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Jennifer S

Perfection! I love her happy face, the framing, everything! Happy Birthday Annie!!


I think this is the perfect picture of all time. You are so talented and SO SO blessed to have these moments captured forever! Thanks for making me smile and be reminded of the important things in life.

Libbi M.

just love it all! did you make her hat? did you make the banner? please tell. can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

Julie Pilch

Love it!


Fabulous! That's the perfect birthday picture!


I love it!!!


She is so adorable... totally makes me want another one. And if you know me at all, THAT is saying something! :)
Happy Birthday girlie!


Of course you had to post this! I love the colors.


Love it!


This is my absolute favorite blog. Thank you for sharing your pictures and life with us. Both are beautiful. Hopefully your rules for 4-yr-olds work out for you. I have 2 over 4, and so far... nope! :-)I can pray that it works for my 3-yr-old, though!

Kristi B.

r u kidding?! this is the most precious photo!! LOVE IT!


That has got to be one of the cutest photo's of Annie ever LOL. Love it!!!

Rochelle Gaukel

Great shot! She's got to be the most adorable child I've ever seen - such vivid expressions are always on her face!

Heather Freeman

that is just perfect! Captures her so beautifully! Hope she had a great birthday party! Cant wait to see the other pictures!


too too cute

Belle (from Life of a...)

You REALLY need to enter that photograph in a contest of some kind. It's priceless!!

stephanie c

This HAS to be one of my favorite photos ever! And, I always forget until I read this time of year that Annie and I have the same birthday (just a couple of years apart ;) )


Just so real! Captured that single moment of pure childhood bliss perfectly!!!!


That is superb!!! The perfect birthday photo!

erin cobb



And what a GREAT picture you chose in deed!!! Happy 4th precious little angel.


So unbelievably cute! And please do share - did you make the hat and banner, and if so how?

Melissa Mann

too cute!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Oh she is just the cutest ever! A great photo and a gorgeously happy baby girl = pure heaven!!

Kristal Jones

This picture is priceless! All of the details and colors are fantastic and her expression is gold! :)

I must tell you that I adore all of the white walls and trim in your house. Gorgeous! I have always been afraid to pick the "wrong" white & make it look too cold in our home. Your home looks so clean and fresh and makes me want to bite the bullet with the white paint. Love it!

Happy Birthday to your adorable baby girl!!

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