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no doubt you have a super family filled with a bunch of super heros. :)
great day all around!

Kathy Aylward

He does take the superdad cake doesn't he. Sometimes that whinging, whining and complaining is bearable and other days it feels like someone is hitting you with a baseball bat over the head. Everybody goes through those days and it's nice to know you are not alone but it did help that one parent had his cool for the day. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Sounds like a fun day! Isn't it great to have a SuperDad around! I love love love that close-up shot of Annie on her bike.


He is definitely a keeper! Those are some very lucky kids...and one very lucky have their own SuperDad!


So sweet. Those pictures are to die for.


sounds like he's a keeper for sure. it's hard not to run out of patience something i have to work on all the time! super pictures! susan


That Josh Downs is such a keeper:) It's okay that you fuss because we all do the same as moms. We just don't have that dad thing going for us. We just aren't the 'fun' parent most of the time.

It sounds like a good though minus the whining, complaining, fighting, etc.!

Pictures are still fuzzy but not when I click on them individually. Crazy:(

Manon Keir

Dear Karen, you make me feel so normal, I love it! You rock :)


Do you ever do photoshoots of other families? You must get a million requests for this. I was just curious as i never see sessions posted.


sounds like a day in the life of me! That's refreshing to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. As usual, the photos are so gorgeous I could eat them.

Cheryl Balara

I love how you can have "one of those days," as most of us moms do, and still post cute pictures of your kids. Thanks for keeping it real.


Mediocre Mom! I love it! Even after I drove downtown in the pouring rain, during rush hour to buy my kid sketch books and copic markers, she was not bowing down to me like I figured she would be. After a quick reminder of what I had just done for her, she told her brother that she "had the best mom ever" and I felt vindicated. Until I told her that her room needed a bit of tidying up before she went on the computer.
I'm sure a day will come when you are Super Mom and Josh is Downer Dad.


goodness gracious I love you. I had the same day on Sunday - dereck was totally SuperDad and I was JustKillMeNowMom. Thanks for always telling it how it is Karen, so so refreshing. : )


OMG!!! That shot of Annie is AMAZING!!! Please Please Please share some editing secrets!! Although it's clear that you definitely did not polish a turd :) Clearly you polished a gem :) Thanks for sharing!! The photos are stunning!!

teresa b

I feel your pain!! I'm trying to find balance with my teenagers! Just dropped them off at the movies and got a call from one of them wanting something more..feeling like it's just never enough! Hopefully it will be better after they've seen the movie!


I think Josh Downs and Lonnie Stilwell were twins separated at birth (and about 20 years). You and I definately came from the same gene pool....ha....but I think you're an awesome mom. Let's thank God for our priceless, patient husbands/SuperDads who love us unconditionally!!!

Rebecca Brigham

And you were a super mom for sure!


You are so funny! Love your blog! So nice to hear I'm not alone in the whining, pestering, bickering mode of life. :)Oh and could your pictures be any more do you get every single one to be so amazing...I want to be you!


Thank you for being so real and making it OK for us to be real, too. Your husband is a keeper! Does he ever return an empty container to the frig? or leave empty packaging on the counter?

Sandy Brown

Well, I just think you sound like a super family!! How lucky you all are!! tfs


YOU my friend are far too hard on yourself.....because you are an AMAZING I truly admire and respect more than most....and you happen to be married to a super cool guy that is true......but I am willing to bet he thinks you are pretty damn amazing too Karen Russell ;) love you!


I love reading your blog! You are so dang cute, but I have a suspision you are to hard on yourself. Thanks for sharing.

Super dad to the rescue! I love when my husband is proactive like this!


A momma and wife who is observant enough and introspective enough to deliver this story (with images, even!), is pretty super, indeed.

Krista Lund

i stalk all the time, but don't comment often. but just want to say LOVE you, LOVE your blog!


I could have swapped out names and posted this on my own blog Karen. :)
Love your stories.

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