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Love it. What an amazin son. What an amazing moment. You must be on cloud nine. Congratulations for razing such an awesome young man. It surely pays off.


Jen Spain

Awesome. Those two boys of yours have had quite a week!

Cathy Kuhlman

Isn't it wonderful when you know that they "get it!"


Awww, love that story!


quite a amazing son you're raising there! that had so make a mama's heart swell with pride! well, except for the the guitar licking part ;) silly boys.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Hope that smile stays for days!


So, so sweet...have to love our boys!


Now it's raining indoors too! My eyes just welled-up!
I love those mother-son moments.



Awwwwwww MOM!! You must still be smiling!!!
And I hope I am not way out of line....
That boy has got to be Josh Downs....way too cute!!
You are amazing Karen!!!


sweetest kid on earth.
(the licking was kinda hilarious)


You must tell me all of your secrets for raising sons. I got teary reading that as if it were my own son.

And I think the shots are amazing - the blue adds just the right atmosphere :)


Okay Karen- this is the second post I've read of yours that made me tear up today (the one about Cole being adopted was the other)! What great family moments you've been having on your blog break!


He is so sweet and you are a great mom. I just had a few tears roll down my cheeks when I read what he said. We moms are so mushy:)


Two such wonderful posts right in a row! Thanks for making me smile, smile, smile!


OH I got goosebumps just reading that ending....isn't it so AWESOME when our sons appreciate us? Hugs to you from a single mom that raised a son by herself...and loves when he appreciates me as he did last year at his CD release party...he is actually into the whole music scene too and writes and performs his own music.

Lisa Bosch

Awwww....just, awwww. Sons will always be the ones to thank their moms.


Amazing! My son is due any day or minute and I can't wait for those kinds of moments! Thanks for sharing!

Shauna Thompson

That is so sweet of him to thank YOU! How fun for you to watch him!


brought tears to my eyes....i can feel how proud you are in your words and pictures....awesome.


You can be very proud that you have done such a great job raising this young man! Ross, you should be proud of yourself, too!!


What great pictures--I'd love to know what settings you used!

What a sweet son to say such sweet words!

tess s.

so sweet. i hope that one day my son will lick his guitar and thank me... kind of...

Gena - MI

The pic of licking the guitar cracks me up!

Cate O'Malley

Aww, too sweet, what a good boy you have there!

Heather Topich

YAY Karen... you have done well with him (except on th licking, maybe...)! :)


What a beautiful story - so sweet. You're a great mom!


As much as I love a good cry in the morning, tomorrow could you post something that doesn't make me short out my keyboard.

Kimberly Minyard

i just started to cry. I want my daughter to feel that way about me and her dad. it shows that you are an awesome mom.


Goood thing! And I love the song they did! Must have been awsome to hear it live and played by these talented guys one of which is YOUR son!! Congrats!


LOL You crack me up seriously! lol I LOVE the guitar toss! And the licking??? Only real rockstars do that! Go get 'em Ross!


I'm sure their version of Weightless was wonderful, but I TOTALLY would have voted for She Talks To Angels too. Was just listening that one on the way home today, LOVE IT! So glad you got that "licking the guitar" shot! : ) (giggle)


Such a great kid! And such a great Mom for raising such a great kid!

teresa b

Darn it Karen Russell.. you did it again!!


So sweet. I am a new reader to your site. I love your amazing photography! I also love the stories you tell through your pictures. Hopefully one day I can enroll in your photography workshop. I'm sure you are a wonderful photography teacher!


You keep stepping out of Hallmark cards this week, Nellie!!!


Oh my! I have tears in my eyes. You are so blessed - and I am so happy for you!


WOW. I got pretty teary reading this.......i've said it before but I'll say it again....Ross is one amazing kid.....and I've said THIS before too but I'll say it again too (because you need to hear it) YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Jenn Hughes

I smile every time I open your blog. Thank you.

Lovely Cee.

i love Ross and i want to thank you- just you karen because you raised him to be the best:) great pictures eventhough there were only soft blue lights:)

Rae Clevett

You need to journal that day. Do you get time to scrap anymore?


FUN!! I have to agree...the licking of the guitar is GROSS!!

Mary Ann

what more could you ask for Karen than those wonderful words from Ross. So sweet. Oh and the guitar licking, ummm I guess that's just an added bonus ;)

Lan Amphone

That gave me the goosebumps, you have the sweetest kids, a total reflection of you!

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