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Kristal Jones

Aaaw! I can't even imagine how that would feel...listening to my child sing a song he/she had written. I would probably cry my eyes out and be so full of pride. Awesome, Ross!

Sally Davidson

You have amazing kids, Karen. You are so blessed.


Music is so powerful- way to go Ross!


that just gave me goosebumps


You don't need words... I know how it feels. I love listening to my kids play music. Our oldest is only 12 but already writes his own songs... and though they are still songs from a young heart I still get that same feeling you just described.

Helen Walsh

record it and post it here for us all to listen to!!!


As a son, all we ever really want is for our parents to accept us, beacause with acceptance comes all the other cool stuff like pride, love, being proud and happy. How's that for a run on sentence, Mrs. Jorda?

Jennifer M.

Everyone should have a son like Ross. :)


What a creative family!


What a sweet thing. I thought you were going to say he needed to talk to you about - well you know - the girlfriend thing. He certainly looks like a man and not a boy! Good for you for having such wonderful kids - they are a credit to you.


That's so great that he felt so comfortable sharing with you!


I love the connection you have with both your son and your husband...very sincere.


Ross has a great mom and his actions just prove it!!

Cate O'Malley

That's so awesome, on so many different levels. I can imagine the pride you must feel. My ex-husband used to scrape the snow off my car all the time, and to me, that is heaps better than flowers on Valentine's Day. Surprisingly enough, he actually cleared the car off last week too, even though we're divorcing. I'm a lucky girl. ;)

Martha - EP

what a great story. Ross is a great son and we can tell you're very proud! Way to go Ross! Hey, did you guys notice Cali's smile? It's beautiful. I'm sure she smiles anytime she thinks Karen will post a picture after the hard time we gave at her serious Sr. pics. Cali you and Ross are both beautiful individuals!

Nancy Wyatt

Sounds like an amazing kid you have there but then I'm not surprised! His mom is pretty great too! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


You really should be proud for raising a good man. Being a mom is the toughest job in the world and you did it amazingly well (among the other things you do so well).


I really like the b&w pic!


ross rocks! :)


Sons are amazing...i have to agree ;0)

cindy b.

melts my heart!! love those pics!


aww...i want to be a part of your family! =)

nancy in ks

I love you too, Ross.

Sassy Scrapbooker

Oh my has he grown up....and i've always known that he would be the boy who grew up to be the man who would do the little things that are so admirable. You have every right to be proud.

Julie McD

You are a lucky girl. And he is a lucky boy to have you for a Mama! :) Happy weekend to you and your family.

glee stormont

tell me i'm not crazy, don't ross and josh look like they could be brothers????



Nancy May

Oh, you need an iphone. I just keep thinking of so many ways you need an iphone! :-) I would love to see/ hear a little clip of Ross singing. There are so many great little apps. Tell Jill about the Qik ap, it is like Flip (better) for your iphone.


...I see beautiful grandkids in the future...(ha)

Cindy Welch

Words can never describe the love, pride and just plan Awh we feel for our kids and their abilities and talents no matter how little or small.


Very cool guy. Sidenote - where did Cali get her purse? I'm on the hunt for one big enough to fit my camera but not look too matronly. :)

michelle evans

i want a ross.

(and i want a mom to raise my ross also!! good job karen! you've done "something" right!)


just found out we'll be adding a son to our family. i hope when he is Ross's age he loves me enough to go out and scrape the ice off my windshield! it tells me that you have raised Ross to respect and honor his mother. and to be thoughtful. considerate. kind. oh, i could go on and on. sounds like you have done a great job raising him karen!


Oh Lord, that boy is sweet. Caden, my son, is the same way. Just thoughtful and caring. You did a good job!


He really IS a wonderful guy :)


Ross, I love you too. I hope my two boys are just like you when they get bigger. You inspire hope that not all boys are twits like my husband was at that age. Have a great weekend.

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