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Your imperfect shots are my perfect shorts. I love the one of her feet when she's laying on the bed! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I will take your advice next time I get my act together and go on a photo shoot.


i love the "i heart dad" shirt.

too cute.


Love these! Cute girl, great wall color and fun pajamas!
Okay, I'm gonna ask again, can you post some of your camera settings for Courtney Lee's most recent basketball pics you took? Indoor sports shots seems to be a challenge for a lot of us!


would love to know if you've found a camera bag that you love! :)


Hi Karen!
I'm looking to get a telephoto lens for my Canon 50D. My budget is around $600 which limits me to either a 70-200 f4L no IS or Canon 70-300 IS 4-5.6. I take outdoor sports photos of my son and occasionally low light photos as well. Do I compromise the Image Stabilizer to get a Canon L lens and the f4 or do you suggest I go for the longer reach with IS. My other lenses are a 50 1.8 and a Canon 24-70 2.8. I appreciate your feedback and love learning from your experience!

Karen Aldrin

Do you take your "big "camera with you everywhere or do you have a smaller one popped in your bag?I'm off to Chicago from the UK for a scrapbooking hol and I don't want to carry my camera bag and lenses around all day.Any ideas.I've bought a wrist strap for my camera,but what shall I do with the lenses?
You should have got on that bed with Annie and put the timer on.


would LOVE to see more pics of your house too :O)


and annie is adorable but you knew that already!


Annie is ADORABLE!♥ LOVE that wall color and the bed!


I'd love to know what you do in terms of processing your images - the children's skin and eyes always look so beautiful; and how you achieve such 'pin sharpness'in your images.


Those are imperfect shots???? I think they are fabulous!! I STILL have issues with low light - it's the world I live in. I think I need to revisit my class binder. Thanks for continuing to be soooo inspiring!!


Nothing imperfect about've got them forever now....for she might forget about that day she jumped on your bed. And someday you'll pull the pics out and have the memories. I'm amazed how much my kids forget about their childhoods....making tents in the living room, skating in the puddles, having a bath in the very glad I have the photos to show them, and me:)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Hey karen,

These shots of Annie are adorable. Love her jammies with the white and green. So. . . my question is (since you asked). . . Are you ever going to design anymore scrapbook products? I know you've been on hiatus but I'm hoping you'll keep designing. If you plan to, do you have any idea when?

Becky :) (aka: beckywedd)

Amie F

I love the colors in the shots and the fact that you love the shots even though they are "imperfect" for some reason this tells me it is ok for me to love my imperfect shots too. Thank you!

I wondered if you will be letting those of us who are not former students to purchase Making the Shot lessons or if it will only be for former students. I have not taken your classes but would love to have a chance to do these lessons :)

tara pollard pakosta

cute cute cute!
I think my girls want that color for their
rooms! LOVE IT!!!!!
How high was your ISO?!
and what lense?!


How are you feeling about LightRoom now? Are you using it as your main organizational tool? Is I-photo part of any of your workflows? Thanks SO much!
WONDERFUL photos, and I love the soft light!


Love the colour of the walls!
Josh is pretty witty with his "The girl who cried favorite".

Cate O'Malley

adorable joyfulness - love it!


I love everything about these photos...the colors are amazing! Two things, I'm in the market for a wide angle lens to go with my 5D. I'm going to rent a couple to see how I like them, but am having trouble narrowing down the rentals....second, thanks for the advice with my 50mm/1.2. I sent it back to Canon and it did have a back focusing issue that they fixed and we're now working to improve our relationship. So far, so good. I got some great shots last weekend up by Lake Superior....can't wait for your new lessons to be released!

teresa b

Yannie is getting so big.. so cute!

Melanie C.

Hi Karen,
I've read a lot about back button focusing lately and I was wondering what the benefit was to using it rather than just focusing by pressing the shutter button down halfway before taking the shot.

Love these pics of Annie. That jammies are adorable too!


Love these shots Karen - they look perfect to me. When will "Taking the Shot" lessons be available? I'm excited already, especially seeing the eye candy photos you post on your blog everyday. Makes me wonder how I'll ever get there... :)

gina f.

i must be the girl who cried favorite, too, cause every time i see your photos i think they are all my favorite. cute jammies, cute kid, cute shots!!


I kind of want to paint every room in my house that color! What a perfect back-drop to beautiful pictures.


Love your wall color and the pix of Annie! My husband thinks I use the words "love" and "like" way too much. I love this, I like that, etc. ;)


I would LOVE to know what specific lenses you own to use with your Nikon D700. I wasn't clear on your post before. I have the Nikon 24-70mm and I love it for portraits. But for everyday, I need another lens and am not sure which one to buy. I got the impression above that I shouldn't go with the 50mm with my full frame. But, what SHOULD I go with. 85mm? 35mm? etc.

I really appreciate your advice.


Okay, My favorite is the one of the profile of her cute little butt, legs and toes in those striped jammies!!


Me, raising my hand!!! I have a question.....what color is the wall in the pic of Annie jumping....I have been looking for a color like it and may have just found THE color!!!!

Nikki McAnary

My question is....Is it March yet so I can start you class:)Love the colors and her PJ's

Melissa Mann

awesome pictures! and love the color of that wall!

julie okada

These are adorable Karen! I love the feet shot. Seriously sweet!


LOL - you are the only person I "know" who may take more photos than I do. Sometimes I think that if I stacked all my photos chronologically, picked them up and flipped through them that I'd have a little flip-book "video" of my kids' lives. :-P


If I asked a camera question I would have no idea what your answer meant. But if you could share with us where you get Miss Annie's clothes and if they carry age 11 girl clothes that would be super since Annie rocks the adorableness! I read your blog not for camera stuff but because it is a really great blog!

Kristal Jones

LOve these pics so much!

The recent b&w of Annie...can you tell me the mm & aperture? Were you just standing or on a ladder? Love the bokeh! Would love to get a shot of each of my girls like that. :)

Are you still using your fave action combo or have you had to change it since switching to Nikon?

Do you ever use Noiseware of any kind? Your high ISO pics are not grainy. They are gorgeous!

Thanks in advance for your answers and Happy Friday!


love ALL your pictures always, but also waiting to see the scrapbook pages you said you were working on?

Charlotte H

Gorgeous pictures yet again Karen!

My question is: I have a Canon 50mm F 1.8 II. If I was to buy one more lens, what would you recommend it be and why?

Gena - MI

Cute! And I love the update filmstrip pics across the top too!


Annie is so cute!
I love her! ))

Also I like the colour of the walls. Perfect!

Robyn :)

I love the new banner :)

And your pictures are awesome. I love Annie's outfit and the wall color.


great pics of such a cutie patootie!! :) and i'm in love with that wall color...what is it called???

Rachel Wright

Oh Lady I tell ya. I waiver back and forth on your blog from inspired..... "I can so totally do this."
To "OMG fi.8 What???!!!"

Sometimes you just plain scare me. But your photos always call me back. :)

Debbie Tibbs

Love it, she is too cute!


What is the color of your wall in that picture? It is fantastic, I love it! Reminds me of the ocean! I have to have it in my house!

Kathy Carson

Hello Karen,
Just got on your site, My you are doing great! I still miss your scrapbook classes when you came to visit Scrapbook Connections and all your input into which camera to nag my hubby for. Yep I got my Cannon Rebel XSi. Love it but still learning.
I want to do some business with you,about taking some pictures for our 50th. anniversary. Do not want formal ones, want fun ones. If you are interested email me. thanks Kathy Carson

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