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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Melissa McIntosh

I was already a Clickin Moms member, wish I had waited so I could be entered :(

tess s.

can i still enter?


Woohoo!! Can you buy a Nikon D700 with that $3000 and bless one of us with it :-). I've missed interacting with you since class ended.


YES! I am so glad I follow you! Hope you had a good time away from the blog, I have missed your photos!


Can I still sign up and get in on the giveaways? I had planned to do this earlier in the week but I'm a procrastinator...

Lan Amphone

I signed up! Loving the MB, thanks Karen!

Lorraine M.

Woohoo! WTG, team! LOL! I haven't had a chance to go through their site much, but I'm looking forward to it! Good luck, everyone!


YOu totally rock Karen!


how will i know what number i am? probly a stupid question.


That 7D is under 2K. That leaves plenty of cash for a high-quality wide angle lens.... Just sayin! : ) How do we know for sure that we are signed up under your affiliate name?

I'm so glad you hit 400! You have a very loyal following!



Jen Spain

I just signed up -- had been meaning to, and this post reminded me. I'm not sure if that will put me in your totals that you're using for your draw, but I hope so! I'm looking forward to exploring the site and continuing to learn with my camera. Thanks so much for doing this Karen!


Yea! Clickin Moms is awesome-and so are you! Thanks for sharing.

maureen wildauer

I am so excited! Your generosity was the final thing that convinced me to join Clickinmoms. I can't wait to see who wins. Thanks for doing this and sharing with all of us!!




High Five everyone who signed up!!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! Thanks Nellie!!! :D


I have to thank Karen for this shot

Sue Eisenbeis

Yeah - I signed up yesterday! How do we know what # we are?


Woohoo! So glad we hit 400! :)

Lisa Bosch

WhooHoo! Another perk for taking this class and being a faithful blog reader! Have fun with the giveaway deserve some fun after all the hard work you've put in the past few weeks!
I've really enjoyed reading the assignment critiques you've e-mailed me this week.


AWESOME!!! Thanks Karen for turning me on to Clickin' Moms! I love the site!

Barb P.



I signed up under your name, and am so glad I did! I'm really enjoying the message board, and am getting great information and tips there. Thanks Karen!

Libbi M.

yea!! how will we know which # we are?

teresa b

i knew you could do it!! That's awesome!! I'm going to be collecting my lucky charms!! So exciting!!

nancy in ks

You betcha, (fargo accent), Kat - high fives all around. Somebody's gonna have Christmas in spring. Yee- haw.

Melissa Brown

Oh...Thank you for the chance to win these great prizes.


yeah! I am so exited for you/us! and it really is a great site...thanks for the recommendation.




I agree with others, you rock Karen. Just wanted to you to know, I
thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned so much. I have wanted to
tell you that but you left the board before I got to tell you. Cathy

Sarah Gough

I just joined Clickin Moms last week and I love it! Wish I could be included for the giveaway. Love your blog Karen. So much inspiration :)

-Sarah G.


oh wow, this is so exciting!!!!! good luck everyone! Ü

Lisa Ceaser

I joined up yesterday for 6 mos. I have very little experience with forums and what not, but am hoping to get the most bang for my buck and learn a lot from the great ladies on that site. Question - do you plan to "friend" everyone who signed up under your affiliate link? Just curious if we can add you as our friend/contact on the site. Thanks for sharing the link, I would not have found it otherwise.

elizabet h

Thank's so much for sharing your commission with us!!
I have really enjoyed Clickin Mom's since I've joined up

crossing my fingers my number gets called


Did you want me to send you a list of the equipment I need now or should I wait?

That's so awesome that you are over 400.


Thank you so much for directing me to CM. I have learned so much in such a short time. Although, I have to wonder if my house is grateful as well as it has been neglected in the process. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talents.

Allison Scott

Hi Karen,

I recently read your whole blog, love your pictures and cannot wait to take your class. I saw that you got a camera strap from black rapids but I do not see how you felt about it. I am get ready to go on a trip this summer but and not sure if it is worth the $60.00. Can you let me know what you think about the strap?



