identical to me! Great pics of Josh hard at work (*wink) with the bobcat!! The second one looks a tad bit softer than the one above it. I've never noticed any of the weirdness some of the others have seen.

I'm now on a Mac surfing with Safari!! ♥ Lucky me!!

Karidan Chapman

OH my goodness I thought it was only my computer since I didnt see anyone posting anything to your blog. Glad I am not going crazy! But I think the sharpened ones are just a tad to sharpened and think the unsharpened ones look more natural compared to the others!! Hope you figure it out! I hate blog stuff to! DOWN with HTML!!


Not seeing any problems from this post or the previous one...I'm on a Mac browsing on firefox.

Shauna M

I like image one sharpened but not image too.. sometimes its just personal preference.. and possibly just the subject of the photo.. the more casual one feels better to me softened..
but they are all awesome to see so it doesn't really matter :)


still great!

would you be willing to share what you mean by web sharpening?

Mac OS X - user. maybe if you have time you could check out my blog and give me some pointers. I shoot with a Nikon D40 in auto mode and hardly ever run them through photoshop (only because I don't know what I'm doing) I do need to take a course and start using my camera to it's fullest but if you have any input it would be greatly appreciated.



when placed like this, web sharpened is amazing!
mac/safari user and a Karen fan!


The sharpened ones are better and crisper!


they look just as you said they should. i have a pc and use Windows XP. (and I could never get sick of looking at your pics, especially the fishy kissing one! love it!!)


These are much better. No jagged edges but the sharpened ones are still pretty sharp.


600x400 with the web sharpening...nice - I gotta try that myself.

Tess S.

the web sharpened images look better. the others are too soft.


I'm on a PC and Mozilla - the sharpened ones look best!

Susan Lew

You are correct but they all look really good to me now. (PC, vista)


At first I did not really notice a difference. My eyesight is pretty bad. When I looked again, the web sharpening pictures were much crisper. I agree with similar posts that the unsharpened pics look blurry.

Cate O'Malley

PC user here looking at site in firefox, and image one is sharp and crisp, the seconds are fuzzier, like others.


You got it! 1 & 3 are sharp clear images and 2 & 4 are softer but also good images. You're awesome! Thanks! And by the way, I think our next computer is going to be a MAC! :)


Looking good!


Yeah! You have found the problem. I thought I was the one going crazy.....the pictures were jagged on the edges but now they look focused. I am a happy girl!


The web-sharpened ones look better . . . but they are also a tad too sharp. Ouch! If you can dial down the "sharp", then it won't "poke" too much. hehee! Sorry, Karen, a little "geek" humor there. haha!

Cheryl Balara

WOW! I am using a PC and Mozilla Firefox browser. The sharpened images look Fantastic. The not-sharpened ones look soft. I prefer the sharpened images. When I double clicked on each photo they looked the same as they do in your post (sharp is sharp and not is soft).

I had no idea that web sharpening made that big of a difference!! I have been trying to figure out my camera and what I'm doing wrong that I can't get sharp images like the ones I see on your blog. I was convinced that I needed the "L" series glass for my Canon. Maybe I should try web sharpening first.

But that begs the question - how do they look when you get them printed? Are they as sharp or do they get a little soft?

Thanks for doing this test shot. We are all learning something.

Tasha Braniff

Oh Wow! That's a big difference!
Sharpening for web and saving at 600x400 looks much better!

Tasha Braniff

Ps...I'm on a pc.
My next computer will be a mac :)


1 & 2 gret. 3 & 4 soft. I think the problem has been solved!

Helen Shields

Sharpenend ones look good to me! I am on a PC, Win 7 and IE. How do you sharpen them, it seems to make a big difference. Being non computer literate myself it would help with my photos. Also have to say love, love, love the polka dot swimsuit so cute.

Angela Tomczak

My humble suggestion would be to sharpen your image at the size it will be used. So sharpen AFTER resizing.

Melissa Wang

I have no problem seeing your images. Of Course I have a MAC LOL


Look great! Working for me again now (pc)!


Can I ask how exactly you save them at that size and what sharpener you use? I am clueless on this too! thanks, lisa

Jo E

Web sharpened ones look much better than the unsharpened. Safari & Mac user.


Once you switch to a MAC you'll never go back, I finally made the jump in April...and I love it!

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