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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Jennifer M.

I purchased this, but I haven't had a chance to go over it and listen to the audio yet. I'm really looking forward to it. As a past student I can say, without a doubt, that I know it will be good. Your class changed the way I took pictures.


you work. your rules. : ) Bet it's amazing, ya know, like everything you do. : )


The issue is so great I love it and it is very helpful.
Thanks Karen for thinking of us always!

Martha - EP

i bought this issue and love it. has made me stop to think about what the final image will look like while still trying to compose accurately.

great job explaining everything. will you be doing a post processing "how to" as well? ;-)

Deb Wisker

Karen, I just have to say that you are a classy gal. Good for you for sticking to your principles! Kudos!!
I have been wait listed twice now for your class and actually threw in the towel and took a full semester digi photography class at my local community college last semester. I'm ok with it really...I got an A and I still love coming to your blog to see your pictures.
Thanks for putting them up!


I purchased it and I love it! I I put it on my ipod and I listen to it when I'm driving, vacuuming, or out for a walk.
It has really helped me pay more attention to the light, where it's coming from, whether it's direct or indirect, etc. and I really needed that.
I can't wait for the next issue!

Carrie T

I haven't had time to look over it yet. But I can't wait for June 21st to get here!!!

Heather Crawford

Ok, now that is just WRONG to post that and not make it public!! could make a MINT off of please reconsider :)

Shannon Laux

I agree with the poster above that says your work, your rules, and as a former teacher, I understand the loyalty to students.Once I FINALLY get to take this class (hopefully next year) I can't wait to buy it :)

nancy in ks

What message boards? I want to go there and rant. I feel like a mother bear when someone is threatening my cub.


I loved the Cali issue! And when the next one comes available, I will buy that too!Your blog is a great part of my day - always an inspiration, whether with photography or life!

And I'm glad you are remembering that these are all your choices, what you feel comfortable with for you and your family. No one is "entitled" to anything that you don't want to make available.


thanks for posting a sample, I was curious about it!!! Now I am going to have to buy it, LOL!!! just wondering if you share any editing tips too???

Kristin Young

omgosh...karen, you have, ONCE AGAIN, outdone yourself. i just purchased the issue and skimmed through it--uh.mazing! thank you for all the sweat, blood and tears (ok--a little exaggerated but still...) the price is a steal for what you have poured into--it's worth way more! thank you!!

Tina B. can never please everyone at one time...those who leave rude comments are well just rude people in you do your thing the way you want!!! Me personally cannont wait to hopefully make into one of your classes one day!!!


I'd like to kindly tell the not-so-kind posters to scram! Bite me! Oh, wait, you don't say such rude and crude things on your blog, and after all, IT.IS.YOUR.BLOG.AND.YOUR.CLASS.AND.YOUR.PDF.FILE.
Doesn't that pretty much mean you can do whatever you want with it??!!??
Good for you, offering a little something extra for your students. You give the rest of us some free tutoring everytime you post a picture and explain what settings you used, what lenses, etc. Thanks for that!

Marilyn T

I had been considering purchasing this first issue. After seeing this wonderful preview, I am heading directly to your site to add Making The Shot to my shopping bag!


Oh My Gosh! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the issue. I admire how you pull all your information together and present it. It's easy to read, informative, and a delight to learn from your way of teaching. Thank you Karen for all that you do! Warm Hugs :-)


Just purchased MTS and have only read through half of it. It's great and very easy to understand. So worth the cash and the ink cartridge! Bring on MTS 2!

Erika van Dam

This looks really great, Karen! And don't pay attention to 'those' comments .. you must do what you are comfortable with and not be swayed by others! You really are fabulous!

Christine Edwards

I'm sure it's amazing and chock-full of info, just like your class is. Anybody who left a not-so-nice comment just has sour grapes that they don't have access to it. Personally I think it's great that this is only available to your students, especially since you do reference material that only students would know about.


those non students that are complaining need to sign up for your class! I loved this first issue, you really packed it with info!!! Can't wait for future releases.

Yvonne Michelle

I just purchased the first issue of Making the Shot, and I'M SO EXCITED! OMG! Thank you Karen, more instruction. I've been in a bit of a photographic funk, and this is just what I needed to get myself jump-started. Especially since I'll have two high school seniors this fall!


OMGosh...Karen this Making the Shot issue is amazing! I bought this the minute it was available!! I've read through it several times already and LOVE it!! The examples, explanations, and intricate details that you've included in this lesson are priceless!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!!! :-)


This is exactly what I was looking for. I purchased this as soon as it was available because I wanted more examples of the thinking process that happens with a when preparing to shoot. Modeling is the best format for learning new material and this is excellent.


