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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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That photo is hilarious!! Love it

Have a good break Karen- I'll look forward to your return...


I agree! What a photo!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

That photo is so funny! It completely reminds me of my kids at Christmas - sweet smile from Jamie, look from Katie!

jennifer Compton

Be strong, mama! Know that we'll miss you like crazy. Love and prayers for clarity of mind, best use of time and lots of peace & quiet. You deserve it.


I love clickinmoms! Sign up!!! I get tons of free stuff off the site that easily pay for my membership. There is so much support on that site. I just saw too that they have a code right now of FRIEND to get 10% off your membership. I wish I could sign up through Karen. How often do you have a 1 in 400 chance to win a Canon Mark II as well as the other stuff. It makes me want to sign up under a different name...almost:-)

beth (momoftwins)

wait....a couple of WEEKS?? You meant DAYS, right? Or HOURS? I think my palms are sweating.
But WEEKS? No, that couldn't possibly be right. No. Nope. Sorry. This blog entry simply does not compute.

I will sign up for clickinmoms though. Need an iphone. A girl can hope, right?

Lorraine M.

Love that pic! It says a lot about where they are right now! LOL!

I joined Clickin' Moms last night and am looking forward to learning from it.


UM, WHAT A GREAT INCENTIVE!!!!!!! I've been thinking about joining anyway, this is the push I needed! woohooo :)

Lan Amphone

Love that photo, just priceless! If you say it's worth it, than add one more to the students you talked into signing up.


I joined Clickin' Moms because you said to! I love it! Lots of info on that site.

Love Courtney Lee's face!
I'll miss you the mostest!

Alis in Wnderlnd

I posted this blog entry to my facebook account. Here's to winning a sweet camera.


thanks Karen....I've been looking for a reason to join and you've just given me the reason and I'm now a member!


Love that photo!!! How did you make the corners of the photo round???

Tammy Mellish

I'm thinking this is just the perfect thing for me right now! I bought the new camera and lens we discussed and have hardly used it. I need a push! Thanks for the prompt!! Just joined!


Enjoy your time off...hope you get a lot done. Funny shot! Courtney...what a face! love it.


I went to the sign up for clickin Mom's, but I don't see a spot where they will know to give you the credit!
How does that work?
I'm totally signing up though!


You totally deserve your time off....but I will miss you! I read your blog every day!
Can't wait to hear from you soon!

Maureen F

OH - that is the BEST picture !! thank you for sharing it -

teresa meadows

karen, I have been a member of cm since before i took the class from you... do i still qualify for the prices???


that is the BEST picture I've ever seen!

rebecca keppel

I just signed up for Clickin Moms. I've been meaning too anyway and your recommendation (oh and the possible chance to win a new camera lol) was the push in the right direction :)

Michelle OKeefe

See, those types of photos are the absolute best. I LOVE IT.


ooo i might just have to join!!!


Just joined and looking forward to learnign lots

Libbi M.

just joined after i saw this post. i have been wanting to do this for a long time. this just gave me the extra incentive. the ups man just delivered today, my 50mm f/2.5 compact-macro lens. so super excited to start using this. will be taking the 'picture spring' class on and this will be so perfect. so super excited to learn lots of new stuff.


Awe, that sucks! I will miss the blog and photos in the mean time!


Why couldn't I be born a Mom!?!


I have been trying for over 45min to sign up for CM and can't do it. SOOO frustrated right now! Paypal, UGGG!


have a good few weeks.. I must confess i probably will still compulsively click on your link just in case there is an update =;) melanie

Manon Keir

Oh NO!! I'll miss ya, hope you'll be back soon. Love that pick, too funny!!! xxx


Have a good 'break' look forward to your return!

Beth P.

Dang it!!! I just signed up a few weeks ago!!! I should have waited...oh well! It is well worth the money!!


I can't wait to start class at the end of the month. Enjoy your time off.

I can't decide about Click In Moms. I was a member for a month or so.

Christa K.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this photo!!!!!! It could be in an ad!


Just joined Clickin' Moms after clicking on your link! I'm excited to learn lots! Wish I knew that I was "officially" entered into your give-away though...

Heather C

Hey Karen - just wanted to let you know that I joined Clickin Moms too! I used the link on your blog, but there is no way to confirm that you received credit. I joined on March 12th. I also posted on there that I joined based on your recommendation on your blog. Thank you for this opportunity - I know I am going to learn a lot from that site.


that photo is PRICELESS!!!


Great photo Karent! I just joined clickinmoms - can't wait to explore the whole site...


Glad you added that reminder at the top. I've seen Clickin Moms but was hesitant to join a paid site - just not sure if I'd get my money's worth. I'll give it a try for 6mos & see. :) Now I'm just crossing my fingers - momma needs a new lens! ;)~ Glad I waited so I could sign up under your affliate. Love your site & all your tips! Thanks for all your hard work!

Juliette Crane

super adorable photo! thank you for sharing! looking forward to reading more on your blog:) best wishes! juliette


Woohoo! I have been wanting to join too... Now I have an even better reason.. So I did it!! I clicked on it on your page.. So I am a member :)
Thanks Karen,

Tammy Mellish

Come back already! I miss you more than I miss diet Coke! LOL!!


YAY Did it. I know I'm going to love clickinmom the best is I can spend lots of time searching and learning with so much great information shared. Karen You ROCK.


Just joined...I have been debating for a while now but I finally made the plunge.


Just to be clear . . . are you giving away the prizes ONLY to those that sign up under your number or to all your blog readers and students?


two weeks suck.

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Hasn't it been two weeks yet? This is as bad as waiting for Christmas.

Amy Snyder

Just wanted to write a quick Happy Birthday to Courtney! I took your workshop last year at this time and remembered that today is a day to celebrate!


OMGosh, this may be the longest two weeks ever. Are you back yet? lol Signed up for CM and it's a great site. Thanks for sharing it. Even if I'm not one of the 400 I'm sure I'll gain lots of know-how from the site, but oooohhhh I hope I'm one of the 400!!! :)


Enjoy your break! Great shot!!


Yay!! I just joined and am already uber inspired! Thanks!

watch movies

That photo is quite funny! I liked it. Thank you for sharing !! It completely reminds me of my kids at Christmas - sweet smile from danny, look from Katie!


All signed up and Sooo excited! I checked out clickin Moms before and really wanted to join, this was more than the push I needed ;) So excited about the prizes!!!! Hope I did everything right to be entered to win...


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