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nancy in ks

They do that to keep us off balance.


Love that yellow dresser!


They fight because they care.

Not really, they fight to see you react.
My kids are 6 yrs. apart, a boy and a girl. They have never fought, it might be nice for a change. They laugh, and talk so darn much!

julie okada

I feel the same way about my two. The fighting is unreal but I do so love the moments they play together! Have to remember to grab the camera next time.


Precious moments! I'd have to use a really fast shutter speed to capture my two playing nicely at the moment - 1/200sec is probably as long as they can be nice to each other before another squabble breaks out!




That is why I only have one:) LOL!


He looks like a serious poker player! Cute shot! And I love the updated heading/banner!


I feel the same way about my almost 9 & 7 year old daughters. I guess if they didn't have to occasionally tender loving moment we would bash their heads together!


I feel your pain. My 8 and 10 year old daughters are just the same. Stay strong!!

Lorraine M.

What great friends they will always be to each other. The fighting makes their bond strong!!!! Who else in the world but your sibling can you fight with so fervently one moment and play cards with the next?


We have a couple of those kids in our house too.. our girls {that make me want to bang their heads together}. I want to know how you handle all the rest of the time... when you do feel like banging their heads together :-).

Lisa Bosch

And some the not extremely distant future...they'll be good buddies!


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