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love the funny stories!

Melanie C.

That's hilarious! I could see my girls doing the same thing.

Cindy Johnston

She looks adorable in that hat! :) So funny that she thought she was going to Hawaii with him! LOL sweet!


She is such a cutie! My bought the same hat for my girls and I love it!


My parents are possibly moving to GP (from MT) and my mom will be there this weekend, touring the area. Where's a good place in GP for breakfast and dinner? And what other FABULOUS things are in GP that they should know about?

Libbi M.

love it!... love this story... please tell annie i absolutely adore her "cute hat"... crazy or not!


she is hilarious! love the hat and she's cute as a bug in it! and that story is totally priceless! :)

teresa b

hahahaha funny how they hear things..


This is hilarious. I albolutely love to read your stories. And I love her hat - - she is right......It is cute!


I get so excited that I can't seem to spell correctly...."Absolutely" - not "albolutely"!

nancy in ks

I didn't think you could out-do yourself, but with this photo, you have.

cindy b.

LOL...cute story!


ahahaha cute!

Miz Booshay

Your color balance is spectacular since you met with your girlfriend photographer and her gray card.
I wish I could figure this out. I've is beyond me.

But really.
Your pictures are gorgeous!

Tammy Mellish

Soooo sweet! I love that commercial on television where the dad took the little stuffed animal and photographed it in several of the places he'd been. I bet Annie would love that. A baby. I can see it now ;)


Annie looks just like you in that pic!!! Cutie patootie!!! (in her 'cute' hat)


The hat was funny enough but the fact that she thought she was going to Hawaii is hilarious! What a let-down it must have been when she found herself at the drugstore or the gas station.


Love, love, love Annie. I could just eat her up! I don't think that she can get cuter but then she does:)


Fun story to remember by!


That is funny!! I love the hat Annie!!


That just cracked me up, thanks for the laugh!


Who doesn't want to go to Hawaii? Poor kid.


So, so cute.


Oh my word! I think this is my all time favorite picture of Annie!Such a cutie patootie!


Oh my goodness gracious - she is such a darn cutie that I break out into a big smile every time I see her precious little face - whether she is crying, smiling or being goofy. Thanks for sharing and for the smile today! :o)


Loving the hat! Check you PO Box for some "happy" mail!!

Heather Topich



Hi! Don't know how I found your blog, but I see you are in Oregon, your candids.

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