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Patty Hetrick

That looks like a lovely birthday party! I think I can taste the cake from here:) Thanks for sharing!


Yay! She's back! :-) First off... Happy belated birthday Courtney! Second... those first two pictures are PRICELESS! What a WONDERFUL thing to capture. LOVE them! Great birthday party! You always raise the bar when it comes to capturing family birthday parties! Great work!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to your little sweetie! Looks like everyone had a great time! It's nice to see you back here.

Erica L

Love the Poms!! They look adorable! Everythings looks just right for her 8th Birthday!! Love the Liberty of London boots!! I was eyeing those!!

Happy Belated Birthday Courtney lee!

teresa b

Happy Birthday Courtney!! Looks like it was a wonderful birthday!!


She is just glowing - so sweet. I love, love, love the moments you capture. I wish so bad I had pictures like this of my grandparents(who have since passed away) and I - what you capture is priceless and so tender in it's every day beauty.


Can't wait until you have those lessons for us past students available so we can see how you did these shots!

Amber Perona

The cake looks delicious! What is on the outside??

tara pollard pakosta

Happy Birthday to Courtney Lee!
She is so beautifuL! Lovely shots
of her birthday! And I absolutely POSITIVELY
hated getting birthday "spankings" and hid
under my bed on my birthday because of it! LOL!

Judy Webb

I am sure Courtney Lee had a great Birthday, but with all the Grandma's there, Annie must have been in heaven. God bless.


Love Courtney Lee's new wellies! How did you do that icing? I love the pink and orange!


Your porch is the perfect birthday party and photo taking spot! Do you have any close ups of that gorgeous cake? Happy birthday, Courtney Lee!!


What a pretty cake!! What flavor was it?


I love that Josh Downs is painting the girls' nails....I made it a point to show those pictures to my husband!! (we have two girls) Happy happy to Courtney Lee.

Tammy Mellish

I just realized that whenever I finish looking at your photos, I'm smiling :)


Love the pictures Karen! Did you bake the cake?

Ashley M

What a wonderful party, Karen! I just adore that Josh is painting the girls' nails - how precious! Happy Birthday to Courtney Lee!

Mary Ann

Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!!!


Wow, Courtney Lee is one gorgeous girl. She is going to be stunning... good luck!!

Diane W.

Looks like a wonderful party, thanks for sharing! Those white pom-poms are amazing and beautiful in the photos - something made or bought?


Happy 8th birthday, Courtney Lee!

Jennifer M.

I love, and I mean LOVE, that your husband painted their nails. He is the best dad ever.


love, love, love it ALL!!! Love that you came back to us too! Happy Birthday sweet Girl:)


Great pics as usual! Looks like a lot of fun was had by everyone.
where did you get those awesome pom poms? Just love them.

nancy in ks

I love what Tammy Mellish said. It's the same for me.

To Courtney:
Happy late Birthday, Courtney. I didn't realize that you and Holly (my granddaughter) are almost the same age. She turns 8 on May 16. If we lived close I would give you a baby duck for your birthday. We just got ours - one for most of the kids around our lake. That's seven ducks in our kitchen. So far the names are Bumblebee, Annikin, and Daphne. What would you name a duck?

Rachelle S

Super cute! And I am so green with jealousy! I want those liberty of London boots! : ) Happy Birthday Courtney!


Happy Birthday Courtney!! Great shots. Love your tablecloth ( even if it does need ironed...mine would look the same!! ) I also love the white pompoms hanging from above!! They look great in your shots...did you plan that ;0) ?


I love those pom pom decorations!! Where did you get them?!

Cute party!

Shari Barnes

I just realized Ross is missing from the birthday photos! I always love seeing him with his younger siblings! Makes me have hope that my teenager will come around one of these days. ;-)

Annie L.

Happy Birthday Courtney .... Hope it was what all the best birthday's are made of... Really quick note for you Karen... Where did you get those white pom poms.. those are great love them... Have a great one... :-)


Happy Birthday,Courtney! Loved that Josh was painting their nails! I was a little concerned, though- your Uncle Brad appears to be wearing a...Ducks hat??? Is that allowed at your house? :)


Your photos always make me wish I was your next-door neighbor. You always have fun parties with lots of relatives!
I've missed you and glad you're back!


I would never have noticed the tablecloth was slightly wrinkled--just adds to the shabby wabby! (along with the precious white poms!)

Josh gets Dad of the Year for real now--just saying.

Love the family pics--there's a few new kid faces! HOpe her day was wonderful!!!


Happy birthday to Courtney! Beautiful photos as always. My son Caden was looking at them with me and he said "the photos are so good that they don't even look real."

I said "I know and hopefully I will learn a 1/10 of what she knows."


That looks like such a fun party. Happy Birthday Courtney Lee! It is so
sweet that Josh painted the girls nails-you have to scrapbook that. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your photography class. I learned so much about my camera and am taking better pictures. I didn't get to tell you that before you left the message board. Cathy Bruijn


i love that josh paints the girls nails... makes me wish i had a little girl. i could see my hubby doing this!


hey karen can i get copies of the ones with all the kids and the one of mom and dad? also i would love to have some of the ones from thanksgiving. thx shelly (encase you need my email)


Hi Karen, Courtney's birthday looks like such fun with your families surrounding her in love! I love love the poms, where did you find those....

Sandra Brown

What in this world could be better than a Daddy painting his little girl's nails??? That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen :-)

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