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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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amy emery

How is the light in your part of Oregon so bright and beautiful? Here in Sherwood, Oregon, it's gray and more gray. Love the pictures. Are you going to offer a mini class on the new editing you learned? ;-) (from a former student who is now struggling with a Canon 50D) Or how about the opportunity for us to come learn in person with you? Just beautiful--and a lovely model and gorgeous house, too!


Wow! That's all I can say! Can't wait to see more....and also read more of what you learned!!! Fabulous!


How cool! What a great trip together. Cute pics of Annie :)
I can't wait to hear anything you can share with us. THX!


It is great to see more of your house! I like your simple style and vibrant colors...and your sofa is amazing!


ooh, love the pictures! annie made such a cutie pie model, too. and i also hope there will be an editing class to come!


I love these Karen...they are just beautiful.
Oh...and did she have that talk with you about Twitter?!?

Rebecca Brigham

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Will you talk about the photo editing techniques that she taught you? I love to hear about them.

erin cobb

Karen these looks AWESOME! I'm so, so proud!


Wow! BOTH of your photos came out GREAT! Annie is such a cutie. Can't wait to hear about the editing!!


Looks like a GREAT time!!! Can't wait to read Part II and Part III and Part IV... :) Thanks for sharing!!


PLEEEEEEEEEEEEESE share with us the answer to your big question of how to shoot in bad light! And if you would share some of those great editing tips she gave you, it would be MUCH appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!

tara pollard pakosta



Sounds like a perfect 10 day! Being with Annie and sharing your love of photog. I echo a "mini" class on the editing part..even some tips. I can imagine it would be a TON of work but there are those of us that are "dying" for it.
Enjoy your shut eye, and espcially the weekend. Thanks for the share!

Diane Stewart

I agree, beautiful photos. They are so bright, love them. Looks like you both had a great time. I am also a former student and would love to know about her (Erin's) "editing technique" and also shooting in bad light. While I am doing great outdoors, it is indoors I am still having problems with. (that and having a husband and 14 year old son who are totally uncooperative:(


wow ... awesome shots!! i loved the ones of Annie playing with the jenga blocks ... seems my daughters did that too when they were younger! Funny how those blocks were used more just making buildings than with the original game! haha!


I can see that Erin uses BBF! I just learned how to do that and I am such a fan. Can't wait to hear more:-)


Beautiful!!, the both of you have very similar shooting styles. I love the decor in Annie's room and I'm jealous of how much light you get thru the windows. The pillows and curtains and so cute! Can't wait to see part II and hear more about your experience.


BEAUTIFUL!!!! can you share some of the editing tips???????


Beautiful shots! My FAVOURITE is Annie on the bed torquoise wall, sitting, full body shot, the camera is tilted.


Oh, I wanted to add: Do Annie's cheeks ever get sore from smiling so much :)


LOVE it! Especially seeing the 2 of oyu together ;)


Every time I come visit the ol' blog and see what you are DOING with photos and see what you are LEARNING (because I believe in being a lifelong learner too :) ), I just get more and more giddy... because soon you will be MY teacher! hee hee. I know that we will all benefit from your experience with Erin (who is completely and totally amazingly fabo as well)! I canNOT wait until June! I seriously countdown the weeks... hmmm sounds like a blog post, or a scrapbook page, or a reason to take a picture...


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all! So ... Karen, would you consider offering a Making the Shot course with some of the new editing techniques that she showed you included? The lighting in all of these pictures is amazing!!!!


Man, those photos make me want to re-do my living room so badly! It desparately needs to be white! and that sofa, it is absolutely beautiful! I had one like that in college and foolishly got rid of it rather than spending the money to have it re-tied and reupholdstered.
I can't wait for some Making the Shot lessons from what you learned.

Libbi M.

i am soooooooo in love with all these photos. please, oh please share some of your new editing techniques. i know there are so many of your blog readers who would gladly pay for anything you can share/teach. can't wait to see the rest. have a lovely weekend.

Libbi M.

oops, i forgot to ask in my last post where did you get those lovely pillows? they are so vibrant and full of lovely colors. thanks!


Wow, these are amazing! The lighting is awesome! I want to know your new editing secrets! Have a great weekend!


annie is so beautiful and perfect in these photos! both of you have amazing talent!

amy emery

p.s. wanted to glad that you had the opportunity to be the student/teacher. after all you give and give to your students and your blog readers, what a wonderful joy to meet someone, click, and have the chance to be filled up creatively.

Sue Evans

Can you share the new editing techniques she taught you? The pictures are awsome.


Stunning pictures...LOVE the lighting! So glad you and Erin had a great time together and learned new things from one another. :-)


Just amazingly BEAUTIFUL shots by BOTH of you!! Please share...maybe a "Making the Shot" lesson with a little editing information too!! Sign me up!!!!!

Penny in Virginia

Gosh, Karen, you have a beautiful home. Colors are gorgeous. These pics are fabulous. Can't wait to see more, and hope you'll go over Erin's editing techniques and well as what you learned from her about exposure (although I'm certain there was a ton of two way mentoring going on here - did you teach Erin anything you can tell us?? :)


Oooh, she's a Canon girl! Did y'all talk about your switching to Nikon? Can you tell a difference in the Canon vs. Nikon pics? Just asking. Love 'em!!!


how do i get my hands on those new editing techniques.....amazing!


Are you going to share a Making the Grade w/ what you have learned from her about editing techniques? I love it. How fun! I follow her blog after you shared her name in your class that I took. How fun for you and Erin!

Nancy May

Oh, I love the combination of Karen with Erin. Amazing!!!! I too hope you can share the techniques! It would also be really exciting if Erin would join your workshops as a guest instructor or something!


