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Julie McD

Hope Ms. Annie has a great birthday and happy 5th to you and Josh Downs!

Took lots of great shots in the blizzards we've been having thanks to your awesome on-line class that I took I think nearly 2 years ago now! My notebook is next to my bed and I re-read different part every now and then to make sure it is sinking in!

Angela Kelley

Happy Birthday to Annie!! I hope she has a magical day!! Happy 'Anniversary' to you guys too!

mandy friend

you crack me up...I'm bad at math ;) Happy Birthday cute Annie girl and happy anniversary to you and Josh!

Tammy Mellish

I'm terrible at math, but pretty good at catching on and I was just think that somethings are meant to be and OBVIOUSLY this was one of those things! And at that point in your life, with mistakes behind you, I think you knew that something magical was about to happen. And it did. :)

Happy birthday, Annie! Beautiful SWEET Annie (there should be a song written about her... her mom as the pianist ;)


Happy Birthday to Annie and to your entire family for the five year anniversary. It really was the "birth" of your family five years ago-totally worth celebrating!!! If someone is judging you they have way too much time on their hands.


Happy Birthday Miss Annie! And I am terrible at math AND non-judgmental...I know how it goes....Owen will be 5 in June and we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in math is bad too. ;-)


Happy Birthday Annie, I can still see you walking up and down the street 9 mo. preggers.
I think trying to induce labor? :-) I felt so bad for you because you looked miserable!!
I also remember looking out my dining room window and you had Annie outside taking photos on a blanket. That was before I knew you were a fabulous photographer. And I remember the first time We met Mr. Josh Downs. He is as nice as you say! NO JUDGEMENT here. A match made in Heaven.
Miss ya!


That picture is so adorable! Happy Birthday to Annie and Happy Anniversary to you!

Melissa Ladd

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl! It's so fun to watch her grow up through your gorgeous photographs!

I'm definitely in the non-judgemental category. I had my son ten months after meeting my now-husband! Happy anniversary to you!


No judgment here, my son will be seven in March and we celebrate our 6th anniversary this month :)


What a simply beautiful picture!

Kathy C

Happy 4th bee-day Miss Annie! ;-)


Let's see--it goes 2,5,3,1,4 right? and who cares on the judgement part. Happy day to all of you.


Its a wonderful day and I always think how lucky you are and what a wonderful family you have. Nothing else matters.


Happy Birthday to sweet Annie...and happy anniversary to you and Josh. Annie was my little girl's name for the girl I never had :) - four boys!!!


my daughter kenadie has the same green dress, turns 4 next week and never does anything the first time - scarry how alike they are - happy birthday!!!


today is definitely the day for Beautiful Little Girls to be born! My princess turns 2 today - aren't they just the funnest? Love your pictures, and her many little "looks" - such fun :)

Jen Spain

I'm going to have to make sure my boys don't see this -- they've been bugging me for two years to have another baby and they don't give a hoot about wedding dates and such! (Nor do I.) My husband and I got married a year and a half ago, and we've adopted two kittens for them, but they still want a baby. Happy birthday to Annie, and happy anniversary to all the rest of you!


Happy Birthday Annie!!!! And happy Anniversary to you and Josh!!! :-)


Happy birthday, Annie! (And by the way Karen, your story makes me want to ride more airplanes! It's the kind of story that makes me believe that even as a single gal at 36, there's still hope!) :)


Happy birthday, Annie!


Happy Birthday to Annie! She's looking so grown up in that picture!

And Happy Anniversary to you and Josh! I love your story. :)


Annie's that celebrate birthdays in February are the best people, because I'm one of them! :)

Happy birthday to a fellow Annie & I hope she remembers all the 4-yr old truths you told her.

Bonnie C

Karen, what a coincidence - my husband and I met 10 years ago today and we celebrate it like its our anniversary as well. Of course being the day before Valentine's Day makes it easy to remember.

Kim Tan

What an angelic birthday girl! and congrats on your 5th ann!

Susan L

Or really glad you met Mr Right for you.

It's been a great five years.


I am bad at math too I have a 25 year old but only married 22 years! Love to read your blog!

tara pollard pakosta

4 already? how is that possible!
happy birthday to the big 4 year old annnie!
and happy 5th to the 2 of you! that's

Mimi Hornberger

I LOVE that story of how you met. I really love reading your blog and looking at your fabulous photography. You really capture so much in your photos. I was recently at CHA in Anaheim and came upon a rubber stamp and I immediately thought of your Annie. I could swear that they used her angelic face for the image. If you send me your email, I will be happy to send the pic to you. It is so uncanny. Happy Birthday Annie! And Happy Anniversary to you and Josh Downs. LOL Mimi


I can't believe she's four already! Happy birthday, Yannie! (And why doesn't my 14-year old follow the 4-year-old rules??)


