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This is a silly question, but where did you get your floor lamp? I am on the hunt for a floor lamp and I like that one. It doesn't look cheap, and it isn't too contemporary.

You and Erin BOTH shoot very well! I love seeing your life through your lens, and now I have Erin's blog bookmarked too.



You're so full of good information! Looks like Erin has brought out some new changes in you! I like it! P.S. Tell Josh Diamond will be thawed out soon! Yahoo!


just a comment about the iPhone... i've got one, and my grandboy LOVES it more than me... so yeah, don't get one. your kidlets will only USE you to play with your phone!! and its expensive too!! wink!!

Cate O'Malley

Love the picture of Erin with all the lighting going on in the background - sounds like you had a great time!

Julie McD

Karen, you posted, "I LOVED getting to shoot with another photographer for two days and highly recommend it to anyone. (Just find someone in your local area who loves photography like you do and go out on a couple of shoots together -" ... I want to be YOUR friend and hang out and shoot with you (it would be even better than taking your online class)! ha ha...Great posts. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the video tutorial. Glad you had a great time; make it a great weekend.


You two are BOTH so very talented!


I asked a question yesterday about lightbulbs :) you didn't answer. Maybe it was just a stupid one ;). What kind do you use in your lamps? Are they normal incandescent ones? THANKS FOR SHARING!


Love the finale with Erin. Thanks for sharing so much about Photography and also your sweet life and family! I can always tell by reading that you, too, are a genuine-down-to-earth girl!

erin cobb

Girl, you are ROCKING the skin softening technique! (thanks for that)

Loved reading the recap from your perspective.

I miss german chocolate cake.

And I miss you guys too. Let's plan something again!


Love that lighting!

Sandy Brown

Thanks so much for sharing your time with Erin, and introducing me to another great photographic blog. You both inspire me!! And as for the iphone -- get it -- you will love it almost as much as you love your Nikon!


I'm with you girl...haven't gone to the facebook side yet either. Sounds like you two ( or should I say three...miss annie too) had a great time. What fun!!


Thanks for sharing! I am glad that I am not the only one that "overshoots"! Okay, you got to shoot with Erin! Now, I'd like to shoot with you and pick your brain! ;) By the way, you will love the iPhone!


just re-reading this. Love the bit about nikon vs canon. I'm hooked on my alpha, but definitely coveting a new fixed lens and so on . . .


love, LOVE the photos!! can you share your settings? did you shoot wide open since you said you took these at night?


I love how even you, Karen Russell, admits to having to learn stuff! There's hope. You rock!


Thanks for sharing Karen! Love the info on your time with Erin. You definitely have brought the love of photography in me with just sharing ur experiences. Now I have to go practice! U r the best!


Love all the info. You mentioned you went from Canon to Nikon, do you still have the Canon and are you selling it?


i like vertical too

and I agree with you on the whole facebook/twitter thing!


Both of your girls are ROCK STARS!


Hi Karen,

About this: - My kids won't quit pestering me to get an iPhone. (I can't even figure out the stupid phone I've I'm definitely not getting an iPhone.) I just have to tell you that is the EXACT reason you need to get an iPhone! I could never figure out other phones at all and now that I have an iPhone, I cant' be without it. First, it really is so intuitive, it's easy to use. Second, it's way more than a phone. As a smartphone, you'll use it to read or send email, surf the web, snap a quick pic or video, get all kinds of info through the apps (and there are over 100,000 different apps available). I read the news each morning on mine, check the weather, play a quick game of mah jong, watch snippets of Ellen and Oprah, check for garage sales on Craigsphone app... oh, and listen to music as it's also an iPod! Theres so much more and trust me, it's EASY. This coming from a techno-phobe -haha! Have I convinced you yet? ;-)

Linda Gibney

Can I fly YOU to the East Coast? So many classes, big improvement, but I can so appreciate what the one on one does. I had to take a small break (daughter with cancer) but things are as back to normal as they are probably going to get for a while, so throwing myself back in and enjoying every second of it. Can't thank you enough for sparking my interest, which now is, years ago, but mostly, for driving me forward and the therapy that photography has given me.


Finally, someone else who isn't really into the Facebook/Twitter/IPhone thing! I had been feeling like I was from another planet (or century)...

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