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And I LOVE every photo. Any one of them could be in a magazine. Thanks again for making me smile!

Jennifer M.

So sweet. That last shot is probably my favorite.


happy birthday Annie!! thanks for sharing her special day with us Momma!!


What wonderful memories you all will have forever!!!!


Thank you for sharing Annie's birthday with us!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Thanks for sharing those! They really are special and you all seem like the nicest, sweetest family - I love that!

tara pollard pakosta

awesome bday pix!
My hubby and I started a journal when we
were dating also! we love it, we still sometimes
write in it and it's very special to us. along with
all the cards, letters and notes!

Catharine CarterSmith

Just adorable..Thanks for always inspiring me to practice taking pictures in the hopes that they will turn out somewhat close to yours...


Love these photos! Great times documented! And I want a My Little Pony motorcycle now!

Jessica F

Birthday pictures are my favorite! Would love to see more pictures of your house and all the works you've done. We bought an old house about the same time you did. And where did you get that table with all the kids around it. I'm in love!


Happy Birthday to Annie! I love the pom pom banner.


i love your posts and your family. will you share more of your house sometime soon?? inquiring minds want to see more :O)


Love the birthday pictures, Karen! The cake looks yummy!


Great birthday pictures. Your house looks like you've lived there your table. Annie is one lucky little girl and too cute ;0)

Maureen F

Great pictures - thanks for sharing !!!

Nancy May

Oh, such great photos showing a great time. The remote control pony reminds me of when my GD got that (on her 4th B-Day too) she was making it go down the hall, then it went around the corner. She couldn't see it but kept moving the controls all around and walked down the hall to look around the corner, just as she got the the corner the pony came around the corner full speed. GD screamed and ran away from the pony! It was really funny! :-)


Doesn't it just make you want to be four again?? Love it!!


I love the light in your house.


You must really have it all together, Nellie. Most of us that host parties don't make time to take pics...we're running around (usually in the kitchen) with our heads cut off.

But not you--you are PARTY-READY:
-House is clean.
-Birthday Banner is made and hung.
-Birthday Hat is ordered and on the head.
-Birthday Cake is made and iced...with fruit to boot.
-Food table looks like Martha Stewart Magazine.
-Everyone is happy and smiling in the pics.
(and it's all precious...)


gina f.

awesome pictures!!! and banner and hat and decorations and all of it!! Great job!!

Nancy Wyatt

Love all the photos and give Annie a squeeze from Nancy from Conroe, TX! Love the pic of you and Annie, too cute!


Oh my she is cute! Love the family birthday, how wonderful to have them all. :)

cindy mandernach

i'm loving the light blue table in the background of the picture of josh (the i love him picture). i would love to see a in focus pic of that...

Kim Bolyard

and I love all of your photos...


Love this post and every post you post! I check here every day to see if you've posted! Thanks for sharing your family and your life with us!

Melissa Mann

beautiful photos!! looks like a wonderful party!


Great party photos Karen... I think the question on the one that says "How much do you love your Mom" should have been "How much do you look like your Dad".... LOL... I think she looks so much like him in that photo....

Shari Barnes

Looks like Annie a WONDERFUL birthday! As someone mentioned before, you are a TERRIFIC mom and she will so appreciate all of the hard work and great images you got of this special day! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!


Your little girl is too cute! Great pictures - thanks for sharing!


and I love you.....

your stalker from Florida (now Kentucky)


Last week I caught a flight home from Boise to Seattle via Portland. The Horizon plane on the Boise to Portland leg was decked out in Duck colors and I found myself wondering about you and Josh Downs and Coley and if those sweet men in your life might actually refuse to board a ducks plane. Made me laugh a little to myself! :)

Thanks for sharing your lovely party pics.


Hello Kitty is mi nice favorite cartoon in the world.

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