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Ok...I really hope you answer this question. How in the world do you catch so much bokeh? I love it, but rarely catch it. These photos are awesome!


I HOPE that this is one of the lessons you put together for us past students...I am so in awe of these.


I love b/w photo's..seriously its a sickness how much I love the setting but the photo of her where she is reading the text...I love it.


She has a beautiful smile!


beautiful photos of a beautiful young lady! i especially love the photos between the ones on the front porch + the ones in her room. and that last one - such a lovely smile.


What amazing pictures ... she's beautiful! I hope she didn't feel like she 'had' to smile because of the last set - either way she's pretty. (I do like the closed smile ones - almost like a smirk!)


Absolutely beautiful!! Curious about her plans after high school... she seems so close with all your family!


Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Portraits are hard because it is hard to capture people how they really are, with their personality shining out...I feel like you really captured that. Most people (like myself) are camera shy and you really can get a sense of that in the pictures. You did a really wonderful job. I think the 2nd one is my favorite! :)


Wow! Cali is beautiful and musically talented?!! What a precious girl--you can just see how sweet she is in those pictures!!!

She'll treasure them forever, Nellie! Love 'em so!!!

p.s. love her bedding--it looks alot like yours. I could never find it--had already been discontinued by the time I saw it in your pics. :( So bummed!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Gorgeous girl and gorgeous photos. She is so lucky she will have these treasures from you. They are all stunning, but the cello one and the first black and white piano shot are amazing. I'm auditing the class now, and I know I'll be referring to this post again and again as I go through the lessons. Fantastic even for you, Karen. Simply beautiful!

Rachelle S

Wonderful, wonderful photos! I bet she is just Thrilled with them! : )


beautiful girl
beautiful photos
hope things work out between her & the Son - could be a hard thing for all if not ;)

Kate Whitmore

She is way presh!! And the fact that you get along so well with your son's girlfriend just makes me happy.

teresa b

Amazing job Karen!! Can't pick a fav.. too many to choose from!!


Love, love, love these photos! I hope you could include them in your Making the Shot lessons for past students.


Wow, amazing shots of a beautiful girl!

Libbi M.

beautiful girl... beautiful pictures. thank you for sharing.


WOW! Just WOW!

Kristi B

Love them all but esp the one with the bucket.


oh wow. they're all awesome-i'm sure she (and her mother!!) are thrilled! my faves are the black and white w/ the large white area...and the one just below it w/ her laughing and the grassy area behind her. just beautiful!!

Sandy Brown

What a beauty!! And what awesome shots! tfs

Nancy Wyatt

These are absolutely beautiful as is Cali! Great job and as all have said she will treasure these foevah! *hugs from conroe, tx!


Boy, does she ever look like her mom!!


that's so cute that she will hang out and do that with you!


My favorite is 7th from the top (w/the reflection on the glass) just seems like a really stunning smile of Cali. These pictures were a lot of fun - love the props! I agree w/ a prior post - will Cali let you use this photo shoot for Making the Grade???!!!!

mandy friend

these make me soooo glad that you did them for her instead of me! I just wish I'd known so I could jot over and watch you work your magic;)


Ok-so Cali, where did you get your comforter? And what great shots of such a beautiful young woman! We all want to know what those two will be up to after graduation. Feel like we know them a little from all of your posts. Wishing only the best for them! & last question-Did you hang your Easter wreath backward, so it wouldn't be "Eastery" in your shot? I love wreaths, only reason I noticed! Thanks for always inspiring the world!!


Absolutely beautiful! She has such a beautiful smile! Gosh....I so wish I had signed up for your photo classes.


These are just so, so lovely. I’m crazy about the ones next to the moss wall. And I love her reflection in the window.

Cindy Welch

Love all of them, but really love the reflection in the window portrait!!!!!

Misha@ ~beautyandjoy~

Oh my goodness - she is adorable, gorgeous and radiates!


Great pictures Karen, love her smile.


ah-mazing. love, love, love.





She's beautiful




Love all of the pictures! Such a pretty girl! It really makes taking pictures enjoyable if you have a willing subject.


Just beautiful! Wow.

Melissa Mann

She makes a beautiful model! Love the photos that incorporated the musical instruments! Especially the piano ones!


they look great!! the one where she got texted is my fave, very spontaneous smile!


Gorgeous!! And, she plays the cello! I wanna see some concerts pics. I love the backlit shots, and the locations, and everything!


Your photos are gorgeous - and so is she!


i love your blog so inspiring.I`m just starting but wish i already could take pics like that.Love your family.God bless you!


Couldn't be more perfect!
I can see why R. is so in love!!! With his mom & Cali!


Stunning shots, Karen!! Absolutely fantastic. These are so much better because Cali smiled a lot in these (but not too much).

I would have loved to see you laying on the grass to shoot those where she sits on the porch :)

And love all those with beautiful bokeh. I couldn't pick my favorite, there are so many beautiful ones.


She is gorgeous! And quite talented it seems too! (and so are you Karen!)
I loved her first set of pics but these are AMAZING!

So when are Ross' senior pictures getting done? :-)


Cali is such a beautiful girl! I can see why you couldn't pick just a few. They are all so amazing.

Kristal Jones

Hard to pick a favorite. All of them are beautiful. Cali looks gorgeous. Love the lighting in all of these. The b&ws at the piano are breathtaking.


These are amazing!

