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Tonia Borrosch

Sounds like the kind of day I need with my hubby! Oh, and BTW-WHERE have I been that I do not know where that dog came from???? Have you had him/her a while? I missed that somewhere. What a sweetie. :)


Sounds like a productive day to me. I'd take that as productivity any time! What a nice day together....we all need to do that sometimes - couples productivity!


love it!!


I just wanted to stop in and say that I read every single post of yours and for some odd reason fail to leave a comment... so I thought I would at least drop in and say hello and thank you for all of the beautiful pics and entertaining stories!


teresa b

sometimes you just need days like this!!


Joining Lolly in de- lurking here to say thanks...been reading for years now and never said a word, but I enjoy stopping by. Seeing your everyday life noted always makes me smile AND reminds me to get out there and live in the moment too. ( of course, the gorgeous, drool worthy photography doesn't have the slightest bit to do with it- *wink*)


Maybe not productive in the area you thought but productive all the same ;-)


I too am wondering about the dog....did I miss something? Have you always had a dog?

I really wish I could have a day like this with my dh. I might have to send him this post as a hint!



Yea more doggie!!! How about a name on your sweet flea bag!! Love that Josh Downs. He's a keeper. Got to have a few days like that to keep the flame burning ;) And genius about the suitcase!!! Received my binder in the mail for class come June. Karen I'm so excited I could cry. You better be thankful you live all the way on the west coast or else I'd be arrested for constantly trying to come over with tasty confections to bribe your friendship (wink wink!!). Lara


Great Pictures as usual! Hoping for only ONE thing to master on the auditing class Focus Points!! Yours are always on target!!! BOnnie G


I was also so shocked to see the dog I was lured from lurkdom to leave a comment! How is it we have never seen or heard of him/her before?

Cindy Johnston

Well...sounds like a very nice day to me! :)

Cindy Johnston

Oh, I forgot to that your dog? Have you always had a dog? LOL


LOL.. Karen I like the wife's productive day.... I so know the feeling... My hubby has been home for the last week due to a hand injury and the boss (me) is saying I'm not being very productive but the wife (me) is loving him home... I guess it's a cake issue (smiles to you Karen)... Teresa


I keep my camera gear in an old suitcase, too. How funny. When did you get the dog? I've only seem pictures of him/her recently. She/he is beautiful!


I think the wife being productive is more important the the worker being productive:) Glad that you had a great day.

When did you get a poochie?


I just love how so many of us want to know more about your dog. Of these pics my fav is the 3rd one, the doggie's face makes me giggle - tooo cute. So, do...tell us more about this poochy you've been sporting lately in your (always beautiful) photos!!!

Louise Murr

We all need a day like that...Just call it an all day "retreat"...that is what we call it at work! It is suppose to fire you up and rejuvinate you. Sounds like a sweet day...I think I'll work me in a "retreat" very very soon.

Take care, Louise


Love the one of Josh's back side and the dog! Does the dog have a name? How am I supposed to explain this to Sally and Linus when I tell them about what Karen Russell did today?

nancy in ks

We all wear so many hats, that sometimes it's hard to figure out which of our split personalities we have to take care of today. The dog is everyone else, I'm wondering where he/she fits in. Have a good day today, KR.


I didn't know you had a dog? When did you get a dog? Why wasn't there a big post about the dog? I want that dog! Wait--I have that dog, or her twin, perhaps?


Hawaii? Lucky dawg, that Josh Downs! You should tag along, Nellie!!!


Yeah! What's up with the dog?!


same here.. have dog or just short boarding stay there??

Fun with tired dog with big yawn in pix!

Brandi the funny face on the fur baby! Glad your day was productive on the "wife" end of it, we need those with our hubbies once in awhile :-).


great, good job taking time to do the important things, my husband is my best friend and no amount of time spent with him is ever enough.


LOVE seeing pics of your dog!!! What's her/his name?? Sometimes unproductive days can still be productive in other ways!! I think it's awesome you could spend the day together like that!! More info on the doggie please! :-)

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