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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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What are you going to do when Annie doesn't want her picture taken anymore? I'd give my right arm to have my kids sit and be patient with me like that!


I am currently auditing Karen's class and it is great!!!! The documenation is great and as of week 4 I have learned some new things that already make the class worth every penny! Even though auditors don't submit assignments or ask questions directly...reading the regular class questions and seeing the answers is almost like being in the class. For me personally...I like not having the time pressure to get assignments in..."It is like having your cake and eating it too!" No pressure.


Thinking of auditing? DO IT!! Karen is so absolutely completely thorough in her documentation that she doesn't leave a lot of room for questions! However, those who are taking the class ask plenty of questions, and Karen's (extremely responsive) answers are again, thorough. Did I say she's thorough? :-)
P.S. The binder is over 400 pages!!!!!


I am currently auditing Karen's class and am so thankful for this option! I am able to pull so much info from BOTH forums, and feel a little spoiled that we get to have our own AND view the full-participation one. Plus, since the auditing option is a little more layed back (it seems) we (auditors) post to each other about all sorts of things related to photography (and sometimes not!) Like, starting blogs and selling on eBay (to save for camera equiptment!), as well as info regarding the lessons.

Which, by the way, are SO chalk full of info it is amazing. Karen explains things extemely well, so that a complete beginner can make sense of it all.

Auditing is a great option, regardless of your situation, but especially if you prefer going at your own pace... I absolutely recommend auditing, and really HOPE to take more classes from Karen in the future.


do you still get the binder with the auditing option?


Love Annie's picture for the photo shoot~and how fun to get to wear such precious dresses and get such wonderful portraits of her!


Karen's class is GREAT! I am auditing right now and there is so much information! She covers a lot! Karen explains it all so well and has lots of great examples. She's also very encouragaging which is so helpful when I am frustrated with some of my pictures or photgraphy skils.
The Auditor's forum has been great. When we have a question, it's usually already answered in the Instructor's forum. But there's a lot of really knowledgable/ helpful auditors so we've been able to help each other too on the Auditer's forum.
I love reading Karen's feedback on the full-participating student's photos. Her feedback is really helpful in evaluating my own photos and I've learned a lot about the details of a photo that make it great.
Thank you Karen for making Auditing an option, so that it is possible for more people (me!!) to take your class. You're amazing! Thanks for teaching!!!


Oh- I got distracted... I was going to say I LOVE Annie's photo. I love the light on her hair and how sweet and perfect her face and expression are. I can't wait to see more!!


LOVELY picture of Annie! I have to say I am sad to see that you save your images now where we can't view your EXIF info. I always love seeing the settings people choose for certain images, etc. I hope you will reconsider sharing that again.

Cindy Johnston

THANK YOU Karen!! I am soooo happy that I can get into your workshop come June!! Auditing is fine with me! happy happy happy dance here! I'd missed the opening before and I just can't tell you how thrilled I am to know that you are doing this! woohoo!! :) yes, I am over the top about this! can.not.wait!!!


I thought I reconized Annie's pic in the Little Sky catalog. I love her stuff!


Lovely photo and a lovely subject, as usual. How do you view the EXIF data?


I ran the properties of the pictures at the top of Annie through Jeff's EFIX viewer and it won't give the type of camera or lens that was used. I find that happens on some pictures I try to view


Ditto what everyone else has already said about auditing Karen's class. I am really enjoying it! We are half-way through the class and I am amazed at the amount of information in each week's lessons. If you are considering auditing - go for it!

Nancy May

Karen your photography just keeps getting better and better! I absolutely love the pictures you took for the catalog! I am so glad you get to do that and Annie gets the super cute clothes! :-)


Annie is adorable as ever!

Lovely Cee.

Annie is such an angel:)


Cute, cute picture! And I'm loving auditing the current class. This worked out perfectly for me and where my life is now. I can study when I have time and I get to see the class as it progresses for the students. It's been great!

Tonia Borrosch

Went to the Little Skye website and your photos of Annie on there are as darling as ever-how cool is that? I can't quite put my finger on it, but I can see the change in your editing and it looks great-looked great before too, just saying that i can notice a difference but can't quite figure out what it is! LOL!


The auditing option for Karen's class is great. I agree with all the comments above about the class. You have access to all the information on both forums, a notebook FULL with facts and examples. No pressure; do the assignments on your own and at your own pace. An example of having your cake and eating it too :)


Thank you Karen for sharing your passion of photography and also for offering the Auditing option in the photography class. I am signed up for the class beginning in June.
Thanks for the posters who commented about the wonderful option of auditing a class... that really makes me look forward to it.

And Annie is so cute!!! I have one of those cuties too but I'd love to be able to capture her as well as Karen... :)


THANK YOU Karen for not cutting me off from your Exif. ;-) It is always fun to see what lenses you are using and what settings. Now you need to come to Memphis so we can have a photo playdate or even better weekend!!! :-)


I am currently auditing Karen's Photography Workshop and I absolutely love it! It's only week 4 and I have learned tons already. I really don't feel like I am missing anything by not having direct contact with Karen since being able to read the instructor-led forums really answers a lot of questions I may have. As well, there are always others on the auditing forum to jump in and help.

Yes, auditors do get the super cute binder that Karen sends.


As a beginning photographer with her first DSLR camera, I am absolutely loving the auditor's class!! I don't feel overwhelmed or obligated to get an assignment in by a certain date. I can basically read through the lessons at my own pace...and, WOW, I have learned SO much!! I love Karen's personality and that she teaches from a mom's perspective - this is EXACTLY what I needed! I encourage anyone that is contemplating the class to just go for it!


Karen I plan to sign up on Monday to audit your class. I just finished 7 years of part-time online classes to get my bachelor's so I am giving myself a graduation present of taking your class. I cannot wait!

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