Happy Birthday little Annie! My little one is celebrating her 4th birthday today too! Two special little girls!

ashley bugg

hahaha! I love this -- beautifully written, pre-usual. I always joke that our oldest was born 12 months premature. ;)


Hey, when ya know, ya know! :) I think its awesome! :)


Happy Birthday Annie! to precious for words. No judgement here :)

Hope the party goes great, looking forward to pictures.

Take Care,


Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl...
Sounds like magic, fate, destiny had plans for you and you where smart enough to listen, wink. Happy anniversary as well!


Happy Birthday Annie!! Pretty good at math and all your story screams to me is MEANT TO BE!!


Happy, Happy Birthday Annie!! Enjoy your extra special Valentine's weekend.


Happy day to your family! I guess God just wanted this date to be super special and meaningful, so He allowed two really neat things to happen on the same day! God's blessings!

Moriah Bettencourt

Happy Birthday to Annie!

BTW for what it's worth... even though I am 100% happily married & by no means really "looking" but if I was single & met someone as HOT as Josh Downs on a plane... there would probably be even worse math needed.... 9 months & 52 minutes. LOL Totally kidding... I think! LOL

Suzanne B

aaaah let people do the math. Love doesn't follow a calendar. We have that too. Our daughter was born one year after we met/married.
Congrats and just stay in love.


Happy Birthday Annie!! Have fun at your party.


love love love it Karen!! please who cares about the math or what anyone else thinks - its all about the butterflies!! ;) just remember to always be good to one another and never go to bed mad (easier said than done!). hope all goes smooth tomorrow and Miss Annie has the bestest 4th birthday ever!

Shannon R.

Happy Birthday Annie! Can't believe she is already 4...that also means my little girl will be four in just a couple of months. My daughter was born just 12 months and 16 days after our 2nd child so there is definitely no judgement here!


Then you get those like me that are both,lol. Happy birthday Annie and happy anniversary :-)

traci in virginia

Happy Birthday to Annie!
Totally NOT judgemental...Pish Posh, all that matters is that you are happy!!!


Happy Day to all of you!! Hope Annie enjoyed her Mexican meal. That is too funny! I wish my love for Mexican food consisted of A Tortilla and a side of cheese. Chimichanga for me while pretending there were no calories!!! I love the story of how the two of you met.


she is absolutely precious!! :) love your photo style, karen!

Jo Baer

Happy Birthday... and I hope those judgemental people your worrying about enjoy their perfect life. The rest of us wish you the very best...


i stink at math... and I "found" my husband at the bar... at least you were sober! LOL (we actually went to high school together, and i "over endulged" and he offered me a ride home!)


Happy Birthday Annie!! She's a wonderful treasure! What a special way to celebrate your special anniversary!!!! So glad you had to change seats on the plane!!!


Happy birthday Annie, happy 5th anniversary to you and Josh, and happy Valentine's day! Whew, that's a lot to celebrate in 2 days... :)

Julie Pilch

Happy Birthday Annie! Hope she had a marvellous day. Can't believe how time flies, my youngest was 4 two weeks ago it seems like yesterday when they were just bubbas. Have a fabulous weekend

Sasha Farina

Happy Birthday Annie!! and Karen - i can't count and also non judgemental :) Happy Anniversary!


Happy Birthday Annie! (: Such a gorgeous little girl.

And Karen, nobody should be judgemental of you and Josh. After reading the story of how you met, all I could think of is how perfect you are for one another.


Happy Birthday Yannie!!!! OOps...I'll bet 4 year olds want to be called Annie!

p.s. mom, those of us who already knew the story didn't remember that part anyway ;).

Maureen F

Happy Birthday Annie - i Love your Josh Downs story and who really cares about the math - Thats not whats important in the grand scheme of things !!!Finding the love of your life and creating Annie is the ultimate gift !!!


Happy Birthday Annie!

Mrs. R- My parents eloped twenty-five years ago today. Six weeks after they met. Three months is approximately twelve weeks...TWICE as long as my parent's entire courtship!


Happy Birthday Annie & Happy Anniversary to you & Josh! Of course there are no accidents even if little Annie graced your family one year later :)


My dad realized on his parents 50th anniversary that his oldest brother would be 50 in just 4 months! We hold no judgment here! Happy days!

Melanie L.

Happy Birthday, Annie! She looks like she's trying to be so good and grown up in that picture. Congratulations on your anniversary! Those of us lucky enough to find our perfect mate have to celebrate every chance we get! :)

Judy Webb

One of my joys each day is checking your blog. On such a wonderful Valentines, I hate to warn you about teenage years. LOL Hope she continues in her good behavior mode. LOL Your openess is wonderful. No judging here.

Kimberly L.C.

