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Sweetness personified!
Congratulations to the star, and also to proud mom and dad!
Just the beginning!


Love the last photo with her flowers!
I know you are proud of her!


She looks truly beautiful and totally at east up on stage. Congratulations!
And how do you get such great pictures with what must be really poor lighting?


Way to go courtney lee!


hooray for courtney lee! looks like she did an amazing job. such amazing poise for a girl her age. and LOVE the flowers from her dad. :)

Nancy Wyatt

Way to go Courtney! It is so awesome that you took on that role and hopefully we will hear about you playing others! *hugs from Texas!

Mary Ann

Oh she looks beautiful. Prettiest Queen Bee I've ever seen I'm quite sure! Congrats!!

Shannon Laux

Sooo cute. How lucky they are to have you capture this for them. Congrats to the little star and you and Josh. She looks like a natural.


Courtney Lee you are the bees knees! Congratulations to all!


She looked lovely! What a cute, cute costume and a beautiful (and talented!) little girl.


Your photos are great as usual- I love how (almost) all the kids are wearing antennae! Congrats, Courtney Lee!


Fantastic pics - how did you manage to shoot in such low light without your images becoming 'noisy' and pixelated?


She is a BEAUTIFUL Queen Bee!


Well done Courtney Lee! (:

She looks so adorable in these pictures.
A true little star in the making!


Oh....She is such a cute little girl. I wonder if they consulted with you about what colors would look best in pictures before picking a play. The pictures are to die for. I LOVE that last one of her. That is a lifetime photo for sure.


Way to go Courtney Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

She is too cute! Congratulations on a job well done! She looks beautiful, poised, and so happy. Love these - thanks for sharing!


Very Cool...Bummer we missed it. Brooke and Taylor would have loved to see it I'm sure :)Congratulations Courtney, you are an amazzzzzzzzing girl!


Awesome pictures! What lens did you use?


YOU must be so proud and those of us who watch kids performances are jealous of the gorgeous photos you got. We have such bad lighting in our school that it is nearly impossible to get t great photo. Courtney Lee looks so super cute!


Amazing!! Supposed that you were not allowed to use flash.. how?? what setting???

Great job, girl!


I love her costume! She looks so confident on stage. I'd be so scared!
What are you shooting with?

Lori Craig

It's so amazing when you see your children up on stage, isn't it! Congratulations, Courtney Lee! You looked radiant!

Cate O'Malley

She looks gorgeous and totally at home on the stage - way to go, Courtney Lee!


it is SUCH an amazing feeling to watch your kids find their "thing"....the one thing they love more than anything....and you can tell that courtney has found her "thing" gives me goosebumps :)


She's beautiful and looked like she had done it a hundred times. My dd loved the stage, too, and we had so much fun with it when she was growing up. Great preparation for those college interviews, too.
Congratulations, Courtney Lee!

Melanie C.


cj savage

fabulous job on the photos. once again, YOU nailed it. which we shouldn't be surprised about but, theater lighting/photos are tricky!
would you mind sharing the settings you used? thanks. :)

gina f.

Way to go Courtney!! Pictures are so cute!!

TerriB in Oregon

Fantastic! Congratulations Courtney! You look divine!


way to go!!!!!

teresa b

Awwhhhh.. another sweet moment!! Congrats Courtney Lee!!

natasha klein

HI I really want to take your workshop
u emailed me earlier this week with the Audit details but then I couldn't get through to u again? I get a error message 404, 406 when I go to if u happen to read this please email me again Thanks


she is so lovely.
a queen indeed!

Kathryn Benfiet

Awesome pictures, and she's soooo cute! So excited to be taking your photography class this June and learn your secrets. Thanks for sharing! Kathryn

Carrie P

Beautiful pictures of the beautiful Bee Queen.

Tammy Mellish

I LOVE HER!!! That Courtney Lee! :)

My Mikaela (10 3/4) wanted a part in the school play this year too.. Oliver Twist, but was SO nervous and almost didn't do it (most of her friends weren't). I gave her a nudge (living a bit vicariously through her no doubt).. "if you don't go for it now, you won't and then you'll look back and wish you did and not have the guts (as that older kid, or adult). So she did. AND LOVED IT! And so did I! I signed on to help with costumes (ironing, etc.) and was hooked to the point of not missing a single moment. I was able to make every dress rehersal and helped with make-up. Got to know the kids and I'll tell you.. it was SUPER fun! I brought Chloe along, and we clipped a bit of material around her for a cape and she fit right in musical warm ups. It was HYSTERICAL! I don't know who is more excited for next years play ;)

Congrats COURTNEY!!

Susan Dingess

OMG! How beautiful and proud!


The last photo of her with her flowers is awesome!! Congrats to Courtney and congrats to mom and dad!!! I am sure you were both beaming with happiness and pride!

Nikki M

That has to be the darn cutest thing I have ever seen.!


She looks lovely and SOOOOOOOOO PROUD!! Glad to hear that she nailed it!!


These are so stinkin' cute!! She looks so confident and comfortable up there on stage. What lense are you using? Also....are any of them straight out of the camera?

natasha klein

Please email me about your workshop I can't seem to see that webpage and u mentioned I could pay right away :)thanks

tara pollard pakosta

oh man, wish you would put a video clip on! would love to see
that little cutie in action!


OMG, Congrats Courtney Lee!!! You look absolutely amazing - I wish I could have seen the play!!! There will be lot more of this - enjoy them!

Nice photos, Mom.


Yeah for Courtney Lee!

Her hair looks great and so does she!

Kristal Jones

Dear Courtney Lee~

Trying out for the lead in a school play is a BIG DEAL! And you GOT THE LEAD!!! From the looks of these pictures, you did a fantastic job. You should be very, VERY proud of yourself.

CONGRATS to you!!!! :)

Ms.Kristal in Lousiana

Judy Webb

She is lovely. Keep doing what you are doing. She has a great family supporting her.

Carolyn Hall

What a beautiful Queen Bee she makes!! Congrats Courtney Lee!!

Andrea Elizabeth

from what I have learned from you just from stalking your blog for the past 3 years I was able to take these pictures....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

-love #1298 on your waiting list (aka andrea)


She looks gorgeous! Great job!

Julie Staub

Hooray for Courtney Lee!

Karen- I am thinking this would be a perfect a la carte lesson sometime - how to shoot performances in low light with theatre lighting. Seriously! Beautiful photos of your beautiful girl!


Lovely, simply lovely! She's a beautiful girl!
and I really need to suck it up and get a 70-200/2.8 lens....I'm pretty sure that's what you used to get those beautiful photos!


So great! Way to go Courtney!

Karen, I was wondering if I could email you...I am goign on the Mykonos trip and wanted to ask you which lenses you would recommend that I bring with me? I could use your advice...

Thank you :) [email protected]

Suezi gurzi

so great! Congrats Courtney! I love proud parent moments like this! Someting you both will remember for always.


Well done Courtney Lee - getting up and remembering your part isn't easy. You must have worked really hard.

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