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omg that is too funny!!

Wendy Tienken

Can I just say how awesome you are for posting those pics??!!?? SO AWESOME!

One word for you: SPA. It may not be super exciting, but they rub away all the grumpies that the kids give us...


I used to travel to Vegas many times for work - and could never leave with out visiting the "Piano Bar" in Harrah's. Dueling pianos, SUPER fun/hilarious and entertaining. Always a good time!! :) Highly recommended!


ALWAYS lots of great shows to see! KA or O (Cirque Du Soleil) are both wonderful! Jersey Boys is a great one too. Enjoy your time and Happy Birthday!


Well, I've not done it myself but if I were going it would be one of two things. Either a tour to do the Grand Canyon Skywalk or the ride at the Stratosphere Hotel called Insanity where you are dangled out over the Strip! Then a trip to a nice spa! Woo Hoo ... you go girl ... have an awesome time!!


Time to get some ink!! Yeah... get a cool tattoo!! Matching ones even!

Jessica F

You have got to go see the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage! It is awesome! Spring for front row seats You won't be disappointed!!


You have to go see a Cirque du Soleil show. I've seen Mystere but want to see Love so bad. Also the shopping at Planet Hollywood and Caesars is so fun. There is also huge outlet stores in Vegas. Also love the piano bar in NYNY. Should be a really fun trip.

Melanie C.

Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon...Incredible experience!


Look at those pictures! I don't think you need any help deciding. I'll bet you two could sit alone in the hotel room the entire time and entertain yourselves laughing. Whatever you decide--you will have fun!! Good luck, and thanks for the laughs today!!


I think it actually started downhill for me as soon as I got there... Someone (Dawn) told me I needed to "catch up" drinking because by the time I had gotten to "The Thunder from Downunder" from the airport you guys had had a drink or two... HUGE mistake!! If anyone ever tells me to catch up... boy do I catch up, and how!
I barely recall that evening, but I do recall walking for an eternity to get to that bar, then I remember the cab driver dropping me off at my hotel and crawling (yes crawling) through the parking lot... How I made it back to the room (and the correct room) I have no idea! :)
It wasn't a proud moment for me, missing your wedding, but it should have been a warning!!! :)


LOVE the pictures! I know somewhere in Vegas there's an indoor sky diving place. I think the website was Did it on a road trip to California with girlfriends - very fun, not to mention captured some hilarious priceless pictures! Have fun with whatever you do!

Francia B.

i highly recommend staying at the TRUMP hotel (especially if you are not a smoker, as it is a completely non-smoking hotel and they encourage late checkouts!). the place just smells WONDERFUL & they have AWESOME service. if you priceline it you should get a really good deal.

as for activities, why not stripdancing class? they offer it at the planet hollywood hotel. or watching one of the cirque shows on the strip. SPA-ing is always a great idea. and a highly underrated attraction i'd say is Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Vegas. lol.

anyway, whatever it is you plan to do, i hope you have a wonderful birthday getaway with your bestie!

Karen Aldrin

Me and two friends are flying to Chicago from the UK in June.I can't wait to show them around this awesome city.Wait till they see your Scrapbook shops.They'll wet themselves......


DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY go to one (or all) of the circue du soleil shows! They are a little pricey, but in the end you will not even care how much you spent on the tickets because you will be in awe of the show! Im not kidding. They are must sees!


I've heard that "Love" is good.
Have you and Jill seen The Hangover? If not, I'd recommend it before your trip... funny movie!


You can sky dive, ride hot air balloons or just go on those crazy rides up on Stratosphere. Or you can hang low and go to Red Rock Canyon, they have some nice and simple trails, or you can climb to the top of the rocks, even as a novice. Spas at most casinos, and we have malls all over the place -including a nice outdoor outlet mall off Charleston and the 15. I am sure whatever you chose, you guys will have a great time.


How funny!!! Y'all are so crazy--looks like our pics from way back too!!! Glad we (sorta) grow up, I can't do too much of that late-night stuff anymore. In fact, we're going out for my best friend's birthday tomorrow night so I'm gearing up...ha.

