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Love the last one! She's such a cute kid!


Great pictures, Karen.


Did anyone catch any bubbles on their tongue? hehe


those cheeks!! ohmygoodness!! have a great weekend yourselves!!


Dear Karen -

I don't get to visit every day, but it just makes me so darn happy to come see your blog when I have a moment. I love that your charm totally comes through in the blog. I think it's so fun to see your cute pictures of your sweet family (pen marks and all). I'm so thankful to have been one of your students. It's been well over a year now and I am still a huge fan. When I visit, I'm always inspired to get more pictures of my own little family and that's such a gift. Thanks for being you. You totally rock!


beautiful beautiful beautiful !

Heidi Bork

These are SO awesome! Perfect examples of the joy of youth!! Happy weekend!

Nancy Wyatt


Melissa Mann

too cute!


And I hope the sun shines on you this weekend. Enjoy that wonderful family of yours.


Gorgeous! And hey, my girly has the same rainboots! :)


Absolutely love that last pic.

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Love the kids!!! They look very cute.

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They are so adorable! I like them so much!

Nursing cover

oooohhhhhhh....... wish my kids grew up like this too.. lovely to look at..

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