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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I can wait for the tutorial as i seriously need help in that area LOL! Thanks for sharing with all of us.


If YOUR photos are 'mistakes' ... I want to make the same ones. ;)

Lan Amphone

Annie is just a bundle of cuteness! Love all the photos, your prior park posts were just amazing! Love the sunlight on those pix. I wonder what you guys were saying to Annie to get all those wonderful expressions.


Lucky, Luckier, Luckiest!!! You choose! Honestly the 3 of you are a TEAM!! Every shot a treasure and the memories that A has of these wonderful days are the ones that will live in her heart forever. Will be more than looking forward to any tips and techniques from both of you!!
Thanks for making me smile and love life!


Annie is just too adorable!

I love, love, love the photo of her sitting where you can see her reflection in the window!


I like your integrity.


Awesome! Wow- you 2 are amazing. What a cool experience!


Can't wait to see what Erin has planned!


You know you suffer from perfectionism....right? And Annie? Totally a natural.

Loving this post and the pictures. It's 1:00a.m and I could not sleep and this is what I found. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for Making the shot and Erin's editing techniques. Hope it comes soon.


First of all, you cannot take a bad picture of that kiddo! She exudes joy and happiness. She just makes you smile : ) <----- see?
Second, I love the picture where her back is to the building but her reflection shows and the one where she is jumping. Great shots, no matter the lighting or editing. The perfection is in the feeling you get when you look at them.`


Wow~that's all I can say! Karen your photos are amazing! You and Erin are both awesome in my book! PLEASE keep talking her into this editing tutorial! I WILL BE WAITING AND WATCHING FOR IT!! Absolutely amazing photographs by both of you!

Lisa Bosch

Wonderful photos from BOTH of you! Stay after her! I'd love to hear her editing tips and would be willing to pay to get them!

Tonia Borrosch

These are ALL gorgeous Karen!!! What a BLAST you must have had! And only YOU see what is wrong on the editing on yours-they look wonderful to me. LOVE the ones with Lucky in them too. :)

Jennifer M.

Beautiful, beautiful shots! I would love an editing class taught by Erin. I could really use it!

Laura Wiles

Does this mean that if I pester you enough and pay for your plane ticket you'll come spend 2 days in Austin w/ me so I can hang out and learn from you, oh master one? Just saying....and oh, here's an even awesomer idea: you can bring Annie and she can show my Jackson and Claire how to work the camera. My Claire and your Annie would get along famously so it's only fair to say that you and I would, too! Just think about it! Would it help if I mentioned that I'm a former student?


I love all your photos... I don't know how they can get any better! :)

Michelle A.

Even when you point out your "mistakes", I just don't see them. I love your pictures & wished I could do half as well. Please keep posting your work, it is very inspiring.


I think your photos look great!!! And I am super excited for Erin's tutorial!!!

Cate O'Malley

Love the ones that each of you took with Annie's reflection in the glass, and the one towards the end with her jumping - great shots!


What an awesome experience! All the photos look great!


These are great and I love looking at them. Annie is such a great little model and very photogenic. I have also added Erin's blog to my list now. Such incredible photo inspiration!

tara pollard pakosta

ALL of the pictures are awesome!
and ANnie did GREAT modeling for yoU!
I really think you should just post all of them you each
took into a post (if you have more to post) and let's
see if we can guess who took what shot!
I doubt we could tell since they all look awesome!!!!


OK ... this is a little sick.... but I would pay in blood for her editing techniques! Ha! Your pictures look great. I especiallly like the one of Annie jumping. Super!

Nancy May

Mouth watering editing techniques!!! I just can't wait!!!!!! So glad Erin has it on her mind!

val koop

I just wondered ... do you miss your Canon? Since you switched, and have had it for awhile, do you still love it/prefer it?
It's OK if you don't respond, of course. I know you get crazy amounts of comments...


