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naomi chokr

Hi Karen!

I absolutely love this picture1 If you can and have time will you please tell me what kind of technique this is? Is it just shooting in the dark? Did you do this technique during post production? I want to google it and learn how to do it.

I really like how everything in the image is dark and the emphasis is on the light coming out of the fridge illuminating the expression on your daughters face. its so amazing. Thank you so much!


Well, I searched the winner's list over and over looking for my name, and I'm so sad to say, it's not there (giggle). Congrats to all the lucky, lucky winners!!! Love the picture Karen!


I can't believe you got to give away about $8,000 worth of prizes! That is amazing.


I'm with JeanetteB, I looked a couple of times but didn't find my name! BUT, how awesome for the winners and it was pretty generous for you to do this! Thank you.


Congrats to the winners!! That shot is beautiful!!


Congrats to the winners.


oh my gosh! I won the GC to amazon!!! Thanks, Karen!

Melissa Brown

Congrats to the winners. It is so cool that you gave all this away.

nancy in ks

Merry Christmas at Easter time to all the winners! Karen, you are totally generous to give these things away.

Great window pic. Love the way the light comes onto their faces.

Michelle J

Congrats to everyone! You are so cool Karen! Gals, enjoy your new cameras, GCs and ipads!

Jen Spain

What a cool thing to do Karen -- congrats to all the winners!

Meredith Burgess

Those are some fabulous prizes! I held my breath, searching for my name too! Oh well! Congrats to the winners! And I am sure enjoying Clickin Moms!

♥♥♥ Debbie

Congrats to all the winners!! Karen, you are so amazing!! Lovely photo...the lighting is awesome!!


Congrats to all those lucky ladies! You are awesome for giving away all your goodies!

Andrea Devisser

Congrats everyone who won, very generous giveaways Karen! :)

Julia Spencer

Congrats! :)


What a wonderful list of prizes! I'm wondering if you misspelled my username???
Congrats to all the winners! Karen, you're the picture of pay it forward and generous!

Lorraine M.

Congratulations to the winners!

paige rodriguez

I am SO EXCITED that I won the RESTORATION HARDWARE GC!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Congrats to the other winners, everyone got some super neat stuff!!


I have a question regarding your post on camera and lens recommendations. Why is the 50mm not good to use on a full frame camera? Is that what you were saying? I have a camera with a crop factor and the 50mm 1.4 lens and everything is so close that I was looking into buying a full frame camera just for that reason. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!


are you sure this isn't the april fool's list? and you're going to post the real one with my name on it soon? LOL congrats to all the winners!

Tara Faye O'Leary

Wow was so excited when I just casually looked and saw my name that I won the Wacom Intuos4 Medium!
Thanks so much Karen for being so generous with all the prizes!!Congrats to all the winners!!

erin cobb

So awesome Karen.


Congrats ladies!! Enjoy the fabulous prizes. are AWESOME!!!

Tammy Mellish

Congrats to all the winners! I can't even imagine how exciting it was for them to win a 5D, or score some new camera equipment! Amazing and awesome!!


That is so cool that you did this. Congrats to the winners!!

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