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I'm in love with the look on her face.

monica pictures in the store. Tell Mr. No~fun that he needs to lighten up.

Jennifer M.

I hate it when stores say that. I always want to know why you can't take pictures in certain stores. It seems a little weird, right?


yeahhhhh - cause there are a LOT of trade secrets happening in that candy aisle ;) duh!


you're such a rebel. i love it.

as for annie. i think i love her more each time you post a story about her.
hope she loved every single stick of that gum



I tried to take a picture in a mall once and the security guard stopped me and said that sometimes it's a terrorist thing (at least for the mall) because they target places with lots of people. For your little store though, that's odd.

Tammy Mellish

Rebel! Is the little mini-market really that special? Or maybe an insurance policy? Strange!! Very cute story :)


Oh, the days when a dollar was a lot of money! How I miss them!

Pam S.

The part about the clerk saying you couldn't take pictures reminds me of a time... my son had just received his first 4-H check from the sale of his 4-H animal. We promptly took it to the bank. Of course, I had my camera. So the bank tellers thought I was just the craziest mother for taking pictures of my son depositing that check. It was a big and little moment that I want to remember forever. They didn't go so far as telling me I couldn't take pictures, but they probably figured it was too late anyway. :) So glad you captured a moment to cherish. It's the little things... I sure hope she enjoyed her gum! Sugarfree for us too!


i got in trouble for bringing my camera into the movie theater.......*but* i got my shot anyway ;)


Laughed my head off about the it!


Geesh! no pictures in the store? I'm glad she got her bubble gum and momma got her picture! Just precious!


"Apu" didn't want you to compare his picture with the Most Wanted pics at the post office.....ha.


Perfect! So glad you took a photo and then got "caught"...hehehe on the store manager!


LOL!! you are too funny!


:) I love that you got your perfect picture in time!



Helen Shields

This made me smile. Love the small stories and the adventure of having a $1.00 to spend, such decisions at that age. Also smirked at you having the photo in the store. I wanted to document my kids swimming lessons, signed a disclosure with the pool and did all the right things, you could tell I was only taking pictures of my kids but five people complained!! I was happy to show them my memory card but no they just wanted me to stop. So sad, I understand why but sometimes I think the world has gone mad.


This is great. I remember those day and how long it took for me to decide what to get with .50 cents. Great memories.

nancy in ks

I love reading all these comments. Each one triggers different memories (because I'm That Old). I remember when it took a long time deciding at the dime store how to spend a dollar. I got a whole sack of life savers, gum, and other stuff, with change leftover, because everything was 5 cents each.

And Helen, yes. The world has gone mad. But, it's places like this where I can laugh at it a little bit. But always beware of ordinary looking moms toting cameras, especially conceal and carry. We could be terrorists! Or spies. Or paparazzi, making extra money selling shots of little kids learning to swim to the National Enquirer.

Love the expressions on their faces, Karen. I love how you think out your shots.


Yes you did get your perfect shot! and without exposing any brand names, or other identifying information!!

Good thing he didn't call 911 and have you locked up for being a crazy lady with a camera!


Maybe there's something going on in that little store that they don't want caught on camera! Cute story.


Love the story! It very much reminds me of being a little girl staying at my Granny's house where I'd dust the shelves and owl figures she kept on them in exchange for 50 cents. Then she'd let me walk...alone...gasp! all the way to the corner store two/three blocks away where I'd do just like Annie until I'd finally decide what I wanted to spend All My Money on. :) The sad commentary is that #1 none of us would probably trust the world to let our kids do that, walk alone to the store, and #2 that the world itself is so distrusting that a camera is a good enough cause to suspect some sort of danger; because as we well know terriorist are typically camera-toting American women with children. But I must say the shot was worth it. And they probably won't rush you to the photogs jail...unless they're onto you and they are trolling your blog. ;)


I got yelled at Target once for taking photos of apples...seriously...I still take pictures at Target...I just make sure no one is watching ;)

Marilyn Hardcastle

awww! love the story ... and the shot ... priceless!!!
my twin sis and i used to get $2.00 every birthday from our
great-aunts far away. we knew that card would arrive in the mail
and we knew there would be two crispy $1.00 bills tucked in. the
sweetness of those days is evoked through your photo-journalism. thank you!!!

oh ........ am soooooooooo excited about June 21!!! :)


She is concentrating aint she! love it and booh to being told to not taking pictures in the store. I had a similiar incident when i was trying to take some pictures of my dad while he was in the hospital...

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