HA! I am so excited!
You're Awesome!
And I'm praying!

Melanie C.



Yay Karen!! That is so awesome!! Clickin Moms must love you!! (Missing class already but you rocked on all the critiques, woot woot!)


I signed up and lovin' Clickin Moms! If I win, I hope it isn't an April Fools! Thank you for your generosity!

Gena - MI

Cool! :)


Good grief, I think I need a class on how to navigate the clickin moms website.


Yippee, an April Fool's drawing! A big girl lens (24-70mm f2.8) would be great! Still missing class!


Hi Karen! Yay 400! I'm so excited to see who wins. Hoping and praying I will be a winner since April 1 IS my birthday and all. ;)


Oh I SO wanna win!!!!!! I'm moving to Africa and really want fun stuff to go with all the inspiration we get here;)


Sweet! Can't believe we have to wait til April 1st to find out. Wait a minute, this isn't an elaborate April Fools, is it?? ;)


WA HOOOOOOO!!!! Awesome, great work everyone. I'll certainly be checking back all day April 1 to see if I'm one of the lucky ones :-) So exciting! Thanks so much Karen!!!!

Carolyn Hall

I just signed up! Great idea Karen!! Hope my # is a lucky #.


YAY!!!!!!!!! :) so so awesome!

Account Deleted

Hi Karen, I signed up. It looks like a really informational site! Good luck exceeding your numbers, and...great blog you've got here. (thanks to laura v. for sending me)

Tonia Borrosch

Bummer-I am so sad I signed up for the Click In Moms just days before you decided to do this. Anyway, you are sooooo amazing for giving this all away. Just amazing! How fun that must be. :)


Hey Karen ! Do you have facebook profile ?


Yay! I'm so glad!

Michelle J

You SO rock Karen, you generous sweet you.

Good luck to everyone - those of you who are waiting for your class to start, get ready for an incredible 10 weeks!


WOW!!! Karen that is great!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed.......

Heather C.

I signed up through your link ... hope my name is on your listing. Loving "clickin moms" but have to admit love you more!!! Hoping to save up enough to get into one of your future classes!! Already got my camera just need your expertise to show me how to use it.


I think I will pass out if I win. My Nikon D70 has been not working well for a long time. I am having card reader problems. I feel like I got a lemon. My first D70 was stolen and the one I currently have is the replacement..both were bought brand new. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me. I have been feeling pretty lucky lately.

Debbie H.

Yea! I registered from your link. Do we need to know which number we are assigned? I'd like to know that it shows up under your name. : )


soooo glad you are back!


"I think I will pass out if I win. My Nikon D70 has been not working well for a long time. I am having card reader problems. I feel like I got a lemon. My first D70 was stolen and the one I currently have is the replacement..both were bought brand new. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me. I have been feeling pretty lucky lately."

Hey Cindy, I'm in the same boat - my D70s just ate over 200 pics on a 2gig card that I shot this weekend. I'm just sick about it. Certain D70's can be sent back to the factory for a free fix but mine isn't doing the exact blinking light thing described in the recall notice. There's a form on Nikon's website to send in with the camera & they'll check to see if can get a free fix. The prob is I'm taking a trip in May & wouldn't get it back in time. So I'm counting my pennies & praying for a D300s too!


I'm so happy that you encouraged us to join clikin moms. I have gotten so much information in a short period of time.

yea!!!! I have everything crossed I wanna win. lol


Only two more days. only two more days!

free movies

Yeah I am glad by reading your blog.Can I still sign up and get in on the giveaways? I had planned to do this earlier in the week but I'm a procrastinator...


I've been thinking about signing up for a bit and well, this was added inspiration! ha ha I used your link so hopefully, your numbers are even higher now! :)

Kristin E.

Hello Karen! I just signed up for clickin moms through your site so i'm hoping I am included in the drawing! Thanks!

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