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Love the pictures as always! I now see what you were saying before about Annie's eyes being two different colors. Seems to be more pronounced on the second picture! I love Origins! And as one of your past students, I would really like the additional lessons! Have a great holiday season! And hope Courtney gets back on the bike!


Lovin' the updates! Merry Christmas to all!

Jennifer M.

I'm really excited for the additional lessons you'll be offering for current and past students. How do we sign up for those? Will you post something on your blog or send an email out to all those who are or have been in your classes?


First, I wish I had Annie to Photograph...she is amazing, personality plus...adorable. Second, didn't know you shot with a 70 - 200 that's what I'm gonna have to start doing...I have one, have take some great shots with it, but I don't use it that often. Might have to change that.

I love all of your pics...especially Annie pics. My youngest daughter, who is now a mommy, was like that growing up, so photogenic, lots of personality and added pizazz to every shot I took.


carrie hicks

Love that first shot of Annie...precious! And I love that wall you remember the brand/color name? I love seeing pics of the inside of your what you guys have done with it, so my style! Thanks for sharing Karen.


I like my 70-200 except for it's so heavy, getting use to that. My friends call it the stalker lens when I pull it out at cheer competitions.
As I was reading I was thinking I was going to comment on an advance class for your past students and then saw you were going to have a little something for everyone! Put me on your list! Yours has me my all time favorite class I've taken!
Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Anna K

If you soak your comforter in pure vinegar, the blueberry stains may still come out. It's an old home remedy but I've only tried it with "fresh stains"
Anyway, thanks for sharing some of your favorite photos.

Helen Walsh

Can't wait for the extra info on more lessons!!


luv it a Brodie., that's so funny. We call that Doin Donuts!! lol


How many students do you accept in each session of your photography class? Love following your blog!


In our neck of the woods, we call #5 "whippin' kitties!! Great fun!


Extra lessons! Yay!


OH thank you so much for answering the registration question! I'm so excited now....maybe I have a shot then at getting in your class....yippee! Already set my reminder for Feb 15th to be at the computer and ready to register. Thank you!


Oh gosh, what great news about #8. Thanks.Looking forward to that.
Well, that 3rd photo of Annie in those glasses walking along the street is prize-winning. Catching that moment was incredible, since it will never happen again.

Enjoy looking through your past photos, and keep shooting your wonderful style, as it is a treat for all of us that follow and love your family.

Jennifer S

Extra lessons!!! HOORAY!!!!!

And thanks for getting to the 70 - 200 question! I feel self conscious with my 24-70 2.8, other people say "oh why do I bring my camera I'll wait for your shots" and i feel a little bad...but I agree with you! Im too worried to miss a moment! I'm the Preschool Paparazzi : )


Extra lessons!!!! This may be the best-est Christmas gift ever!!! Thanks so much for sharing your creative talent. Wishing you and your family a wonderfully merry Christmas!!


I meant to ask you after you post about the weekend with your sister - what shade/brand of lipstick were you wearing in those pics? love it!! looks like you had a great time together! :)


Awesome shots! One of these days I'll be able to swing your class....


I love all of these past shots, Karen - they are too cute! I hope that Courtney Lee learns to get past her fear and ride her bike soon without training wheels. I was 7 yo before I finally got up enough nerve to do it! :o) Have a great day! xoxoxo


I just love, love, love that picture of Annie in her princess outfit and those fab glasses looking at the ground! Love Origins too...great stuff that smells amazing. :)


I have a question. How do you get your 3200 ISO pics to not be grainy? They look great! Or is it because you shoot in RAW? Do you use special noiseware?


Love the shot of Annie walking down the street!! Too cute! My Goddaughter, Annie (who just turned 5 ) is always dressed up too...i love it!

Diane herrington


Just checking to make sure you are still on for the Greece trip. I am signed up and excited.
Diane Herrington

Birute Pilipaitis

Sigh...I really miss those cat-eye glasses!! Maybe Santa will be bringing another pair???


Aha! We call "brodies", "cookies" or "donuts". I get it now. :)

kelly s

Hi Karen, i was wondering you if may offer an advanced class for past students, or a part 2 mini refresher?
Hugs from Germany! :)


I love your blog!!! catching up!! xo

Terri Porter

Hi Karen! Number 8 above had me doing a "happy dance"! That would be awesome. I have finally reached the point where I really LOVE "my 5D". The 40D is collecting dust on a shelf. I should have sold it when you told me to but I just needed to hang on to it as a security blanket until I felt comfortable with the 5D. Hope you and your family have a magical Christmas. Take my advice (don't worry, I didn't take the same advice when it was given to me), they will all grow up so soon that it will seem like it happened in a blink. Enjoy them in all their whining, ungratefulness. I am currently waiting for my youngest to return from across the country in law school (snowed in for the past three days) and I would give anything to have them all young and at home again. I'll be watching for those additional lessons! Terri

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