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cindy b.



Karen, I'm so jealous of your green. We haven't been outside since October without winter coats. Soooooo tired of winter. We just got another snow.

please send me some of your spring.


Karen Aldrin

Oregon must have got all the global warming.Its just started snowing again here in the UK.I'm supposed to be going to take pics of snowdrops.I won't be able to see them!!!!


she is so totally cute. :)
i am SO JEALOUS of your weather. dude, we lost the green here about a hundred years ago (or maybe just in october, but still) and it is all covered up with snow and ice. boo. i want manue bags sitting in my yard! :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

OK, compared to what we're looking at in NY, that weather is pretty tempting! Your daughter even makes sitting on a bag of manure cute. Too sweet!

Have a good one!


I finally heard a radio guy say that with all this good weather and the coverage from the Olympics, that he was hoping that we'd get rainy soon- I think he's concerned about all the snowed in folks, seeing the sunshine and green, that will move west just for that! I think the right response is that when the sun is shining, we {seattlelites, anyway} make the most of it, no matter what the month on the calendar is! That is so funny about your theft- Did you take notes as too who in your neighborhood had an especially good garden????


It was me! I've got your wheel barrow, I'm going to sell it on ebay. I mean who wouldn't want Karen Russell's Wheelbarrow and 3 bags of crap.


Gorgeous pictures!!! And I bet the police were laughing!!


LOL I love these pictures and love the fact that she has her own style even more! And what's wrong with sitting on bags of manure and eating a blueberry muffin, mom?! I had to LOL about the thieves though - I can just imagine the cops faces and trying to keep their laughs in check! ha ha ha


Love the pictures of Miss Annie! Sorry to hear about the theft.

julie okada

Seriously the best laugh I've had in awhile. Even though I'm so sorry you were robbed! And for the record I was about to pack my bags. It looks absolutely beautiful there.


ROFL... seriously a bull shit crime

Jen Spain

LOL @ Kelli! I'll place the opening bid at 50 cents -- anyone want it more than me? We've got the green weather too, but the Olympic organizers here in Vancouver were hoping for a lot more white. Love the photos!


Whatever....we have had 10" of snow on the ground for 64 days and 86 days without it being above 35 degrees. The forcast does not show any change in that either. I am packing my bags right now. Have any rooom at your house:-)


I love the backlit shots and Annie's dress.


HA! That was a hoot! Always love your shots... I stop by everyday.. One day I will take your class... Have a great week :)


That girl knows she loves to color.


Was is a "Crappy" Wheelbarrow? ha.


annie is totally adorable!


Like I said...60 inches of snow thus far for February alone in the Laurel Highlands of PA!! I'm going to be you neighbor very soon if this doesn't!! I would love to be eating a blueberry muffin on a pile of manure in the sunshine with green grass all around me!!!

kris cline

Well, I am sure they broke into the shed and figured they had better steal something...they needed the wheelbarrow to carry the bags of steer poop! I can just imagine the laughs at the police station!

Darling pics as always!


I love that, just in case the weather takes a turn for the ugly, she's already wearing her galoshes. That girl is prepared!


It is a great book. I am teaching it now in my class. It has so much depth and insight into life as well teach moral values without preaching. Glad to hear he read it.


I do not understand your weather whatsoever. I even asked my hubby about it after reading the Where the Red Fern Grows project... it was beautiful in Redmond last weekend. Really beautiful. But it was COLD. Hubby told me it was because he's a teenage boy that Ross was going sleeveless. heee.

Thinking of auditing! :)


Total steer shit Karen!!!!!!!!!!
What a bunch of losers steeling steer shit....
On a much lighter subject.... I just melt when I see your photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Lisa Hayes just loves your photography!!!! And you have another fan!!


Too too funny about the theft! Love the backlighting in these shots Karen!


How hard can it be to track down that thief? I mean, seriously. He has your wheelbarrow AND probably one of the nicest gardens in the neighborhood by this point.

Amie F

These are adorable pictures of Annie. I love the rain boots!


Oh my gosh - this just made me laugh out loud!

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