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aimee c.

LOVE the picture of annie peeking. too cute! happy easter. :)

Nancy May

Love all the great pictures. It is so fun to see what you have to share! You never know what someone is going to pick up on and ask questions about. :-) Mine for today is where did you get that great black shirt? Funny how I am not on the look out for more neutral color clothing. :-)


Happy Easter to your family too! Love that Josh Downs;-)

Jennifer M.

Annie makes the best faces ever. :)


How cute! The photos were excellent! It looks like you guys had fun. Happy Easter! :)

teresa b

i miss those days..looks like a good time!!


hee hee - Loooove how you capture all the details - even those of kids bickering with each other! Makes me believe I am right there in that house with everyone!
Have a great holiday!


Love it! Great idea to have multiples of the colours to cut down on the fighting.

♥♥♥ Debbie

Fabulous!!! I sure do miss little moments like this now that my kids are grown! I love your table!!! If you ever decide to sell it, let me know!! Happy Easter to all of you!!! BTW....Love the egg Mr.Downs made for you!....what a great guy you have there!! :)


Have a great Easter to you and your family!

Cindy Welch

Love the cups they really make the pics!


Good job on your eggs Coley. Love your "Beavers" egg best and the Duck one is priceless. Keep it up.


Precious! Love that the family painted the eggs all together! That is love!


We mixed all the colors into one cup at the end and made the "mystery egg".....came out blackish-purple. We called it "the rotten egg". ha.

Love dyeing Easter eggs--glad our kids are still young enough to care about doing it too! :)

Happy Easter!!!


This may seem an odd, random question, but may I ask where you purchased your glasses? I absolutely adore them!


Why does Mr. Downs hate the table? Looks pretty cool to me.


Karen, now that I've taken your class, I see so much more in your photos. I love your perspective in these photos and those glasses for the egg dye are awesome! Love the natural light!!

Judy Webb

That Courtney Lee is a doll.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

You guys are the cutest! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Have not gotten around to dying eggs yet! POssibly later today or next weekend. Just way too much going on to accomplish that task.


The Ducks DO NOT suck! LOL! Awesome photos!


Oh, love these pictures! And, I have to say, I LOVE THE TABLE! So wish I could find something like that around here in Florida. It's what I have been looking for....for like years!!

Melanie L.

Happy Easter! Beautiful shots as always


Great shots Karen.... so your very first picture with the three kids says your aperature is 2.8... how the heck did you get all the kids in such good focus? Did you focus on Annie? I LOVE that shot!


At least you got Easter how does this holiday always escape me without pictures...Yours look great! Hey, tell Josh I'll take the table when you come to Montana to visit!!!! Happy Day

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