Tammy Mellish

You must know that we have all fallen in love with Cali! These photos are SPECTACULAR! I went through them three times and STILL couldn't pick a favorite. Love them all. Beautiful!

Kathy Jiran

What an absolutely beautiful girl!!!! Looks like she is quite talented too. Hopefully she has some wonderful plans for her future. Absolutely love all the photos Karen but I must say one of my most favorites is the one beside the window with the reflection of her. Beautiful!!!! Good luck to you Callie. Thanks for sharing Karen. Kathy


Stunning! These are all just beautiful. The third, fourth and fifth are my favorites though.

Deb Zorn

They are all just STUNNING!


I love the pix with the cello, classic.

tara pollard pakosta

she is just beautifuL~
and I love her gorgeous perfect
smile! Can't believe how she is so musical~
how wonderfuL! these are AMAZING~! tara


Oh my! Beautiful girl and photos.... I so miss the west coast, that moss wall is amazing!


OMG!! Karen, these are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING...EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Thank you so much for sharing. I ALWAYS LOVE your photography but I am really blown away by these!! Just Gorgeous...


You are so lucky to have someone to photograph! She's such a pretty young lady! And musical too! Love that.
You took some beautiful shots of her.


WOW! THAT IS ALL I can say!! Great job and Fantastic cooperative subject :0)

Judy Webb

Where are Cali and Ross going to college?? Obviously she is musicaly talented. I know both you and Josh and Cali's parents have explained how important is is to finish college. Even though we miss you teaching classes in TX, you have found your calling. Such beautiful photos. God Bless.


She is SUCH a pretty girl.... I love your photo shoot.


She is a beautiful girl! Glad to see you didn't visit the train tracks again!!!! Holy cow those comments were CRAZY!

Martha - EP

Wow Karen, these are wonderful! Love every single one of them. Cali is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful smile.


simply beautiful!


she is just darling! beautiful photos karen!

Christi Snow

Wow! These are gorgeous! She just gets more and more beautiful as she gets older. Ross is a lucky guy! smiles...

Shannon Laux

Amazing photos....Cali is a beautiful subject to photograph and she couldn't ask for a better person to capture her. Love it!


WOW! Beautiful girl and excellent portraits!
I LOVE all of them!! Beautiful color!

Jennifer S

Just GORGEOUS!!! Cali is so beautiful, and these are beautiful shots! What a treasure for her to keep forever. These are perfection.

And PLEASE use these for a Making the Shot Lesson! Please :)

Michelle J

It's obvious how much fun you both had! She is such a beautiful girl, and lucky to have you to take such beautiful photos! (and lucky us, to be able to study them!)


haven't been able to pick up my jaw since it dropped...LOVE THEM ALL

Renee Olson

I have been following you blog for a couple of years now. I absolutely adore you and your family and think your work is amazing. Do you ever photograph anyone outside of your family? If so, I have a special project I add to each Father's day and I'd love for you to take some of your special photo's for it. I would be thrilled to hear back from you! Thanks.

cindy b.

freakin' AWESOME!!!

Lorraine M.

Beautiful shots of a beautiful girl.


These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


They are all beautiful!! Beautiful girl....beautiful pictures. Can't wait for your lesson on this photo shoot.



TerriB in Oregon

She is such a pretty girl! Great photos! Love the black and white in the fence. And the one sitting on your porch.

Susan Dingess

OMG these are stunning! They each are so unique and perfect. They really show Cali's personality.

Val from Down Under

Great photos as usual Karen.
Beautiful model - nice teeth Cali!


The girl loves the camera and the camera loves the girl! She's a lucky girl to have such stupendous senior pictures to remember this time in her life.

Alicia Sharp

Cali is a beautiful girl and I am so glad her and Ross have each other. You have a wonderful family Karen.


Love these shots! I gotta know though...where did Cali get her bedding? I'm assuming that's hers....

♥ Debbie

OMG!!! Karen these are stunning!!! I can't pick a fav, as I love them all so much!! The setting is wonderful...the mossy brick, the wooden fence, Cali sitting at the piano, the tall grass......goodness they are all just splendid!! Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life with us and for always inspiring us!!!

mary k

absolutely beautiful. the girl and the photos. love seeing pictures of her on your blog. she looks like such a sweet, loving, and talented girl. tell your son to hang on to this one, LOL.


Is Cali heading to Massachusetts anytime soon?? I need for for the workshop! ;)


LOVE these! Love the ones w/ the mossy brick, where did you shoot these at? Just beautiful.


she is beautiful!


Wow! Amazing as usual, Karen. Cali is absolutely beautiful. I have been meaning to do some "senior shots" of my daughter and her friends - you have just inspired me to get out there and get shooting, especially now that the weather is warming up a bit.

PS: I LOVE Cali's bedding. Do you know where she got it? :0)


Beautiful photos of a beautiful young woman. She has a great sense of style.


you're many gorgeous captures!
i love her laughing while he txt'd her!
& reading that!

Lovely Cee.


Mary Ann

beautiful pics! love the one of her reading the text from can see the happiness in her eyes!


Beyond the fact that your work is amazing, Cali is just gorgeous. :) She and Ross make an adorable couple.

tammy t

She is absolutely beautiful!


Becky Coburn

Cali looks like a genuine country gal!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!

tammy graves

Oh My! These are gorgeous! Not a bad one in the bunch! She is so photogenic! Lucky you!!!

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