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libbi m.

i love jacksonville and father christmas just as much as i love seven oaks and pumpkins. thank you so much for sharing. a merry christmas to you and your lovely family.

Nancy Wyatt

Awesome photos! Merry Christmas from Conroe, TX!


Love that picture of Annie's bottom in the swing! Glad you had a perfect day! Happy Holidays!

gina f.

Merry Christmas Karen! Hope you and your family are very blessed and enjoy your time together.


I love the conversation w/ coley about believing/not believing in santa. that was hilarious! merry christmas to you! look forward to beginning (again!) your class in January.

Sara Sampson

Karen, Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and the stories of your perfectly imperfect family thru out the year. I visit your blog every day. Even if you don't post, I always can find some good pictures. God Bless you all.


If only I could get my kids to dress co-ordinated.


Now I am really wanting those downloadable PDF files you mentioned!!!! Can't wait. I really want to know how you did a lot of those shots. So inspiring.


Glad the day in Jacksonville was perfect. The pictures are beautiful as always! And the stories are just hilarious! That Coley is just too funny! Have a great Christmas!

teresa b

Lovely pictures!! Glad the day turned out perfect for you!! Happy Christmas to you and your and hope you have a Merry New Year!!

Jennifer S

Karen, I am so happy your day visiting santa turned out so well. Don't know why I am so emotional reading your post but I just have to thank you again for everything you do; for putting your heart into your class and your blog. You have taught me everything I needed to know to start capturing better, beautiful memories for my family...and that's one of the greatest gifts! Have a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy new year! (oh and I can't wait for those lesson PDFs!!! Whoo Hooo!)

tara pollard pakosta

have yourself a merry little christmas,
topped with lots of yummy photos to share
in 2010!


Merry Christmas!!


Love the pictures! I am always so excited when you update your blog! And, by the way, where did you get Courtney's coat?


Hey, you, Merry Christmas!

It's me, the problem child from North Carolina. Listen (literally), you might want to listen to "The Christmas Chronicles" on KBYU, the public radio station in Provo, UT. If I had any idea how to give you the link, I promise I would. The chronicles are about Santa Claus. They were written by Tim Slover a professor who had two boys asking all sorts of difficult Santa questions. You will want to listen to them first to make sure it is good for Coley. Even if they aren't; it is great for adults. There are all sorts enchanting of answers to those difficult questions (i.e, "how does he get to so many houses in one night?)--fun, fun, fun. The show "Here and Now" did an interview with Tim Slover on December 17, 2009. That would give you a great idea of what the chronicles are all about.

I know you will have a great 2010 because you will be going to GREECE! I still sing to myself on a regular basis: "Momma Mia, is there some way I could go? My, my how can I resist ya..." You get the drift. Anyway, thanks for all you shared in 2009. Wishing you and all the people we have gotten a glimpse of through your blog, all the best.


And Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family.


What a great Santa!

Julie Pilch

Merry Christmas Karen! I've loved your recent posts, I think we've been feeling the same way. I had a day last week when I seriously considered running away as I couldn't take my kids any more. Then we had a large snowfall (well large for my part of the UK) and had the most perfect weekend! I just wanted to add that I think kids and cars do not mix. I had my three squabbling the other day so much so that I reversed into a lampost! Luckily no-one was hurt and the car was OK but I've never seen kids quit arguing so quickly. Loved reading your blog for another year and have learned so much from your photography course. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2010 xx


You have such a beautiful family, Karen!
And it really did look like a wonderful day.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas (:


Karen, I don't post often, but wanted to be sure you knew how very much I appreciate you sharing your life and stories with us. I am admittedly a bit jealous as to how much time you all spend together just enjoying family. Mine is so much smaller (and older LOL). It is precious what you have (and I know you know that and appreciate it). Please have the happiest and jolliest of holidays this season.


Dear Karen, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures and the hilarious stories of your perfectly imperfect family with us. You never fail to bring a smile on my face.
LOVE to see you in Greece!

Happy 2010 and hugs from across the pond,


Ah ha!!! You got your Norman Rockwell Family for a Christmas gift!!!! Wishing you and your family the merriest Christmas ever!

Melanie C.

Merry Christmas Karen!


I've convinced my girls that we don't want a dog. phew! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas, Nellie and family!!!

And as we say in our house (because they're getting wiser too....)

And really it will always be about Jesus first--Mr. Claus is the delivery guy!!!

Sara M

Hard to believe you can be out playing at the park with no hats, mittens or snow pants. I am sitting here in MN looking at lots and lots of snow!
Enjoy your Christmas, Karen.
Please keep the wonderful pictures coming.

Sara M


That does look like a beautiful day and what wonderful pictures!


You really are a special family:)

Johnny Ancich

[CARTOON] Santa's List


Hi Karen. I have missed you. We have been busy moving across the country and I am 26 blog post behind so I am taking my Christmas afternoon to catch up with you. I am glad that I changed my class from the January class to the March class. This move has been so exhausting. We also go into a wreck right before we moved. It has been a mess but I am excited about taking the class. I have missed me some Annie too. I guess I will be reading your blog for a while but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nicole Landry (Houma, LA)

Karen - Love all the pictures!! Oh, I can do the blurry look now! Thanks so much!


Coley needs to have the sign that hangs in my co-workers office....."When you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear for Christmas."


i miss all of you guys.... i wish i could have been there with the family like last year... :( tell all the kids i love the sooooooo much... and put your arms out really big so they can see how much i love them... ;) i hope to see you guys soon...

love you guys!

ps. i love annies new hair cut :)


My friend was telling me that her kids got to a point where they were asking if Santa was real or not. She told them that believing in Santa is all about faith. If you don't believe, he won't come for you. A year later, she overheard one of her other kids asking the oldest (14yo) about Santa. He said, "I don't know about you but I WANT Santa to come for me; so I totally am believing in him."


Those SWING PICS are beyond AMAZING~!!!! I've always dreamed of getting swing pics like that. and WHAT a SANTA!

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