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mandy friend

Karen that made me husband would love the 'vote republican' part:) I'm glad you found your prince after some frogs:) Happy Anniversary!


Aww, how sweet! Go Beavs! Hope you guys have a great day! Happy Anniversary!


So sweet!! I was getting all teary eyed and then got to the end. What a GREAT way to end the vows! Happy Anniversary to y'all!


This is so sweet. I love that ya'll wrote your own vows. And I love that they were in your inbox this morning. That is love. Happy Anniversary!

Amy Z sweet. Happy Anniversary!


Beautiful. Made me smile from ear to ear! Happy Anniversary to you and Josh!


Oh wow, is it any wonder why you are so crazy about him!!! Love it all, especially the end!! Happy Anniversary to you both!!


That brought tears to my eyes. Just one line I'd like to strike through: Vote Republican! Happy anniversary. Many, many more.


Oh man...makes me snivel big time.

And want to clone Josh Downs.

So if I were asked the question, "if you could be anybody in history" right now I am thinking that Karen Russell would be my answer. Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh!

the leonard 4

tears in my eyes...lump in my throat...happy anniversary to you both!

Cindy Johnston

wow...that is sweet Karen! You are both so lucky to have met eachother on that plane! I love your love story I really do! :)


Does Josh Downs teach an online class for husbands? That is awesome. Love it. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Cindy Johnston

Oh and Happy Anniversary! :)


You're a lucky woman, Karen, but Josh Downs is a lucky man. How lucky that the two of you found each other. And how sweet it is that he pledges his troth each and every anniversary. He's definitely a keeper!!!

Leslie Murphy

Happy Anniversary, Karen!


Happy Anniversary. You are a very lucky woman. Not only is a good looking guy he is smart and sweet to boot. Congrats!


Eat your heart out Matt Damon.....I will never forget that post hehe!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Damn that man has some skills! That is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Congratulations to you both - I think it's clear as can be, you are a fantastic team, and lucky to have one another. Happy Anniversary!


Ahh. So sweet. Happy anniversary!!


That is the sweetest thing ever. You are both very lucky indeed. Happy anniversary!

Lovely Cee.

HAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! wow! this is great karen! congratulations to you both:) i am wowed!!! you both are swoon-worthy!
cant help but noticed REPUBLICAN- finally someone who isn't democrat:)

Amy M.

you two have a "groovy kind of love"! That song always pops in my head for some reason whenever I see the two of you together and read posts such as these :)

Happy Anniversary!!!

Melanie C.

So sweet! Happy Anniversary!


i read your blog... have for a loooong time. wish... i could'a had a life like yours. family. lotsa love going around. i finally have a good guy... but still wish i could have that great extended family. so... i live it vicariously through YOU. thanks so much for sharing. IF i lived near you... i think we'd be great friends!

Tammy Mellish

I just had the craziest of blow outs with my husbands. We never argue. He's leaving tomorrow to take care of some personal business and I was hoping that he'd spend the day here. He decided that a wheeler ride with my father and brothers might be more fun.. leaving me with the yard work and care of the children.. all weekend. I heated and than melted. Why would he think this would be okay and why am I such a bull dog for questioning it? I've been on the hot seat a lot lately with a lot of people for not letting things slide. Having said that, I came inside.. poured myself a glass of iced tea and came here to cool down. Only to find the sweetest of all posts. It's the nicest of reminders. Happy Anniversary, Josh and Karen! You said it right!


I love the orange socks. WHO is wearing those? I'm guess that Josh was wearing a pair too? LOL!


LOL love these! SO CUTE! Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh! :o)


Just beautiful! Happy anniversary to you and Josh!

Carrie P

May God continue to bless your marriage!


Tears here! awwww! Happy Anniversary!

Jenn N

Yep, he's a keeper=)

Jennifer S.

So Unbelieveably Sweet! Happy Anniversary!!!!!! so so so so happy for your both.


That Josh Downs is smart! You're a great girl Nellie (that's where you got your nickname!!!:) God has blessed you beyond measure and it's well deserved!!!

Hope y'all have many, many more years of wonderful ahead!

(p.s. are you gonna vote Republican NOW? I'm with Josh on that one! ;)


I love love love that you can see Annie in this shot if you look closely (and the orange socks of a Beavs fan ;)). You are both very lucky indeed!


Wow! For all that I just might agree to voting Republican too...maybe! Always love hearing about your love story. Happy Anniversary!