I've purchased the Making the Shot issue and devoured all its contents in one sitting and have read and re-read it again and again. I love, love, love it! The content alone is amazing, and having an audio to listen to is an added bonus. And I agree, you are entitled to the choices you make on how you'd run your business and share your knowledge. I am just so priviledged to be a past student that that I was able to enjoy the perks.

Karen, no matter what other people say, you totally rock!

Susan R

Holy Moly Batman! As always, you never disappoint! I have only glanced through the pdf of the first issue and I only took so long to purchase it because I have 8th grade crazies going on around here. It is wonderful and informative and so helpful. ONe of these days I am going to use some of this wealth of knowledge you have shared between your class (which I have happily paid for twice and would again) and now Making the Shot. Go girl go!!!! And oh my, hope Annie keeps loving that camera. It makes it so much fun. Courtney is a beauty, too. She has such a depth in her eyes. Lots going on in there I am willing to bet. And having two boys how could I not mention Coley and Ross? It's just probably because I DO have two boys that I get such a joy out of looking at all the girly pics.


thanks so much this is great ;)


Karen I will admit I purchased it and well it is sitting on the island counter waiting patiently for school to end next week. We have been insanly busy and no time to sit and think and concentrate on it. I want to slowly, methodically, absorb all the info and put it to great use. Looking forward to summer and a long break to enjoy and play with my camera once again. Bonnie G


Thank you for teaching!! You have a way of explaining everything so its thorough and understandable. And you are so honest and open about sharing what you know. There is so much packed into your class. I bought MTS and I’ve had some AAH moments- thanks! There so many extra details that you mentioned (like the straight lines, lighting, cropping, and posing tips that are mentioned in your sample apges). I love how you explain why you shot where you did, what you thought of the lighting, etc. I also really loved seeing the SOOC shots and the edited and the scene shots that really help me to understand the shooting situation. It was ALMOST like shooting there with you… wish I could do THAT someday :) I can tell you put a lot of work into your classes- thank you for teaching!!
Oh- and about making it available to non students... of course it's up to you and I'm sure there's TONS of people who would want to buy it (and who would also then want to buy your class because MTS is so awesome!), but I can see why it makes sense to limit it to students because having taken the course first means I understand what you're saying better and you don't have to say everything you already said in class over again. Even if I already knew the content that your class teaches- you have your personality, ideas, and philosophy infused throughout the class and MTS and it all goes together very well.


Karen, You know I think you ROCK!!
I purchased the first Making The Shot ... I was waiting with bated breath for it to be finished!! And I am happy to say it does NOT disappoint!
The detail is amazing, the pictures are amazing, the tutelage is amazing!!
Seriously it is like you are right there looking over her shoulder the entire time she is taking pictures, absorbing every detail, like she actually talking to YOU!!
I am looking forward to a free weekend to drag my kids out and practice what I have learned .. can't wait!!
If you are on the fence ... buy it .. you won't regret it!!
Looking forward to the next ... and the next .. and the next ...
PS.. I think it is cool that only students get to buy it .. kinda like a club .. of which I am super proud (and lucky)to be part of!!


I also purchased and have loved it. Tthere is a lot of "meat" to it and really helpful that I can listen/read it over and over and still learn more and more. Way to go KAREN I can't wait for the 2nd issue :)

Maria Paris

Karen...I bought it the moment that your email hit my in-box, then promptly became super busy at work and was so tired when I got home that I just this past week got a chance to listen to it, while reading it...and viewing the pictures on my computer so that I could see exactly what you were referring to when you would talk about lighting issues! I LOVED IT!! And more importantly it felt so good to get back into lessons with you! And I totally understood and could see what you were talking about! LOL!! about a "Making the Edits" issue...I would totally buy that too!! Can't wait for the next one! For any past or present student on the fence about getting this...get it!! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Karen...YOU ROCK!!

Rachelle S

I saw some of those nice and not-so-nice comments and I wanted to punch them in the face! Seriously! LOL!

Looking forward to purchasing the Make the Shot~ and by the way~ I agree with Mickee. You Rock! totally : )

Michelle Harris

Hi Karen - you may have answered this already, if so I'm sorry! But are you referring only to your on-line students as past/present students, or does it also include students that have taken your 1 day workshops??? please please please??!!! Just thought I'd double check . . . one of these days the starts will align and I'll be able to get into your on-line class, until then I'd love to get your Making the Shot publications!


Oh Karen! I loved the Making the Shot Lesson. It is wonderful. It is sooo worth the money. I can't wait for more. And for all the negative people they should get over is your business and your lesson do with it what you like. You rock so keep it up. :)

Wendy H

Is this also available to your one day photography students from PIT in Jax?