Great, great photos! Annie is such a cute and willing subject. And I am also someone who would LOVE to learn the tips and tricks. I can see the similarity in your shots and Erin's on her blog. Glad you guys had fun!

Martha - EP

being a huge fan of both of you, i have to say, i totally love these photos (as everyone else does)! great lighing, great, love, love. and to join the others....yes, there are us that would gladly pay to get editing tips!

wish we all had a precious little model like annie! Great job Annie!

nancy in ks

I think you guys are twins separated at birth. Karen and Erin. That had to have been So. Much. FUN.


I don't think I can say anything, but WOW! Can't wait to hear more about your time with her. The pictures were amazing ~ both yours and hers!


From another Erin Cobb folower and lover...I'm jealous LOL Great pictures :o)


The photos are gorgeous, and yes, as a past student I'd love to know more about the technical, but I just have to say I KNEW you guys would have a great time! I'm glad to see I was right!


Wonderful photos. I love the color tones. The skin tones are amazing. I hope you will be sharing the editing techn iques soon.

Annie is the cutest little subject ever. :)

teresa b

Looks like an amazing time!!


She's so adorable! Great pictures! Lucky you!


Beautiful pictures! I am glad you guys had a great time together. I hope you plan to share some of those editing techniques!


Wow! And just so you know, I love your photography so much already that to meet you IRL would be amazing :) Beautiful shots and editing. (And how fantastic does your house look!!!)


In the sixth photo of Annie, she looks just like you:) Now you know how I felt meeting you last year. You are just as amazing as I thought you would be:)

Jamie V

Spectacular! Your home is sooooo bright! makes me want to pack up, list the house and move. What exposure does your living room have- so bright, but not harsh.

Glad you had fun- but you will always be my most favorite photographer


You are both amazingly talented. Love seeing more of your new old house!

Cindy Welch

i am so happy you had a great time


AWESOME, can't wait to hear more!! I also long for hearing more on the editing techniques...little tips go a long way and I agree that I'd pay to hear them (errrr, not tooo much, please....LOL!!) =D


The Canon 50mm f/1.2 is the dreamiest lens ever. NOT that the lens makes the photographer. Absolutely not. But in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, every single image just makes me fall in love with the person being captured. My skills are far from being worthy of that lens. But I hope to get there some day. These images are so soft and lovely. The processing is dreamy and full of light.

And that Tiffany blue chair next to the orange lamp? I want both of those in my house. Yesterday. You have delicious decorating taste.


Beautiful photos. Annie really looks like you in them.

How on earth do you keep a white sofa clean with a 4 year old? I am in awe..


Karen, the photos are gorgeous, as always. This might be a dumb question but you mention that you both shot with a 50mm lens. Why in the pictures, does the lens look so big (and long)? It looks as though there might be a hood or an extender on it which doesn't make sense to me. Help please, I am confused.


I am so utterly jealous right now. I've been following Erin forever too. She rocks! In fact, I took a class once from Erin's former teacher because I like Erin's work so much. (FYI, your class was sooo much better.) Hey, wait... I took my class from you about a year or so ago. It wasn't me that mentioned her to you was it? Nah... surely it was someone else.

But still, I want you to know I'm totally jealous. I want a little bit of your life to rub off on me. You get to do the coolest stuff that I long to do.

Nancy May

What is bbf? And, Karen, where did you get those great containgers for colors and markers? They look so handy and great in photos!


WoW Karen!!! These look AMAZING! Looks like you and Erin had a great time!

Michelle Arthur

You do not know me, but I "stalk" your blog regularly. Your photos absolutely amaze me. For that, I am awarding you the Sunshine Award for being an inspiration to me. Check out my blog for your award.
Michelle A.


LOVELY photos from both of you!


I'm in LOVE with each and every photo. Beyond amazing shots! Enjoy your new learnings!

Phyllis R.

Amazing! I actually thought the first photo was of you until I read your caption. You and Erin could be from the same family! Her daughter even looks a little like Annie. Sisters in photography anyway. Thanks for introducing us to Erin! And I'm looking forward to seeing the subtle changes in your photography as you put her tips to practice!

Karen V

What beautiful photos! So clear and the colors so bright and true. They are priceless...


these are just beautiful! sounds like such a fun day! thank you for sharing them! susan


I want to tell you that although Erin Cobb's website/blog is now in my "favorites" tab, the photos posted here that I lingered longer looking at were yours (though I didn't know it until I read that the particular photo was one you'd taken.) I enjoy your talent and admire your skill, and hope to be a student before to much longer...I'm on the list. :) And as always, thanks for sharing. Wonderful stuff!!

heather garl

Wow...that's really crazy! I'm a want-to-be-photographer in Pennsylvania. I visit your blog and Erin's blog faithfully and it was very cool to see you two working together!

cindy mandernach

okay, you have me whining over at the two peas photography message board here:

simply fabulous colors and exposure.


♥ Debbie

Beautiful, Beautiful shots!! I love them all!! What a wonderful experience for both of you!!


Is that your bedroom with the turquoise wall? LOVE IT! Would you please share which paint color you used and the bedding, where did you get the pillow shams and duvet, and the red curtains too? Love the way you decorate! Any chance you'll be sharing more photos of your home?

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I think my heart just skipped a beat. I found your blog, and you live nearby. Then I went to Erin Cobb's blog and saw she was in Huntsville, where I travel to twice a year for sewing school. Then... I saw your pillow with some of my favorite Denyse Schmidt fabric. Tonight is my lucky night. So glad I found your blog, and am hoping to get into the next school with openings.

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