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cindy johnston

wow...that is awesome Karen! :D

Mary Ann

That is so sweet Karen.
Love the pic of Coley and his Dad :)

Bev F

That is so cool!!!

Kathy C

Oh, this post made me cry! ;-)

Congrats to you all!

Amber Lee

This is so wonderful! I am thankful everyday for my husbands stepdad who (while not actually adopting him) took every opportunity to treat him as his own son. There is no way my husband would be the wonderful person he is had he not had that strong male role model.


So excited for you guys ... What a significant day.
My brother 'adopted' his daughter as soon as legally possible after his marriage to her mom and his name is on the birth certificate, by God's grace and her mother's strong will. I LOVE THESE STORIES ... family by choice!

gina harpur

SImply precious!!

Nancy Wyatt

That is so awesome! You made me get all teary eyed! Please tell Cole Congrats from nancy in Texas!


Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Misha@ ~beautyandjoy~

All your pictures make me teary! This is so cool! Congratulations!


Congratulations!! I love the whole story!! All the details capture so much of the story and feelings- the ties, the comments to their teachers, the judge, the "brother" and "sister" names, the mud pie. What a special day!


simply beautiful.


Wow. Just got tears in my eyes. Seriously, you have the most amazing husband in the world! And that picture is just as sweet!


Oh wow! got goosebumps and then I got a good laugh of Coley's remark that he wasn't adopted from any orphanage or anything... should there be any doubt:)


Karen Aldrin

Happy adoption day.xxxx


Awesome! Congratulations to Coley and Josh...wonderful news!

Debbie Brenner

What a wonderful experience, your heart must be over flowing. What a great guy you found :)


Happy "a doctor" day! You have been blessed!


That is SO AWESOME for you all! I love that you've convinced Coley and Courtney to get along now that they are true brother and sister. Hopefully, it will last longer than you can hope for! Little Annie's "doctor" comment is too cute as usual. Love the picture of Josh and Coley together with Coley looking up at him - you can see that they are both beaming with pride on the new father/son union. Much love and hugs to you all my friend! :o)


Beautiful. You each are so lucky to have one another.


I have Goosebumps Karen! Congratulations-you have such a WONDERFUL family!


I feel compelled to remark on how amazing a guy yours is: in the span of just two of your posts he is there painting little girls fingernails and suiting up so he can "officially" be a father to your son. There are many, many men who would not or could not step into these roles.
It is heartwarming to see.
Congratulations on adoption day, and on finding such a great husband! You're a lucky girl.


Blessings. Another chapter to your beautiful family story. It's all so wonderful!!
Be happy.


Congratulations to them both! and the rest of the fam!


I have tears (of joy) in my eyes and goosebumps at the same time. You are blessed with a lovely family...and they will all live happily every after!

Jennifer Niksich

Reading this has just made my day. What an amazing story.

Birute P

Karen, my heart sings for your family!!!

SueB, Ont.Canada

You and your children are so blessed to have Josh Downs in your life.

Lori Craig


Gena - MI

Very exciting and very cool! :) :)


Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for your family. Sure looks like Dad is extremely proud and Cole couldn't be happier. Thanks for sharing!


This is awesome!! Congratulations!!

Kimberly Minyard

Way to go. That is so awesome! You are truly blessed with your family. (as I am with Mine.) Good luck to you all. I hope the peace stays btwn the new brother and sister.

Jennifer M.

I am going to start crying...that is beyond sweet.


Congrats...nd God bless your beautiful family...

Dianne K. Nelson

What a wonderful event in your family! So very cool! I hope it lasts longer than you thought it would.



How wonderful! Congratulations!!


Wow Karen, what an amazing story. You always seem to choke me up with your beautiful family! Congrats to Cole, and the rest of you! And I say heck yeah, milk it while you can! How adorable! I wish I could use some sort of leverage on my kids to get along!


What a beautiful moment for a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Jennifer S

That is sooo wonderful! Congratulations!!!!!!!!


That's awesome...congratulations!!! I just love the look on Coley's face :)


Wow that brought tears to my eyes! Awesome!

Susan Lew

Congratulations to you all!

allison Gottlieb

Congratulations to Josh and Coley!! That's wonderful!

Jessica Anne

Reading this gave me chills! Congrats to your men!


love love love this. yes. love!

Nancy May

Love this!!! It is perfectly wonderful and sweet! "Pretty dang GOOD!"


I am in a heep of tears!
Ugh.. I am so happy for you guys!
What a SPECIAL day :)
Congrats Coley... AND Josh Downs :)



how incredibly beautiful! congrats to cole, josh and all of you :) you are all very blessed indeed...

Jen Davis

Such a beautiful thing! Tears and joy here for you...much love to you all! =)

Jen Spain

Huge congrats to all of you, but especially Josh and Coley! What a wonderful thing for your family!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I was so happy for you all when I read this on the class boards yesterday! Congratulations to you all. Your children are adorable - I absolutely melted when I saw how your son was looking at your husband - you can completely feel the love! This post absolutely made my day. Thanks for sharing this with us.


totally adorable and pure awesomeness. :)

julie okada

Lovely story Karen. You really have one amazing family. And I totally love the breakfast making! How sweet is that?!!



Karen Tabor

Such a beautiful story.I love how you captured that special bond between Cole and Josh. Josh Downs is a very special man. Does he happen to have an older brother?

