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Just love the pictures, Karen! I was going to ask if you used actions on the pix from yesterday. Now, I have my answer. Happy holidays!

Alis in Wnderlnd

Any chance you'll sell the action you created? These are gorgeous. Of course, so is your family and what fun this must have been!

Erica Hettwer

I like the minimally edited look as well. I just wish my minimally edited was as nice looking as your minimally edited. Heh!

How are Coley and Josh surviving the Beavs Civil War loss? That darn game practically gave me an ulcer! :(

Jennifer S

Your photos are beautiful right out of the camera! I agree with you on the minimal editing. I try to do that too. Looks like its quite an adventure going after your tree every year! We assemble ours. Its older than I am.


Can I come and hang out with your family, pleeeese :-)

Jennifer M.

I'm with you on the minimal edits. I like pure photographs...they look so much more real to me.


I like the minimal edits too. It shows what a good photographer you really are. These are stunning photos and it looks like a really fun tradition.

Shari Barnes

I am the same way. I will go through spurts where I enjoy playing with actions, but most of the time I prefer just good classic images SOOC with very little adjustment. These images of yours are AWESOME! So jealous that you got to spend some time in snow!!!

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It is a great thrill and joy of snowfall and playing with snow.The kids are more excited and really enjoy snow.The winter has dual blessings Christmas and snow.


i'm so jealous of how your family gets together and just have FUN! my family is SO boring!! *said with love*

Jennifer Crosby

Beautiful pictures- you are so inspiring!
How about sharing your own actions- free of course! :) I have a problem with overly edited photos- they look so fake!
Anywho! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Where was Ross in all of this? He missed out on the fun! Is he "too cool" now that he's a big, bad senior?

rachel marquette

karen! i love your blog, your stories, narratives, and your pictures! i am asking santa for a nikon (my canon rebel is nearing it's end) i LOVE that you don't over process your pictures. sure actions are cool - but at the end of the day - i love real life pics that caputure life as is. thanks for keeping it real!


Love these too...and thanks for the great and inspiring example of a "framed" subject, LOL! : >

nicole prather

Hi karen....i read your blog everyday !!! just had a wierd question??? where did your husband get his green hat he is wearing ..or what is it called..i have looking for one of those for my husband !!!

Tammee D

Once again, I want to join your family. This is way funner than any of the stuff we do around the holidays!

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