I agree with all of the comments above. This first issue of "Making the Shot" is fantastic and worth the dollars. I am a previous student and I have found that this issue has been helpful in different ways than the class - I really think that the way that Karen pulls back from the shot to show what is going on around the scene really helps with finding inspiring shots in what might have been considered an odd place (i.e. the garage door). Thanks to Cali for being a wonderful model for the issue and to Karen for continuing to churn out this amazing stuff in the midst of all that is on her plate!

teresa b

I purchased the Making the Shot and can NOT wait for more issues.. I felt Karen hit the nail on the head! She was spot on with what I needed to hear and grow as a photographer! Easy terms that I can relate to....Full of information that you can read/listen to more then once and pick up on something new each time you do. Truly amazing.. thank you for being so honest and giving!! You ROCK Karen Russell!!!


printing it off now!!! cannot wait to dig in ;)


Oh I just can't wait to get my hands on this!
I hope you keep it in sale forever, it can look like it will take me forever to participate in one of your classes. I work offshore, two weeks on and four weeks off. And thetwo weeks on it's not possible for me to take photos / be active in class. Therefore I have decided to try to join once I have a baby, and have a whole year off from work. That has not yet happened, but I hope it will. And that I'm so lucky to get into one of your classes then!
I love your blog, your photos and style.
And this looks really professional, like everything else you do. So nice written, so down on my level, and so you!
I love it, and like I said, can't wait to get my hands on it!
Have a wonderful weekend.


I'm not a student but couldn't resist commenting how awesome this is. The peek even taught me some things! I hope it becomes public one way, but I understand your decision. :)

Manon Keir

Ok, that's it... I'm going to save up to do your class Karen!! I would love to learn to take photos like you do!!!


This is great Karen. Thanks so much for offering something like this...walking us through a photoshoot and telling us exactly what your thought process was is so helpful, and it's almost like we are right there with you and you are answering our questions. Love it and can't wait for more to come!

Karen Travers

Thank you Karen!!! I was on the fence and really need to see a sneak peek this pushed my over the edge to go out and buy it!


wow, I have read the excerpt and now really can hardly wait until June 21st!! What at gift for sharing the knowledge and breaking it down in such a clear way. So priviliaged to have access to this!!


Just a is difficult to get in your class and it is a bit pricey (not saying it is not worth it)and clearly there is a desire to learn from you. Maybe create something a bit more accessible to the everyday consumer.


I've been saving up for your class, and I think by the next one I will be able to take it. Skipped the auditing option since I want to take the full thing. So, in the future, will these making the shots be available to those who are taking the class next year? My daughter will be a senior next year, this one would interest me! THANKS.


I purchased this, and I love it, I love knowing what is going through your brain when you are photographing, I am trying to get my brain to conform some. I am in the auditing class right now, and totally love it. I have taken other classes and this one is the best by far. I have learned so much, thank you, thank you.

Taunya Castillo

This was the perfect continuation of our lessons! I love that you covered so extensively the lighting situations which I still struggle with! I am going to do a senior and family shoot soon and a will now do a much better job! There were so many pointers and details I would NEVER had known with out this lesson! Thank you!!! I have been having a blast with all my new found knowledge I have been doing newborn shoots, and there are moments I am actually giddy because I am having so much fun and I have you to thank for this gift! Cannot wait for more and will buy every one you ever make!


I purchased Making the Shot last week and I can honestly say it was the best $35 I have spent in a while. The content goes beyond the fundamentals of the class and gives instruction as to what worked, why it worked and also what didn't work and why it didn't work. The examples and explanations are easy to follow and a whole lot of information is included in this 46 page document. I promised my nephew I would take his senior photos and really wasn't sure what I was going to do; now I'm really looking forward to it as you've given me some great pointers.

Thanks Karen for providing "continuing education" for your past and present students. I can't wait for your next one.


I am in the current class and I purchased it the minute you sent out the email. I can't wait to finish up the class and start reading and rereading everything. I have a lot to practice!


Your first making the shot is amazing! Thanks for putting in so much time into explaining so much detail. It's so great to be able to get inside your brain as you're making decisions about each shot. I love it!

K de ron

Love MTS just have a hard time with the back lit situation but with all your explaining I think I can become a pro at this.
Will you in the other MTS lessons explain more about the editing??????????????


I have read through the materials twice, and I know I will use them as a reference point often - it is a great offering, Karen!! For many of us visual learners, it is so helpful to see the pull-back shots of how you achieve a great image. I'd love to see some photos of where YOU were shooting from in future ones - how far back, your position, etc. Not on every shot, but a few would be great. For anyone on the fence about purchasing - it is a very worthwhile investment! Thank you Karen :) As many others have said, I have learned so much from you and your class! One of the best things I've learned is to keep trying and playing and experimenting. I appreciate what you put out there in the way of encouragement and sharing.

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