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And so why is that not good parenting! Sounds pretty good to me! ;)

Jamie K

Luuuv the new pics on your header. Too cute!


this made me smile...I am typing a life is good post and one of the reasons it is good is for little boys who have played so long outside they crash on the couch...I'm with you on the diversion idea :)!!


oh the last pic of annie is adorable!!!! i mean seriously that pout face is priceless


I know that tactic! Looks like your plan worked by the face on Annie in the last photo!


exercise is good for them, right?


Loved all these shots!

Sandy Brown

I think you have excellent parenting skills!! And photos to prove it!!


Parenting by diversion was my plan the whole year my husband was deployed! You still have to feed them after the diversion though. You're never totally off the hook! : )


I love it! Diversion parenting is my new philosophy!


Love the photos- what a fun merry go round!
I think it does make you a good mom :)
You know tricks that keep your kids and YOU happy.


And that is just what "good" moms do. Hope you have a quiet, restful evening1


You forgot the best part, it gives you a chance to take photos and they mostly don't care.

Karen Aldrin

When my Husband was traveling.I used to shut all the curtains early,feed and bath them early and yawn away.It worked a treat.They were always fooled and they got to have a nice long sleep.Ahh Bliss......


You did exactly what I would do and plan to do next weekend when my husband travels out of town for 5 days. Keep him busy with plenty of outdoor activities. Visit the grandparents. Bake. Decorate for Easter. Just anything other then let him watch too much TV or video games. Diversions are ok. YOU could have just let them trash the house and watch tv all day. Your a great mom. And you got great pix too!! Koodo's for being creative with your time.


Looks like fun...and it beats the heck out of parking them in front of the T.V....You ARE a nice mom and don't you forget it!

Happy Monday!

Susan Bowers

You're so smart. I seem to recall the many times I did the same. I must be smart too! Another great way is PT (that would be military lingo for physical training); I've got 12 year old boys and there isn't anything like telling them to go run a mile and when they come back in tell them to go bike 2 miles and when they come back in to do pushups and sittups. They actually get a kick out of it.

Although I'm not sure it would work for Annie.

Gena - MI

Been there, done that! :) Now, that my youngest in in high school it is just the opposite! She has a diversion the parents ragged and wear them out so they'll hand over the car keys! ;)


The pictures are beautiful! Helps that you have beautiful kids to take pictures of. Look at Annie's face on the last picture! Adorable!


You are a good mom because you do know how to create a great diversion LOL. Love the photo's and that last one of Annie is way too cute!


LOL! I didn't know the name of my parenting style, but now I do!!


Oh, God love her ! That face just makes me want to give her a hug and tell her everything's gonna be ok. Isn't it funny how your "Mom Instincts" kick in when you see that look on a kids face ?!

BTW - Great idea about the distraction - almost makes me wish my kids were still young enough for that to work on them !


That is soooo true! Sometimes, it is just a great opportunity to get some great photos and not listen to the fighting! Great job!


OH SO TRUE!!!! love this post!


How cute is that pouty face? I did the same this weekend too while the weather was somewhat decent for us to wear ourselves out.


sounds like good parenting to me....I have been known to do that exact thing (playground, Ikea, Mall of America, Legoland, etc.) all so that I don't spend the evening at home alone with my kids (aka: at the end of my rope, yelling at my kids!)
I want my kids to remember the time they were young, doing fun things and not their mom yelling at them.

teresa b

smart mama!!


Karen Russell, you've discovered the secret of parenting!!!!


I love all of your shots, as usual. That last one of Annie, though, is so adorable. That little pouty face makes you wonder what is wrong and want to fix it for her.


GREAT plan mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pouty face on Annie in the last picture. Does she just do that on "cue" per your request or does she really go from all smiles to pouty in a short time?! LOL Either way she's too cute for words and an absolute doll! :o)


Oh goodness, that last photo of your little Pouting Annie looks like you must have said to her, "Come on, it's time to go home!" Beautiful photos, beautiful post. And I'm usually a parenting-by-diversion mom too. :)


Nicole Kberg

Wait a use the term 'parenting by diversion' like it's a bad thing. It's one of the biggest bullet points in our parenting plan :) Cute pictures!

♥ ♥ Debbie

You're such a good Mom!! Love your strategy!! And the terminology sounds like a great title for a book!! Awesome shots of your day at the park!! :)

♥ ♥ Debbie

oh.....and LOVE the photos on your header!!!!


Love the last photo of Annie!


sounds VERY familiar!


Oh my Gosh, that pout seriously!! ('Course, I don't have to deal with the whining that might accompany it sometimes) You ARE a great mom!!


i remember those days.

Jennifer S

That's my favorite the bonus that I always get to take photos while they play at the park!


now THAT is a merry go 'round! I've done many a diversion in my mothertime...TV and DVD watching rank HIGH...


Amen sister!!


We just don't have parks like that...I remember staying in Wilsonville? Oregon and being blown away by the park. My boys wanted to move there immediately. I have fond memories of that place (I of course my camera in the hotel charging a battery ~ ugh!).

Love your pics ~ you are amazing!


This was what I did yesterday! Love the pouty face too!

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