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Yay for the video tutorial! It amazes me how your kids just go about whatever they are doing despite the two of you snapping away around them, LOL! Your pictures look beautiful Karen! Thank you so much for showing what gray card she uses. I have been wondering, and checked Erin's site, but I couldn't find anything.


so jealous that you got to do this with Erin!! i love her work (and yours!) cannot wait for the video tutorial!


ok, karen, tell us the truth. how much of this is having the monster canon 50mm f1.2 lens. i would love me some of that lens, but my husband would have a coronary...

can one get these results with a lens more in reach?


excellent use of light. did you both shoot in manual? need to get me a gray card. now, a question about your home. I remember the discussion in our class about the color of walls and having filtered light. Are those cloth, light filtering shades on your windows? I've got a south facing living room with so much light, but I hate having them covered.....I would love something like a shade to bounce light off of at night....must look into something like that.
but then, how do you keep a husband with filthy hands from pulling them down and getting them all dirty? dilemma.

Melanie C.

Thanks so much for posting all these! They turned out great! I guessed all of Erin's shots and only got 1 of yours wrong...I'm thinking that makes me a total blog stalker! lol

Can't wait for the video tutorial!


I was guessing that your shots were all the ones with Erin in them..hehe;)


Can't wait for the tutorial! Those pictures are all great! And I couldn't tell which were yours and which were Erin's! You 2 amaze me! Maybe I need to get me one of those grey cards. Have a great night!


I totally guessed who's was whose (not sure if I phrased that right!). You both do beautiful work, distinctive in their own ways! I can't wait for the tutorial, I will definitely be tuning in!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

You are both amazing! I just got that gray card and LOVE it!

Susan T

If you hadn't mentioned it at the beginning of the post, I would not have guessed they were indoor night time photos. They are fabulous. I use the same gray card as Erin but my WB doesn't look nearly as good. I can't wait for her tutorial.


Were all the inside night shots done without flash? They look terrific. I just got that grey card but haven't used it yet. I can't wait to play with it now!


Wonderful post, TFS :) Silly question, what kind of lightbulbs do you use in your lamps? Tungsten lights tend to give off a yellow light--but these look cleaner (for example photo 12 near the lamp). Is it a tungsten bulb or something else? Or is it tungsten and just good editing, good exposure and good manual WB? I also can't wait for the tutorial! Yay!


Yay!!!! A video I can follow!


Wow! Excellent use of natural and artificial light...ha. They all look good to me!!!

(Hey, the piano!!! I want an old upright too...looks better in your home tho')


I am just amazed that these were at night! It looks like you have tons of light streaming in from your windows. Can you share what range of ISO you were using? Great shots, and I couldn't tell whose was whose.. I only knew the last one of Courtney because I saw it on her blog a day or two ago! :)


Great shots and thanks for the grey card info! Looking forward to the tutorial! Woohoo!


Great news about the tutorial! When can we see some more photos of your beautiful house? It looks amazing in these shots (as do your beautiful children of course!!)


Love love love all of them! Y'all too!


I love all the photos you take, but I can really tell the difference in the ones shown here. I can't wait until I'll be able to take your class, and Erin's too!!


They all looked great to me.

Account Deleted

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