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teresa b

Too cute.. esp the hold hands part!!


Thanks "Hot Mamma" for another fun post!!! :D


Ahahaha so cute! I can't wait until my little has such a definable personality!

Sandy Brown

Such wonderful moments to remember. I was particularly touched by the alphabet song -- one of my used-to-be-little ones would sing L-L-L-L-P!!!


Just adorable! And I'll bet her collage has the best photos out of all of the collages the kids/moms from her class make.

#2 reminds me of my oldest. He sang that song when he was 3 at preschool. His teacher told me one day that he came out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles singing "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!" at the top of his lungs. So funny!!


You know your posts lately are getting me all mushy inside :) She is super sweet :)

tina schiefer

So the Ross post brought tears to my eyes earlier and yet I didn't comment 'cause you were at about 131 comments. But, tonight, I only see 6 so far, so...That's a really cute post about Annie. Miss seeing you around in GP. Moving our business to Medford this Summer, so maybe we can get together for lunch or something some day....! (still waiting for the house tour! LOL!!!) I'm having a couple projects featured in Somerset Home in August and thanked them for allowing me to be in the company of.... my fellow Southern Oregon artists, like you.

Val from Down Under

Hey Karen, that's the same song the kids sing in our Kids Church! Cool. She's so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I have to say you have the cutest kids ever! And that lucky girl, I'm sure, had the best photos for her collage too. You always share the joy, joy, joy - thanks for sharing with us.

Cate O'Malley

So cute! I love capturing the little isms kids have - adorable!

Corie in Indy

Hey Karen, what's the story with her photo board? Was she scrapbooking? :o) Love it!

Corie in Indy

OK, maybe I'm just slow! Was the photo board for being student of the week? Too cute!


what a great "all about annie list"!


Adorable! She is such a cutie! I know you are proud!


That is seriously SWEET! I bet she was the only kiddo to have such beautiful photographs to share! :)


Now I am going to have that song stuck in my head all day long!


My husband had my oldest (a boy) saying, "My mom's hot!" when he was about that age. Yeah... only slightly embarrassing :-) How lucky we are to have men who think we're hot!


she ... just kills me. i love hearing about what's happening with little annie. :)


she is so precious.
kind of the cutest thing ever.


She is an awesome little kid.

Mary Ann

Oh Yannie just gets sweeter and sweeter! she does still call herself Yannie, right? :)


And YOU, my dear, are the reason why I am determined not to give up on photography because the pictures that you take and the memories you are making make my heart happy!

Ashley S.

Just curious if you print your blog into a book or plan to? If so, do you print one copy or one for each child?


She is sooooo cute "hot momma" :)


You have a Grange in OR? I thought that was a Rhode Island thing.
Love the blog...its real and the pictures always make me happy. Thank you for sharing.

Wendy Molnar

She sounds like another very good "incentive" plan. What a cutie.


aw, thank for sharing!

cindy b.

These posts are so adorable. LOVE it!!


Way to go on writing all this down, hope your making a fun book to collect all of this in to read in a few years! She is just so cute, I miss that age, I miss my boys being under 11. Now there just bratty teenagers with bad attitudes:) BUT I love them anyway!!

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