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Tammy Mellish

THAT IS AWESOME! WHOA! I so want to do that!! Great fun! So glad that someone captured the fun for you.. what luck! :)

libbi m.

Loved the video...which leads me to this question...can you add video to your blog now? Have a fantastic weekend!

teresa b

That was Awesome Karen!! In all the times we've been to OR we still haven't gone!! Maybe next year!!

Nicole Ellison

omg...that looks like sooooo much fun!!! I wannna go! And you're so brave!!!! you took your camera! omg...never for me!


HaHa! Double chin nothing--what's the gigantic set-up of a lens do you have on your camera? It's awesome!!! (I remember the pics of that trip from last year!) Funny!!!


Love how you protect the camera! Looks like a ton of fun! My Hubby has an Uncle that does fishing trips down the Rogue, he's out of Eagle Point. (their Christmas letter is always a hoot, as evey other line includes something about "game" or "fish"!)


That looks like a fun trip! It also looks like a scary place to take a camera. I would have been a nervous wreck worrying about getting it wet.

Diane W.

That's awesome, makes me want to go! We missed taking the boys last summer, so we'll have to plan a trip on Hellgate this one!


Hello! So funny that we came across that video! We're planning a Hellgate trip soon and that was the first video we watched on youtube! I said 'hey that's my friend Karen'! To which my husband and son look at me funny because they've never met you! Have a great weekend! We'll be at Diamond Lake on Sunday if you wanna get together!

nancy in ks

Sign. me. up. Wheeeee.


Looks like so much fun!

Rachelle S

how fun!


Loved seeing you pull out your camera right in the middle of all the excitement!


Looks like a blast, but my stomach did a few turns just watching it! Love that you had your camera out!


I can't believe you brought your camera with you on a boat ride! Brave girl!

Mi took your camera!? [at least I'm not the only one that's a little freaked out about that - lol] But it looks like it was waaaay fun. Nice of that guy to video y'all. ;)


When we went to Oregon 2 yrs. ago, we did that same trip. Your hair looks really good:) Love seeing you try to shot a picture before the water comes!

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