Whatever you do, DON'T go see Cirque Du Soleil ZOOMANITY (not sure I spelled that right). It's bad sleazy (and that was coming from one of my very liberal friends!)! Almost pornographic (like your straws...just teasing), so they didn't stay to watch it. I'll see her Monday and ask other things to do (they just got back from there a few weeks ago, but saw that show a few years ago).


I just thought of one...the coaster at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel. You couldn't PAY me to ride on that, but I hear it's a trip!


I'm not sure if you would be into this, but I recently just went to Vegas and had an amazing time. I used this site and we got into pretty much any club we wanted for free. It's easy and free and there are no strings attached. I sound like I'm trying to sell something here...but if your up to dancing the night away, I recommend the site. I hope you have a great time either way!


You should dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly (at New York-New York) and then you can go to the scrapbook store Pebbles in my Pocket. Maybe not right after Coyote Ugly, maybe the next day would be better.

Sherri Rodgers

I can't believe it! NO ONE has told you to go see the Blue Man Group! That was my favorite show-- sneak a little camera or try to pack one in your purse (no cameras allowed during the show) BECAUSE they all come out to "work the crowd" after the show and you can get them to kiss you with blue painted lips. Have you been downtown at night at Freemont Street (sp?)-- they put on an overhead electrical light show... and if he is still there, the AMAZING JONATHAN show (magician) is a hoot.

Have fun planning or not planning the trip! And thanks for being so real on your blog with the laundry post. We all feel that way .... right along with you.


Go to Hover dam.


I haven't been to this, but I saw it in the paper and it looked neat. Especially for a photographer like yourself. Original Neon signs from the strip:
You do have to set up your visit in advance.

Another great thing about Vegas - the weather. Sit by the pool and relax. Spas are also a good idea.


When my husband and I went to Vegas years ago we took a 7 seater plane and flew over the Grand Canyon it was amazing. Also indoor sky diving sounds like fun and I think there is a race track somewhere down there where you can actually drive a real race car on the track sound like some fast flying fun to me LOL!!!! Oh yea and I definately think going to the spa for a massage and facial should work it's way in there somewhere! No matter what you choose I know you and Jill will have an amazing time!

Rhonda P

Must go to one of the shows. Drive over and tour the Hoover Dam...awesome. Another palce to go to better than the Grand Canyon? It's a little drive but go to ZION National Park if you have extra time. Great photo ops.

Kim Bolyard

see a the idea of circue du soleil...but I saw blue man group in vegas...and I have to say one of the best shows I have ever seen...also...check out the coyoto ugly much fun....



mom and i will be there the last week of january for cody's wedding. were going to go see "chris angel believe" by circe du soliel. should be fun. there are alot of the circe du soliel shows there try one of those. they also have "shopping" tours to the outlet malls. they even have one thats combined with a spa package. have fun


Okay since I know Jill I have to say you need to go to the place next to the convention center. It is called Fly Away. It is indoor skydiving and it is Hil-ar-ious! I went when I was pregnant and they wouldn't let me do it, but Marti and My husband did it and I have never laughed so hard. Do it, $75 bucks and it is first come first serve so you don't really even need to make an appointment. We just came back from Vegas on Saturday and I also recommend Margaritaville, too fun and you can watch a girl swim in a margarita glass.


Get tattoos...but not if you have been drinking!!


Karen, - I had a friend who honeymooned in Vegas - as a gift, we sent her and her husband on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam - she said it was beautiful...more fodder for your camera.

Charlotte H

I agree with Shannon. The neon museum is awesome. It where all the old school Vegas signs have gone to die (some have been restored). They also have a 'boneyard' where over 150 old neon signs are housed, like a tired old circus graveyard. A GREAT way to see whats left of the Vegas of old....definitely worth the $15 admission fee for some awesome pictures. Their website is Have fun!


I'm also not a Las Vegas person but I was out there this past fall and have two suggestions.

If you don't mind driving a bit and are looking for adventure check out Paragon Adventures, I loved it and I'm afraid of heights, or as the instructor told me, "You're not afraid of heights, you're afraid of falling". So true.

If you are going to a show I have to agree with others, Cirque du Soleil's Love. You won't be disappointed.


