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Enjoy the rest of your Memorial weekend. I echo your sentiments. Thank you to all of the service men and women and their families!


Happy Memorial Day! I love these beach pictures!! The action you captured and the colors are beautiful!


Beautiful beach shots, looks like so much fun! So happy for little Tater Tot!!!
Huge thanks to all our amazing, self sacrificing service men and women!!!!

Belinda H

sadly the song is blocked for all your Aussie readers, some copyright rule ???. I love the pool shots, very inspiring. Respects to all your service men and women too.


Oh yeah - isn't Train the very best stuff? Love Soul Sister!!! Love it. Would love to see them in concert - and each member of the band is HOT (each in their own way)! See, you went and mentioned Train and I barely paid attention to the rest ;)


That's my favourite song. When I heard it on Medium I had to find out who it was right away!
Great night time pool pictures! And beach pictures!


Love the girls shots, so cute! I never noticed that Tate had a prosthetic leg until you mentioned! What happened?


Remember when some girls were talking about the pictures looking zig zaggy? Well the look wonky for some reason. Kinda like they are blurred. I was on your blog yesterday and they were fine. I am going to go through some older post and see if the rest are like that. I sure hope not....I LOVE looking at your pictures.


Thanks for posting! I love those kids! Can't wait til mine come home :)

Penny Smith

You realize the first part of that song is about him getting a b*#w job by the girl he is referring to?? Lip stick stains... "I let you blow my mind"

I have since veto'd this song when someone pointed this out. Ick.

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