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I absolutely love how "normal" you are!!! I am so exactly the same way! Would LOVE to be a nicer, more patient, loving mom...and then they wake up! I try and I have to pray alot or it doesn't even come close to happening! But love how real you are and love all your inspiration. I read about Linda a little earlier, so so tragic:(


I have to admit, I'm also quite bad about stopping to smell the roses. My life is so crazy right now, I'm not really being good at anything. We only get one chance at life, thanks for the reminder.

I hope you have a productive, feel-good day. :)


Thank you for sharing Linda's story! I read a bunch of her blog posts and cried through most of it. She's so strong! Off to find out how to donate.


This is so true. Thanks for sharing this story and bringing such truth to reality.


ah ha ha, "and then she woke up". that's so me too. off to smell roses with my kiddos right now. thanks for the reminder!


always time to eat cold tangerines karen russell ;)

tara pollard pakosta

love that photo of her! so sweet.
and so so true, I make myself live in the moment!
it's hard, but sometimes I succeed! tara

Julie Pilch

Totally understand and agree with you. My 3 drive me mad but when they are all at school and nursery I can't wait to hear their noise and see them again. Then they come home and drive me crazy again!! Thanks for the reminder Karen xx


My favorite times are when I just walk in the door from work and my little girls run screaming to greet me, and then when I watch them peacefully sleep. The rest of the moments I need to appreciate more :)


Wait - you have a DOG? why haven't se seen pictures of said pooch!!! ;) Thank you for your post I get so caught up in the fighting and getting out the door I really don't stop to take it all in.


Um, yeah, why have we never seen the dog? I LOVE the photo of Annie...oh, that beautiful skin. Thanks so much for sharing Linda's story. I will remember, for today, to cherish the little people who are driving me bonkers. :)


I'm like that too. Sometimes it's just really hard for me to stop and enjoy the moments.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

We all have our moments when they really drive us up the bend. My daughter always wakes up sweet as pie, and stays that way - until I tell her to get dressed/brush her teeth/brush her hair/wear a normal outfit ... sigh ... all I really want is for her to look like a human child when she goes out! It always makes me feel better when I hear it isn't just me!


I am just like you! I am not one of those moms and I won't ever be. BUT Caden is turning 16 tomorrow and he has turned out pretty good. I am all for CAKE:)

Patty Hetrick

Linda's story is so sad....and scary. One illness changed the rest of her life. I had to go back and read everything. I think it's really neat that she met someone so similar to her in every way. She is definitely remarkable! And the pictures of Annie are adorable:)


BEAUTIFUL! I think all moms have a hard time stopping to smell the roses sometimes with our busy non-stop full-time schedules both at work and home. I am off to read the article now. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Mellish

I love you. That's all I'm going to say ;)


Life is short - what a sad yet inspiring story. My wishes and thoughts go out to her family.

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teresa b

just another mom struggling to smell the roses with a PMS teenage daughter..right now all I'm getting is the fertilizer. Thanks for the sad yet very inspiring! Wishing Linda and her family may blessing during these tough times!

Karen Aldrin

So weird.I had just written on my note pad,to research your Greece trip dates.I had really wanted to go.Seconds later I read your blog and checkout the link.Such a sad story.I hope she gets lots of donations and that loads of generous people win something fab.

Kristal Jones

My goal in life is to be present/zen/mindful as much as possible. My photography helps me to do just that. The details ARE important. You capture so much with your photography & people(like me) want to do the same with their families.

Beautiful shot of Annie. Good for you for taking time to smell the roses and thanks for the link and reminding us all to do the same.


I'm one of the moms who is always rushing to get to the next stage in life!! The only time I have felt like I stopped to smell those roses is when I had infants and toddlers. Now I feel like we are always on the go. And when there is time to sit and think, I'm so exhausted I just want quiet. With a husband, 3 kids and a dog, it's a bit hard.

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