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I love me some Annie! Beautiful!


So fun to see her in the catalog, and I wish my girl was still small enough for those adorable clothes! Is Annie excited to see herself in print?

Adele's too bad how she isn't cute or anything! ha! not!

laura j

What a sweetie! Annie looks like she's growing so tall!

allison Gottlieb

she used to run? there's hope for my youngest yet!!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful girl!

Cindy Johnston

Beautiful shots...every single one!


Those are great! Wow ~ aren't you glad that Annie loves to have her pictures taken....and she's so cute and good at it too!


She is SO darn cute and precious! I've said it before and I'll say it again - I don't know HOW you could ever get upset with that baby - I would be laughing so hard at her all of the time! She's such a sweetie pie that makes you just want to pick her up and hug her and squeeze her cute little cheeks! Love the outfits and the pictures - great as usual, Karen. Thanks so much for sharing your family with us. Big hugs! :o)


ohhhhh my these are breathtakingly beautiful---fun---sweet----gorgeous--- amazing!!! Do you have special plans for scrapbooking/saving the "in print" catalog??


gorgeous! love love love~ the lighting and coloring is beautiful! can't wait to learn!


Stunning! You are a great photographer.


Amazing... you captured so much in those shots- her beauty, sweet innocence, curiousity... beautiful!


oh my goodness! these photos are fantastic! (though i'm not surprised) :)


So perfect! I love the setting by the fence.


These are just gorgeous!


I just love that little girl!


Wow... the photographs are amazing... and of course the model is pretty spectacular too!

Cindy Welch

Beautiful shots.


Gorgeous! I especially love the vertical (yay, Karen!) shot of Annie holding the skirt of her dress. Beautiful colors and focus!

Judy Webb

What a model, what a photographer! Congratulations.


Can she get any cuter?

teresa b

i know I've said it before Karen.. Yannie is beautiful!! Amazing shots!! You rock!!

Sherry G

They are all beautiful but the one you labeled her a riot where she is dancing in the dress seems to really capture the essence or mood of that dress. I think any little girl would be moved to dance a little in that cute dress.

tara pollard pakosta

My girls used to run too away from the camera>
but especially ava loves to have her picture taken.
cause she knows how happy it makes me and she aims to please!


Oh my goodness! She looks so "grown up"! She's not a toddler anymore. . . .




These are just dreamy.


sooooooo beautiful


Wow....the countdown is on. Just think, soon we may be able to take awesome pictures like those. (no pressure!) If you get a moment drop on over for a look at Yellowstone Park. Just a little teaser!!! Happy Day! She is plain BEAUTIFUL!

Jennifer These are awesome, Karen! The third one is my fave and the shots under the tree are too cute. I hope my little girl grows to want her picture taken! Nice work!

Heather Freeman

THese are amazing.....and for those boots, I just dont have any words! But I want me some!


I look at your blog all the time and have always thought that Annie is such a little cutie pie - I have wanted to comment quite a few times but never did. However, this time, I just couldn't resist -these pictures are absolutely darling - I couldn't even say which is my favorite = the are all fantastic - thanks for sharing:)



You are wise to enjoy these moments where Annie wants you taking her picture! My girls have reached the age where they refuse to let me take their picture. I keep telling them they'll regret it one day! :-)

michelle maclellan

you've got a future model on your hands!

Sara Mangan

Love the picture of her being silly. It's priceless.

Erin Gambucci

WOW, I love reading your blog and looking at your wonderful photos. Fantastic!!

traci in virginia

These are so so beautiful!


Beautiful, beautiful shots. Your talent still blows me away.


Karen, These are gorgeous and she is a doll!

Kristal Jones

Love these. I am amazed at how these came out. Lots of sun it looks like, and no big funky shadows or raccoon eyes. Gorgeous!


Gorgeous photos!!! How do you get great shots? Do you talk to her while photographing? Do you place her and tell her where to look?

jamie k

i thought that was your little girl!! my girlfriend's two daughters were in a shoot for Little Skye as well a few weekends ago. i was browing through their online catalog and i thought your daughter looked familiar. I had to go through my local scrapbook store's website to find your blog and make sure I wasn't imagining things. can't wait to see the next catalog!

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