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Happy Birthday Ross!

Patty Hetrick

How come the people around us never learn about making faces? I always tell my family and friends that it's best to put your best face forward when there is a camera pointed your way!

Love the pictures! I am so envious of the birthday parties and holidays you have. All your family gets together and enjoys the occasion. We're lucky to have my mother-in-law and my stepson at our family events.


Love the faces.....but more than that your photos are amazing!


Happy birthday, Ross!


OMG- he's not moving out is he?


I think I am too nice...I never blog faces like that. I think I should start.

Congrats Ross on your first place.


Okay, so I wanna know where your sister got that cute sweatshirt/hoodie thing. I love it!


I love it when you can look at a picture and feel the love the people in it have for each other!

Jennifer Niksich

I love the picture of Courtney resting her head on Ross's shoulder. Such love seen there!!!

teresa b

WOW Big one eight!! Happy Birthday Ross.. and love Yannie's face in sweet. and Courtney in loving! Sweet memories..even with all the bloggable face making!! hahahaha

Susan T

Happy birthday, Ross. Reading that Ross going to be getting his own place made my heart hurt - my son is a HS junior - so little time left... All the pictures tell a very happy story.

Mary Ann

I can't believe Ross will be 18. Wow
I remember seeing layouts you did where he was so young. (Lets just pretend those layouts were just last week and none of us are getting any older)
Love this pics as always!!!

Happy Birthday Ross!!


Happiest Birthday Ross!
you have a hilarious/gorgeous family!


Happy birthday Ross! Wow, the big 1-8. Six months and that'll be me (:

Karen, loving the photo of Courtney Lee hugging Ross. So adorable!
And I expect Annie was in her element. She loves Grandmas, right? (:


Love the one with Courtney's head on Ross' shoulder. Happy Birthday Ross!


happy happy birthday to ross! i am not looking forward to hamilton turning 18 (next year) nor the moving out!

Aimee Westcott

is that... dare i say, a mojito? YUM!


It looks like he had a great day...and got some great presents! And your photos really are amazing...even the goofy faces pictures! Oh..and by the way..I am going to be picking up Annie this week and taking her home...LOL! She is the cutest little thing! :-)


Happy Birthday Ross. His own place??? When is he moving? BBQ...great gift! ipod too very cool & PS... I love Led Zeppelin!


Happy 18th Birthday Ross!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to Ross!

Heather Freeman

Happy Birthday to Ross, and to everyone else who celebrated! YOu are all so blessed to share so much love and so many smiles in such an amazing family! I wish all my family lived closer so we could make these kind of memories! Wow, Karen, he's moving out....a little anxiety with that one?!

Lovely Cee.

sheeeesh.... Ross... you're actually good looking guy, you know? why make faces like that? LOL!!! happy birthday Ross:) Karen, today's maikee's birthday too- he's only 11 years old. it'll be awhile before i'll get him garbage bag full of ramen:) you're so funny. again, the photos are the bestest. cant wait to learn and listen to you when get to Montana- the state that's so close to the world renown Yellowstone national park.


Happy Birthday Ross!! And, as always Karen, the photos are priceless! I hate to be the one to point it out, but you missed mentioning Coley's birthday in the beginning of your blog!! eeek! when is his birthday?


Happy Birthday, Ross!

18.... Oh, how I cannot wait!!! First thing on the agenda, staying out pass the street lights.


"For his very first place", is he moving out? He's not old enough. What are you going to do?
I love how you caught both Courtney Lee and Cole admiring their big brother!


I cannot even remember my 18th birthday! My daughter is turning 16 this fall and has already been giving us the head's up..."Mom, this is 16! We have to do something special!!" I am all about special, but I have never had a 16 year old before...what is special in the eyes of a 16 year old?

Kim Bolyard

where is he going? ...he is going off to college?

love the photos....



Happy 18th Birthday, Ross!!

perfect, great idea to post their face expressions!!

gina f.

Happy Birthday Ross! Hope you have a great day!!


Happy Birthday to Ross! The world is at his fingertips. What an awesome chapter he is about to embark on. Hopefully the new place isn't to far from Mom? ;)

Side note: LOVE your sista's orange sweater!

Shari Barnes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSS! Congrats on your first place too!

I agree that it seems like not that long ago that he was so much younger. Time does fly by. Looks like you had a great little family get together. PERFECT!


Happy Birthday Ross!!
I can't believe it either... I have never met you but can't believe this much time has gone by! Your pictures are always amazing and I love your family :)


happy birthday ross!

karen, i love photos of your family parties. you can just FEEL the love in your family looking at them. i love that. that photo with miss courtney resting her head on ross is just priceless. so sweet.

TerriB in Oregon

Wow, 18! Happy Birthday, Ross! I can't believe I have been reading this blog for that long! Nice gifts, too! Love the photos, as always the kids are all adorable!


Happy Birthday Ross!!!!!!! he's an amazing kid Karen.....but you already know I think that....;)


Happy Birthday Ross!!! You have the same birthday as David Cassidy--that puts you tops in my book...ha. (I'm sure he was and is a big fan of Led Zeppelin too.) Enjoy a great year that flies by so fast! :)


What an incredible birthday tribute. Ross, your mom is soooo proud of you and the whole world know it! Happy Birthday, Ross.

Libbi M.

happy 18th ross! the picture with courtney loving on her big brother is beautiful. i can tell she's really going to miss him when he's away.


Annie and your stepmom have the same expression on their faces! LOL Fantastic blog post.. my favorite is also the one of Courtney with her head on Ross's shoulder.


Happy belated birthday to Ross. My son is also an April 12th baby :)


so funny!


Love the Peanut pic! Have to try and recreate that with my dog on a leash....

Suezi gurzi

The faces are the greatest but the best pictures are of Courtney watching Ross open his presents. I don't know who was happier with the BBQ, Ross or Courtney. Classic!

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