My 15 year old son and I went to Vegas for fall break a couple of years ago - we went to the Valley of Fire (beautiful red rocks and pteroglyphs on the rocks on some of the trails), Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon (ok but we enjoyed the Valley of Fire more), Nellis AFB - the Thunderbirds home, and of course the strip - we got incredible photos from the top of Stratosphere at night. We had a blast with no gambling or alcohol. Enjoy your birthday celebration!


definitely get some spa time...the spas are great there and if you can take a ride out to Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful, gorgeous although you don't like taking photos of landscapes, you will of this place. so pretty!

Dawn Morgan

I just love to sight see in Vegas. People watching is SO fun there! :) Seeing a show is always fun. My husband and I usually casino hop and try different drinks at different places. That usually leaves me feeling not so great. The BEST fix? The oxygen bar at New York, New York! If you do go over your 2 drink limit, that place will fix you right up. For something like $22 they hook you up to oxygen with optional aromatherapy, give you a scalp and hand massage and all the while have this massager thingy on your back. It is awesome. We loved that darned massager so much, we bought one!


This rafting trip is nice and laid back and relaxed, no rapids. But really cool. My husband and I did it a couple of years back when we were looking for something different to do in Vegas.

Those pictures brought back memories of my bacholorette party in Vegas.... fun times!

Jamie K

Karen...the best non-gambling, non-drinking time you can have in Vegas -

If you go, you have to promise to post pictures!



Go to Red Rock Canyon which is just about 30 miles outside of Vegas--gorgeous scenery...the Stratosphere is fun and great view...go to the different casinos for the shopping instead of the gambling...go to Hoover Dam...go to the Luxor and get a picture done of you and your friend riding on a magic carpet---it's hilarious!


You must see Cirque de Soleil!!! REALLY!!! Expensive...but unbelievable!!!! I can't emphasize enough how much you need to see this show (just make sure you don't go the x-rated one they have or at least used to have there). Go check out the hotels..the Bellagio is breathtaking. A ceiling of blown glass, an indoor garden, not to mention the dancing fountains out front. Blue Man Group was a fun show, too. Hoover Dam, too!

Lisa Hayes

The Blue Men show is awesome. So funny, you will laugh till your sides hurt. The stratosphere rides are pretty cool too if you want to scare the daylights out of yourself!

Jamie S

I too had done the Thunder down under and we were looking for something different. Try Men of X! Loved it!

Robyn :)

There's a marshmallow factory in Henderson :)

Carrie Duwelius

Seriously? I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Pinball Hall of Fame! LOL! It's my husbands favorite destination........since it's not a strip club I don't complain;) Have a fabulous trip!

deAnne Wakefield

The neon museum boneyard is supposed to be pretty cool. My best friend lives in Vegas and she wants me to do a family shoot for her there. The Fremont Street Experience looks like an awesome one right now too. They are doing a tribute to Queen, so every hour is dedicated to a different band. Can't wait to see the KISS show when we are down there for New Years!


I was also going to post about the Pinball Hall of Fame- super cool, great way to spend some time and quarters! Some of my favorite pictures from Vegas are from there. Also make sure you go see the indoor garden at the Bellagio, and I also believe they are the ones with the Chihuly glass ceiling. So beautiful! But the Pinball Hall of Fame is a must!!!


I love the piano bar in NY NY
Go to a spa
Eat at the fobulous places. (tom colicchio from top chef has a place there and since I have a crush on him I suggest going there...


Laundry the memories of vegas!! I have similar ones! lol


go see the blue man is SOOOOO awesome!! and ummmmm DEFINITELY spa baby! i hate vegas too but i bet you guys will have a TOTAL blast.....even without penis pops :)

Karen Fryar

I have to agree with the person who recommended seeing the Blue Man Group. We have seen them twice in Vegas and its a show you will never forget. Any time I go back to Vegas, I'll be there. Whatever you end up doing, I know you and Jill will have a wonderful time. Have a very happy birthday Karen!


OMGosh....we just got back from Vegas!! We went to the Brooks & Dunn concert and the rodeo! The Neon museum was super awesome! They request advanced notice of your trip, but definitely worth checking it out!! You would totally love it!!! Blue Man at the Venetian...amazing! We don't gamble, so we had tons of activities lined up & there's so much to do there!! We definitely plan to go back for NASCAR and the indoor skydiving! The new Mandarin Oriental opened while we were there.....fancy & lots of hoop-la!
Take comfy shoes and enjoy yourself!!