I'm bad at math and non-judgemental. Some things are just meant to be! Happy Birthday Annie!


Happy Birthday to Annie. Happy Anniversary to you and Josh Downs.
Love Annie and the muffin. She's so sweet looking!

Lovely Cee.

im actually bad at math so i dont know what you're talking about:) why do you to be so darn funny.

happy birthday Miss Annie!

Andrea Elizabeth

eek she is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!

Shannon Laux

Hey when it's right, it's right and you and Josh have shown that there is much "right" with you two. I believe in soul mates and I think you've found yours and his, well his :) 12 years ago today (feb. 14) hubby took me on our first date and even tho I was only 16 I knew I wanted to be with him forever. We are still going really strong! My parents got married in Nov. and had me in April so their math was a little off too...LOL and they are going on 29 years and very happily married :)

Happy Birthday Annie, You are a doll! Love all of your traditions!

Heather Topich

Happy birthday, Annie! Your story is wonderful, and it got you a wonderful little girl and a fabulous family! :)


Happy Birthday sweetpea.

janet lomajan

watching your children grow has made smile throughout the last two years. Annie reminds me of our Julia- same cheekieness.(is that a word?) Anyway, thank you for sharing and God Bless your family. Janet


Happy Birthday to Annie! I just love her cheeks!


Who cares about the math? True love is what really counts, and you two obviously have that!! Congratulations!


Happy birthday to Annie! Nothing wrong with having her one year to the day after you met... don't babies only take 40 weeks to cook?!?!? I love the story of how you met! Sigh... why couldn't that happen to me!?!? I digress... I just wanted to say happy birthday to Annie!


Happy Birthday Annie and happy Anniversary Karen and Josh--the only judgement I have is that you two were meant to be together--you make a wonderful team and family.


Happy 4th birthday to Annie! Happy anniversary to you and Josh!


There's no two ways about it - it's simply a lovely story in terms of the dates and the birthday/anniversary. Happy birthday your beautiful spirited little girl.

Courtney K

Randomly funny comment for you:

I want to thank Josh Downs for his fanatical Oregon Beavers t-shirt wearing pride because if he didn't wear these shirts in your pics on your blog I would have never been able to impress a hot guy I met last weekend at a bar. He bet me that I couldn't name his favorite team from which I answered 'Beavers' and he nearly fell off his barstool. After that, he didn't stop talking to me all night. We're going on a date this week.

Tell Josh Downs that he helped me in meeting and impressing a fantastic guy all the way over in Alexandria, VA.


Oh my, she looks just like you in this picture! CUTE!

Ann Marie

I'm so living viariously through you and your "new" life I think of it...I LOVE your Josh story and getting to peek into your lives through this blog.


All judgements aside it was some pretty good planning.

Melissa S.


Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Annie :)

jodi lansink

No judgement here! Looks like it was all meant to be!! You seem perfect for each other and have a beautiful family-----which is awesome!!


Happy Birthday, Annie! She is so precious. I always look forward to hear about her adventures. Happy Anniversary to you and Josh. I love your love story. You are an amazing woman and you deserve an amazing man. You made the choice to remain open to life rather than be closed off. How many times do we miss opportunities for something amazing because we aren't living in the moment? Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Melissa Mann

Happy Birthday to Annie!!!


hi...i've been following your blog for a couple of years now after falling in lurv with yr fam, especially annie (of course). i just realized that it was annie's birthday yesterday. so, happy belated birthday, annie!!! i looked for your post in feb 2006 and i'm so glad to have found her new born baby pictures. she has always been so cute and adorable. and also sending you and hubby all the best wishes on your anniversary.


Love is love - timing makes no difference ! Happy Birthday Annie ! And Happy Anniversary Karen & Josh !


as my 4 yr. old grand boy would say "you funny!" -- love your last line of this post!! hahaha!!!


SO non-judgemental. Look at the love you share! Who cares how fast it happened. I love the honesty. :)


i love this. hi, a total stranger here, dropping in to say that i too met my husband one year to the date our son was born. and we didn't get married until we were 5 months pregnant with baby number 2. whoops!

Karen V

Happy birthday to Annie and happy anniversary to you and your husband!

I love your blog and especially love the Annie stories and pictures! She is absolutely adorable! My baby girl is 25 now, and I miss her childhood days.

glee stormont

so i had to track back and read the meeting story. all i can say is, can you even IMAGINE your life w/o annie or josh downs?????? oh the horror!!!

Jamie K

Of all the photos you've posted on your blog, I think this is one of the best...just beautiful!


Okay, that was funny. Bad at math or nonjudgemental!

We all love you, not judge you:)

Courtney Walsh

I never read the story of how you and Josh met. I love it. How fun. I honestly don't know anyone who's met on a plane... what a GREAT story! :) Hope Annie had a good birthday!

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