Angela N.

Josh Downs is the bestest!!!

Tiffany R.

Karen - I lurk on your blog, but I had to come out and comment on this.

I just think it is one of the most fantastic things! I love the matching ties! Congrats to Cole and I am so happy for his happiness!


Karen Russell!!! Happy to tears to see you are on your happy path. You deserve it. This post is one of my all time favorite of yours.


Congratulations- what a wonderful day!!


I have to stop reading your blog at work! You are always making me cry. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful family.


This is so awesome. What a PERFECT DAY!!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. :)


I think that has to be the best picture you have ever taken. The love is pouring out of that picture and it made me cry too. God bless you all!!! Your family is so lovely and I bet you are beaming.

Sandy Brown

wow -- so true -- tears, goosebumps, lump in my throat -- what a beautiful story and a wonderful day! Congrats to you all.


Congratulations on making everything "official" to the world ... even though it seems that it's always been official to all of you! Enjoy the limited sibling bickering while it lasts!

Heather Topich

Congratulations to your whole family! Cole and Josh look SO happy in that picture!

Louise Murr

THAT is SO sweet.....My husband adopted my kids 15 years ago and we have been such a happy happy family since...That is so sweet they have been so sweet to one another...when it comes down to it they really do know what is important and that family is everything!


Heather C.

WOW - congratulations to your entire family!! You have a great man, but I am sure you already know that!!!

Linda Lynch

What a very special day for your family. Coley looks so happy in this picture - he's obviously loved very much. Congratulations.

TerriB in Oregon

Wow! Congratulations to you all! You are all so very fortunate to have one another. Families rock!

Nina Diane

that is just precious! congrats to all......


What a sweet picture! Congratulations!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

This is so sweet, I love it. My son wants to adopt his step-daughter officially. He just isn't sure how to do it.

Stacey R

I'm all teary-eyed after reading that. I would have been full on crying, but I forcefully held them back. ;) I was touched by all the parts the other posters mentioned, but the fact that most of your family showed up is what almost sent me over the edge. Y'all seem like such a close-knit group. That is so incredible. I grew up in a family like that, but I've since moved out of state. I love seeing your pictures of your big family gatherings.

Happy Adoption Day!!

Leigh Ann

This brought tears to my eyes. What a fabulous day for your family!


I think its great that your husband has adopted your son, do you then adopt his daughter too and what about your eldest son, sorry I feel compelled to ask even though it may seem inappropriate, I don't like gaps in stories, stuff like this makes me wonder, sorry again

Julie McD

Awesome! Congrats! That Josh Downs is such a good catch! :)


Congratulations! As an adoptive mom of 3, I'm cheering for you guys from my kitchen. Yeah!!!!


Just warms my heart!! Congrats to the family!


Happy Adoption Day!! This post is simply beautiful. Congrats to all.

a student


Cathy Kuhlman

You must be something very right in your life Karen. You haven't always had it easy but you've earned everything good that is happening to you and your family. Enjoy!


Aw, congrats to all of you! That Josh is one fine man in every sense of the word.

Tammy Mellish

This seriously brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to all of you! I was adopted when I was a young child, too. Did he adopt a name change? I was just 5 when my adoption took place and I didn't embrace the change all that much (because I didn't understand it!) and I remember feeling like someone stole my identity.. took my name away.. LOL!! Coley's situation is so much different than mine was (believe it). I'm so happy that Coley has this extra special connection with Josh. He is a VERY lucky boy and lives a great life!! It really is unbelievable, the story of your love. It continues.. :)


Congratulations! What a special day for your family!




How wonderful! Tears of Joy! I have a similar story with my daugher (niece). Bless you all!
Love the picture of father and son! :)


I had such a hard time reading this, the tears were in the way! I LOVE that photo! That's so cute that the kids are so serious about the brother and sister business. Hope it lasts!
We got our adoption finalized on my son's birthday, it was pretty neat!


As a mom whose son is adopted, I've got tears and goosebumps! As I tell my son, God creates families in all different ways.

Debbie Lucero

What a mighty, mighty good man you have. Coley looks so happy and I love how he looking up at his new dad. Congrats to your family!


this post brought tears to my eyes! what a special, beautiful day for your family!

Nicole Kberg

*tears* Such a sweet post. I too was adopted when my mom remarried--so special. Thanks for sharing, they both look so proud :0)


Oh, wow! This post made me cry too! What a joyful celebration for your family! We always wished that my husband could "official" adopt my daughter, circumstances prevented it legally- but in thier hearts, they are Dad and daughter {she's a yound adult now}, they have been since day one.

Wendy M.

Congratulations! What a special day for everyone. And way to go Judge for making it extra special. "Not from an orphanage or anything".... Ha- cracked me up!


VERY Cool! One more reason why we Love Josh Downs :)

gina f.

what a happy, tearful post all at the same time!! Such a blessing... you are a special boy Coley Downs!!

Denise T

What a wonderful thing for all of you!


Warm and fuzzy all over. Thanks for sharing that moment--it's a good one.

Annie L.

Wow congrates.. To all.. That just makes me smile.... What an amazing gift that is... :-) God and his little miracles...:-)


What a sweet gift for Cole. You've got a great husband, and he's got a great dad!

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