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Looks like girls day at the park was a success!
Can't wait for more details about everything you and Erin learned too! Have a great night!


As always LOVE LOVE LOVE your family photos. You capture "everyday" life so well and make me want to take out my camera and practice more. I would love to have shots like these!


adorable. i love annie's headband with ponytail.


Lovely photos, as always! We had a great weekend! You tell Josh Downs 'Congratulations on the Fish'!!! My hubby has been fishing the river for weeks and hasn't caught anything. We're waiting for Diamond to thaw, then hoping we'll have some luck! Have a great week!


Love the lighting!

nancy in ks

Girl, I don't know what to think about these pictures. Awesome as usual (love the flares), but look at your food. The background house. The play equipment. ALL COLOR COORDINATED. Tell me it just happened.

nancy in ks

Oh, and I forgot to say their clothes.

tess s.

i love that the older girls switched shoes. i can remember doing that when i was a kid.


Looks like you girls had a great time!! And...Nancy, I noticed the same thing. I just love your shots Karen!


the boots and the bare feet up in the air...loves it...beautiful photo's


Look at you having fun with all those girlie girls! I am so jealous. I'm stuck with smelly boys - big and little ones.

gina f.

great photos; I love the light!


So you are shooting jpg? These are gorgoeus!

Nancy May

I love the new look to your editing. I can't wait until Erin shares this!!!!


and just when i thought you couldn't get any better ... you did. i know it could be just a new editing style, but i also think there's a new 'spark' there too. :)


Beautiful! That Annie is looking so much like you. One of those photos that Erin took (the 6th one on your last post) looks just like you.

She is adorable!


I see crisp, vibrant and simply awesome!!! (Precious girls too!)

Melissa Mann

beautiful photos!


These pictures are beautiful. You must be using your new editing techniques!!! :) Love the colors and the great use of lighting.


I see a little something extra too...Is it a different editing technique or maybe a new spark, some new inspiration...maybe all of the above? Whatever it is I love it!!!

Karen V

I love the pics of the kids....I miss having young ones **sigh**

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