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You 2 are going to LOVE each other I just know it. Can't wait to hear about it and see pics!!!


How fun and exciting and so cool!!! Have a blast getting professionally developed! :) Maybe you could add that as one of your photography hiring you for one-on-one developing. Just sayin'.


PLEASE pass on your new knowledge! I learned so much from your class but have miles and miles to go before I'm competent behind the camera!


How exciting...enjoy every minute, and I will be excited to read the blog after your rendezvous! Have fun!


Lucky you!!! I love her!

Pam Heggie

Hey Karen...I just checked out those four posts you linked on your blog, and I just wanted to let you know that while Erin is indeed awesome, from looking at those posts (I've never heard of her before), and being a past student and avid follower of your blog, I think you're just as every bit as good as her! (If not better, but I'm biased of course, you were my teacher, and a great one at that!!) But anyways, I love the fact you're always trying to improve and learn from others!! A great tip for all of us!! Have fun!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love how phenomenal a photographer you are and that you are still this excited about it! Love it, and of course, that face of Annie's! Can she possibly be cuter than ever?


That is great~how exciting! You will have a fun time!
Share everything when you get back!

Dani B

Uh, forget about shooting with crappy lighting. I wanna know how she makes clutter look good?! Those bar photos would look just plain awful if I shot those! Have fun!!!

Melanie C.

Oh my gosh, I wish the two of you would put a class on together! That would be awesome! I've followed Erin for a long time & she does amazing pictures.


Karen, you make me smile!! That would be how I would feel if I was about to meet you!! :0) I hope you have a blast!!


Have a wonderful time! If she is every bit as inspiring as you, then, you will indeed have fun!


I'm off to check out her site. BUT, everyone loves you as you are, so just be you!

jennifer mcguire

i have loved erin for years now - she is a gem. and you are too... you will have such fun. tell her i said hi!

Sandy Brown

oh, how I would love to be the little fly on the wall watching both of you, and gathering up all the talent that will be shared!! Have a wonderful time -- looking forward to hearing a couple hints (please??).

mandy friend

um and you're inviting me down to CP to hang out with both of you right?


I LOVE Erin's stuff. I stalk both of her blogs daily, even when they don't show up in my google reader. The 2 of you will be the absolute brains of photography together. Can't wait to hear all about it and see what you come up with.


How fun it will be!?

You will do a fine job with her..

both of you will have lot of laughs with lot of fun too!


Hey karen, Can you do a tutorial on sharpening in photoshop? I am lost on this subject and there is SO much information out there. I dont know where to start!


Have fun!!!

tess s.

she's going to love your bottom! hooray for meeting photo friends!


You two are going to be the BEST OF FRIENDS! I mean, seriously. I have never read her blog before today, but can instantly tell she is one cool chick. And then there will be two cool chicks hanging out together. I must say, I'm a little jealous ;-) . I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Martha - EP

So jealous! I got an opportunity to speak with her a few months back when she helped out with the Haiti Relief by offering mentoring for a donation. Loved her before speaking with her, loved her more after speaking with her. That's when she shared mentoring with you and I was in awe because of course I had already taken your class when I first got my sdlr and totally feel in love with you after months of being on the waiting list! ;-) You two are awesome and everyone continues to learn - right? I check both your blogs daily for inspiration! Enjoy your time it will be wonderful!

tara pollard pakosta

Erin is one of my top faves and is AMAZING!
but so are you (one of my top faves and AMAZING!).
have fuN! can't wait to see what pix you all take!


I think I need to come and tag along with you and Erin! Her photos are AMAZING!! Especially the ones out in the woods in the post titled "Ridiculousness". Thanks for posting these. I am a fan now and this will be a blog I'll be checking regularly.

Stacey B

When I win powerball I am having YOU, and Erin and Wendy Schulz (who taugh erin initially about photgraphy) all to RI. For lobsters, and scrapping, and fun. Of course the one hicuup to my master plan is winning powerball...


You'll be fine! Don't wear mascara, it gets mucked up because of the camera and if you are like me, you might get emotional at meeting her and then your mascara might run a bit and that wouldn't be good.

Alena H

How fun! I love her photography too. And yes, please share what you learn!! :)


I want to see a shoot-off:) Have fun!!

Amy Snyder

I cannot wait to hear how things go with you and Erin! I love everything about the two of you and how each one of you are so talented in photography but yet so different. I have NEVER and probably will never take a class from an instructor that has taught me as much as you did but oh, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall when the two of you are together. So much knowledge and talent!!!!


I'll bet she could make your butt look good with some of that natural lighting...ha.

Have fun!!!


You two are going to have so much fun!! Good for both of you...that will be awesome to pick eachother's brains! Oh have a great time Karen and please tell us all about it. And yes, I too am a new fan of Erin's blog!!

erin cobb

Aw, you rock Karen! And I'd just like to add that now thanks to you and the Rogue River salad, fried zucchini, beers, danishes, Starbucks and fish and chips MY butt is officially big too. And we're both short. But whatev.


Karen, you are MY Erin Cobb! Can we have a blind date? (I live in Canada)

Ellen Patton

I met Erin in Boston a few months ago and she's a delight! Enjoy!!

Sandy Brown

Now that I have explored Erin's blog too. . . thanks so much for sharing. . . . I hope you found out how she managed the wonderful photo of her son in the ER --- with her iphone!!!!

♥ Debbie

Oh she is going to luuuuurve you!!! Have a wonderful time!!

Tammee Donaldson

OK, just checked out the links to her blog and they are great. Ironically I was checking your blog while printing out pics from my own daughter's Christmas program that I am still attempting to PS to a good skin tone. I can't believe her shots of the kids in what I assume would be a similarly bad lighting scenario. Can't wait to here what you learn from her before next year's show!


OK, I have checked back like a million times looking for an update :) :) :)
I just know it went well and can"t wait for pics.


Can't wait to hear all about it.

Amy R

I found your blog from Erin's. I had the pleasure of meeting her in December at PW's book signing and what you said is EXACTLY the way I feel. I told her that- getting amazing looking shots in no good, crappy lighting- like the basement of a bookstore late at night. Can't wait to read your post, post-Erin. :)

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