I love that you want to edit so clean and bright. Me too. Fingers crossed about that tutorial! :)


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Seriously? you are BOTH amazing! and Annie, oh, Annie - too too cute!

Michelle J

Love love love them - hers AND yours. The window reflection shots are my faves though. Oh, and maybe the ones of Annie with Lucky. And the one of Erin and Annie on the steps. And in the toy store...

Guess I'd better stop now huh?

I will totally buy that tutorial when she gets around to it.

teresa b

If only I could make mistakes like you!! hahahah Great shots!! and again thank you for being so giving!!! Can't wait to see what Eric does.. oohh yeeaaahh!!

Mary Ann

The mistakes in the photos that made you cringe, would make me giddy with happiness if mine looked half as good as those Karen.
Annie of course is such an adorable "model" so I don't think there was even a remote possibility of a bad shot :)
So glad you had such a great time with Erin. Totally jealous of both of both of you!!

Karen V

Beautiful! I need to have my nieces and nephews come out (or I go to visit them). My kids are 20 and 25 and pretty much cringe when I pull out the Nikon.

Just love your work Karen!

Terri Barton

Fantastic photos! I need to learn to shoot better, get another lens or two, and learn to edit better!


I can't wait to learn these techniques! I've been following your blog for a while now and have always loved your style. Would love to capture what you and Erin both do!


Everyone of these is amazing! I think your editing looks great...I can only hope my editing looks that good someday. Awesome job! A tutorial from Erin would be amazing...sign me up! Again...really awesome photos! Loving your photo class too! You are the best. Thanks!


Annie is so adorable and she is looking so much like you.

I think your photos look great but you say too light. Guess I need to keep reading my class material:)

Patty Hetrick

I think your pictures and hers are outstanding!! you are too hard on yourself, Karen. I am always amazed at how sharp your pictures look and that's my focus when shooting. I can't tell until I get it on the computer though. I feel like I am a pro at zooming in when previewing it on the camera itself...just trying to make sure I got the are I wanted in focus. Thanks for sharing:)

Misha@ ~beautyandjoy~

My daughter picked out that same kitty at a toy store, too. :) I have never seen a bad picture you posted - I cannot imagine how you can improve! I love the one of Annie jumping.

Melissa Mann


Jamie V

What a fantastic little sport Annie was!

So.... you mentioned that Erin shoots jpeg, not raw.... what are you shooting now?

Keeping fingers crossed Erin shares her editing techniques, i stink at editing!


OMG - all of the photos are gorgeous...even the ones you said had problems! I SO love seeing the pictures of all the kids, but Annie, she is just too adorable for words. Her expressions are absolutely priceless. I crack up whenever you catch her pouting. Keep up the great work.


Annie is SUCH a natural!! do you guys tell her what to do, or does she just do this stuff?! She ALWAYS looks so happy to play along....never crabby. LOL

oh, and Karen, I want to make mistakes like YOU!♥

Thanks for sharing!

Judy Webb

You must be happy with Annie's participation. Only Cole could have smiled as much. Such great examples for others to follow. And the old brick building. Such imagination. You both did GREAT.

Alison Snow

Okay, I want the tutorial on how to get a child to a) cooperate b) smile c) look that amazingly sweet and adorable in every single picture!!!!

I need to learn how to use my camera and try to do this...maybe my kids will just naturally go along with it too :)


Wonderful shots from both of you!! Can't wait for the Making the Shot lessons and Erin's tutorial!!


WOW, great pics by both of you, but then I have always thought you were the best...



These pictures are ALL so lovely, even the ones you said were mistakes! You (and Erin) do good work. :) Annie made a super sweet model (I could see any one of those shots in a specialty boutique clothing catalog too).

I'd definitely be interested in her editing techniques too! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


ca you tell what you ment by 'that one's too light'?. Are you talking over exposed or their skin tones look too light? They both look perfect on my monitor..that is why I ask.

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