How romantic that he says his vows each year. Happy anniversary!


how sweet are those vows!!! Happy Anniversary :)


By reading your blog, I know you know, but you are one LUCKY woman - that man is a KEEPER :) You deserve it - all of it!! Happy Anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary. Go BEAVS and Go Republicans! :)

Julie McD

Happy Anniversary! Love his vows and that he says them again each year.

laura j

i read your blog because of posts like today's ....happy anniversary!

Janet B

Wow--he's a keeper!


WOW, that's one special guy!


Happy Anniversary Karen!!!
I remember you talking about Josh being a Republican before but I didn't know it was in your vows - that's awesome! Love it!!!!


I'd call it blessed! :)


Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful post, Karen. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and Josh Downs! :)

Sandy Brown

What an amazing man you married!! And what an amazing couple you are!! Enjoy your anniversary!!


OMG! Very teary here--you've got yourself one special guy. Happy Anniversary today and forever.


Awe, I had tears in my eyes, and laughed at the end when he said you had to vote Republican! Love it! You got a winner, happy anniversary!


you are so very very lucky. i was just hanging out with a bunch of single girlfriends - we all hope to find a husband sometime soon - i don't know about them, but these vows would have literally melted me.

teresa b

Wow..with tears in my eyes.. and all I can seem to say! Happy Anniversary to an amazingly loving couple!


:) He's a keeper... and you know me, I'm especially fond of the "vote Republican" part... :)


Happy anniversary Karen!

lynda p

lovely idea. happy anniversary to you both also. my husban i are celebrating our 17th wedd. anniversary. we went with the traditional catholic vows
not too shabby, 17 yrs later


love it.
love that he was real
and then sweet
and then funny

You are lucky to have found each other & to have been given a 2nd chance at a Wonderful Life - enjoy!!


ACK! He asked you to VOTE REPUBLICAN! I would have had to leave him at the alter... ;-)
Happy anniversary you two! Thanks for sharing your life with us through the lens and your words.


Beautiful and Happy Anniversary to both of you. He's a kepper that one! (It's my 18th Anniversary today).


That's so awesome! I hope it gives you butterflies every time you hear them, no matter how many times you've heard them! Congrats...

tara pollard pakosta

soooo sweet!!! love this post!
Happy Anniversary!





Happy tears for you two. :-) Happy anniversary!


happy anniversary - love the post! vote republican as part of the vows - awesome!!!


OMG Karen! That is sweet! I got goosebumps reading that!

Kathy Aylward


You are making us all jealous. Can you clone Josh Downs!!! Come on...don't keep him all to yourself.
Such beautiful thoughtful words. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
Kathy A


Ah Man! I think I love your husband! lol
What a sweetheart he must be!
Congrats on your anniversary!
May you have many more wonderful years together.


That is so special!

Corie in Indy


Melissa Mann

Love it! And love that picture!


oh man you are lucky. don't bother playing the lottery, you've done used up all your luck scoring him! happy anniversary!


He is SO sweet! He is a keeper:)

Love the vote Republican too!


Wiping tears...happy tears!! Happy Anniversary to you and the wonderful Mr. Josh Downs!!


Words are so powerful, made me cry. Thanks for sharing this! It was so beautiful.


Man - what an awesome guy!


cutest ever.
i love it.


Awww, too sweet! Happy anniversary!

Heather R.



What a guy!! "Vote Republican"...crack me up...I love it!! Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple :)

Kelli kid looking so grown up, two kids sharing icecream, wedding vows remember, and I'm a big snivelling baby.


Umm, yeah. My throat is tight and there are tears in my eyes. Nice catch!


You get me every time! Again with the tears. I love your love. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many, many more!

Mary Austin Cox

Happy Anniversary guys!! Happy that love abounds with you all!!


OMgosh!! those are the most romantic and sweetest vows i've ever read! and adorably cute and funny. Happy anniversary!


I was reading Josh's vows and starting to get teary, as I imagine many of others were...then I got to his "All I ask" section and ROLLED with laughed. I know my BFF is at the doctor, but as soon as she called me, I am so gonna read this post to her...

Dana F.

Happy Anniversary! And beautiful job on the vows, Josh Downs. Warm-fuzzy love tears are filling my eyes.

Suezi Gurzi

catching up on your blog and just had to comment. that has got to be one of the most romantic gestures ever!First off that he says his vows to you every anniversary and secondly that he is gone and still gets them to you and forget about the stinkin vows to begin with....Josh Downs is a keeper!

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