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Jennifer M.

You have got to be kidding on the Cinnabon thing. I think I may pass out from the idea of it alone.


Sounds so fun. I could really use a weekend like this. No pictures really means you must have been too busy having fun with each other, that's what life is really about right! : )


Isn't being married to your best friend just the best?


didn't Josh forbid you to post a picture of him again in a robe last year?? hope you don't get in trouble :)


Sounds like so much fun!! There is nothing better to set off the holidays than a successful trip of shopping!


What's a brodie?

mandy friend

sounds lovely:)

teresa b

ha ha ha ha I thought it was the picture from last year!!

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What's a brodie? Sounds like a memorable few days.

Jeanne Hill

Um, didn't you get in trouble last year for posting a picture of Josh in his robe? :-) I hope your Christmas is wonderful!

Tammy Mellish

I saw that first picture and thought.. "I have seen this before" lol! Your weekend sounds magical, and totally one I would love to spend with my own guy. Glad you had fun!


If I remember correctly a Brodie is when you are driving on ice or snow and you put on the e-brake and spin oh and laugh like crazy too.
Please correct me if I'm wrong but that's what my tired 43 year old brain recalls.
Glad you had such a lovely weekend, you both deserve it!

Carrie Duwelius

Hey Karen :) I wanted to share a little tip with you since you mentioned the Cinnabon frosting. Cinnabon was my first job when I was 16, so I know some insider secrets, LOL! The thing that makes the frosting so much better than any other cream cheese frosting is.........lemon extract. Not a ton, just enought to give it that mild zing that makes it so good. So, try it if you ever bake cinnamon'll love it:) I really want a cinnabon. Glad you had a nice trip:)


last summer my hubby and I spent some time in Oregon...several days of that in Portland. We stayed at Hotel Lucia (fantastic boutique hotel)...I got it for a steal on priceline. You must check it out. They decorate all the rooms and halls with black and white photos.


Karen, you have found the recipe for truly meaningful holiday season. Life is good isn't it? Thank you so much for sharing your stories, it really puts a smile on my face!


Sounds like you had a great time!


What fun!! When I saw the first picture of Josh...I tought you were posting the pics from last year


haha about the way you left the hotel!!! Sounds like a great time though! Love it!

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