Carrie T

THE RIDE ALONG!!! So much freaking fun. And if you get lucky and have a hot driver like I did then it's even better!! lol

Elizabeth Lombardi

Helicopter ride over the grand canyon - land on the canyon floor, eat lunch - fly back...A..MAZE...ING!! Truly incredible. SPA, SPA, and more SPA and good food - so much good food!! Oh and pool time, with your favorite umbrella drink - but don't drink them too fast :-) And I agree - any Cirque show is WELL worth the money, but especially O - spectacular!!


You have GOT to go to the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil Show 'Love' at the Mirage! I LOVED it!! I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but we got free tickets when we went to Vegas last March and I want to go back SO bad just to see the show again.
Another fun place to eat dinner or check out the band would be at Dick's Last Resort in the Excalibur hotel. Crazy fun place!
Otherwise I suggest lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand! Have fun!!!

Kim Gillet

Go see "Carrot Top" at The Luxor. He is so funny and his show is about 1/2 the price of any other show in Vegas. Your face with hurt from laughing. About 40 dollars.


ohmydog, those are funny pictures!! we don't like Vegas either, but went for hubby's b-day a few years back. we went to some shows, like the Beatles one (circue de sole (sp??)), the blue man group (yawn), and somethin else... yeah, the memory thing here too. anyway, we also took a drive to the Joshua Trees!! and it was really pretty!! so, if you guys feel like a drive... that's one thing...?? pretty boring, eh?? i liked watching the dancing water too... i could have stayed by that all day!! man, i'm pathetic... wink!! anyway, have FUN!!! smooch!! what day in January?? i know a TON of folks w/b-days in January!! why not add you in there!!

Stacy G

Go see the Blue Man Group! That is the best show ever!


I completely and totally recommend going to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo. I saw them in September and it was a wonderful blast from the past…besides…does it get any more WHOLESOME then Donny and Marie??? Well except when you think to yourself “now that’s one Grandpa I’d like to get my hands on” other then that – totally wholesome! Get floor seats if you can swing it…Donny likes to table “surf”.


There's lots of shopping around there (tons, in fact). You can see shows (which many have already suggested), you can go to the Hoover Dam which is pretty cool actually (great photo ops there). You can go hiking around Red Rocks (it's a bit of a drive, but it's so beautiful). There's a really cool stamp store called Viva StampVegas (if you want to look at something crafty). And there's always just the architecture around Vegas. Check out all the hotels, especially the Bellagio, Paris, the Palazzo & the Venetian. I don't gamble much either, but when my dh & I go & he plays poker, I always manage to find something to do that doesn't involve a slot machine.


How about doing indoor skydiving? Museum visit? Hoover Dam (it's not a far drive ~ 1hr I think??) Hope you and Jill have a blast. Or just do a lot window shopping & eating. You'll lose it all while walking down the strip.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless it's Herpes. hehe


We stayed a Planet Hollywood,a really great hotel. They had a V show ( variety show) that was really cheap at one of those cheap ticket stands on the side of the road off the main strip. Make time to watch the water show in front of the Bellagio and the Mirage show is good too. Took great pics at both. The restaurant at the top of the stratusphere is a little pricey but worth it. (It rotates so you see everything with out moving from your seat. I suggest going around sunset which was an awesome view over red rock canyon. Take a cab to the stratusphere. The malls in the venetian, ceasars, and planet hollywood were cool to walk through. Could not afford much though. Hope you have a great time.

Carolyn Hall

definitely do the ride a long. It is amazing. You don't have to go on a tour. We were down there last fall and did it. No tour walk right in and suit up. I highly recommend it for a rush.

Las Vegas Hotels

the Stratosphere Hotel is one of the best things ever happened to vegas. the ride on top of it rock your brain, you must try it.


Lots of people have gotten it right for you already - Cirque De Soleil show (I liked Ka or O), helicopter ride through Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam for some AWESOME pictures and then more than one spa treatment. Oh yeah and lots of eating - Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagassi's restaurants are great. A friend and I just did a girls weekend there and had a great time.


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