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Another week...oh the agony! Looking forward to your return!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

We miss you, but at least we got our "Annie fix"! Can't wait for class to start Monday - very excited!

gina f.

this , i think, is my favorite picture ever!!.... probably until your next post anyways. Hope you get caught up soon and have a great day enjoying the nice weather!

Birute P

Karen, I miss your blog, so hurry back!! I was supposed to be spending time with you in Peru right now, so I'm REALLY missing my dose of KR!! I've just signed up for ClickinMoms...thanks for the reminder!


Ooo! I'm signing up tonight! 11 more sign-ups is easyyyy. :)

maureen w talked me into it! I signed up. I don't see how you know I did but I trust that since I went thru your link it will show. I can hardly wait for the prizes to be announced! Pick me! Pick me!


My favorite picture! This is soooooo perfect!

teresa b

Oh how I miss your posts!! Happy snuggles!!

Kathy C.

Thanks for the reminder...I took the CM plunge...enjoy the SUN..shocking for Spring Break in Oregon....


ADORABLE photo!! .. I finally just signed up for CM! YAY!!


I signed up last week! Such a great site! Love the Annie photo and glad your hunny's home!


Wow! 11:-) that is fantastic. That means that all of you will have a 1-400 chance of winning a lot of prizes!


Another week gives me time to ...
1. check back here every day for 7 days
2. figure out my new imac and how to blog with photos now that I'm no longer a pc
3. clear out some stuff for the prizes I'm going to win from you and Clickin' Moms!


Just signed up!! Our weather has been beautiful here too! Today is cold and rainy but it's going to warm up and by next week be in the 70's...I LOVE SPRING!! & I love your shot of Annie.

Lovely Cee.

yay:) you're back even just for a littleeee....

tara pollard pakosta

CUTE picture!!!
Hope to see LOTS more posts after your blogging break!missed it!


OHHHHHHHH MRS R! GROSS we don't wanta hear about your snuggling! :)


I can't wait to start class next week. I hope my brain can handle all this info you are going to give us:) Have a great week.

nancy in ks

Goodness sakes alive, I miss you when you are gone. I was gone too, but I didn't miss me nearly as much as I missed you. Glad you're cutting the classes back to smaller numbers.

Jamie Smith

I signed up for Clickin Moms, have no idea how to use it. I figure if I can learn to shoot on manual, anything is possible. Even winning a few prizes!


snuggle time is well deserved! Enjoy!!!


Just signed up! Missing class!


Awww, that pic is precious!!! Love the Springy-Easter colors!!!

Happy Birthday to Courtney Lee!!! 8 is Awesome!!! Hope it was a day full of wonderful!!!


Ok I just signed up too! My boyfriend is the photographer in my world, but we just bought a new fancy camera and I want to learn how to use it too!! :)


I finally signed up for clickin moms. I've got my fingers and toes crossed!

Sandy Brown

If I count is correct, you should be down to only 2 more. C'mon, guys!! We can do this!! Since it is now Tuesday -- Happy Birthday to Courtney!! I hope you have had a wonderfully snuggly weekend! And, yeah, Ruthie, we really DO want to hear about her snuggling! Have a great week, Karen -- tfs.

Libbi M.

love the photo... missing your blogging posts... can't wait to see more back yard photos of that lovely plum tree with all is beautiful pink foliage (and maybe the yellow bus too)in the background. have a splendid spring break!


Another week???? I feel like I'm being punished.

Rachel Burgess

phew! when I saw the title of the post I thought maybe you'd finished and I was too late to get in and sign up! Totally doing it as soon as I get on lunch today.... :)
please wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hehehehe :D

Kim C.

The picture of Annie is great. I love it. I was wondering if anyone else was having problems using your photographers workshop link? Every time I click on it it tells me I am forbidden. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?


Woo Hoo !!! Just signed up for CM. It took me days . had troubles due to forgetting paypal password and comp goes blank when ever I tried to retrieve. FINALLLY!! Yay!!!


you go snuggle gurl!! love this picture!! course, love ALL your pictures!! have a great week off!!

Rachel Wright

I would LOVE to sign up for clickin moms but I only have a Cannon Powershot. A "REAL" Camera is on my wish list for:
My annaversary in July
My Birthday in August
Christmas 2010 and
And any other holidays in 2010 /2011 I am leaving out.

Hope to be able to join you all soon in clicking beautiful memories.

♥ ♥♥ Debbie

I just signed up my daughter Tiffany to Clickin Moms since I'm already a member! She really wants a camera!! So awesome of you to give back Karen!! Enjoy your time off!!


According to my count, we made the 400 goal. Am I right, Am I right????


Happy birthday to Courtney Lee! ;-) Hope you enjoy your day.

Kathy T

Count me in too! Joined this morning. Nothing like waiting until the end, eh?

Have a great day!


signed up for clickin moms!!! WOO HOO!


I can't wait till you catch up so you can entertain me again! Miss your wit and charm! And of course the amazing photos! Take care! :)


Yay! I joined Clickinmoms, too!


Just love love love this picture! I've signed up for Clickin Moms and can't wait to see what it's all about and of course hoping to win something good! Wish me luck!!!
M I S S C O U R T N E Y L E E!

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