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My youngest had her first Christmas concert this year and wasn't prepared for all the parents looking on the stage. Even though she has been practicing her songs at school and at home. She just sat there twirling her hair.

As for leaving the kids again . . . you'll be happy once you get your list done. Have fun shopping!


I love my Nikon 50mm f1.4G...I get the best indoor pics ever!

teresa b

Awh so sweet.. Yannie's getting so big!

Jennifer M.

My daughter was just like Annie at that age. You could hear her singing above all the other children easily.


Could they be any cuter? I think not! Neither one of my kids would have been able to stand in the front row.
You're leaving the kids for a good cause, to buy them things.


Have a great weekend, Karen! Love the pictures of Annie singing!


Thanks for sharing your settings. It really helps to know what you can do with what lens. Thanks for sharing your family, too. And enjoy your weekend.

Jennifer S

Adorable!!! Have fun shopping!
What do they other parents say when they see you with that lens?
(its not too common to see the big constant aperture lenses I am still dreaming of that 70-200 2.8 - someday!!!)

Erica Hettwer

Thanks so much for sharing your settings! Oh, and honk when you drive past the Canby exit. ;)


Have a great weekend away...wonderful pictures...your little Annie is just adorable! Annie was my girl's name, but I had four boys :)!!!

janet lomajan

What a joy it was to see your pictures. I have 5 little granddaughters ages 3 to 7 and each one have their programs. I love how BOLD Annie is. God Bless you and your family, Nana Janet


Annie is so beautiful and her personality makes her irresistably adorable. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Sharon Peters

She is sooooo gorgeous - I love that pretty dress she is wearing - really snug and christmas. Have a merry Christmas and good wishes for 2010.


I adore the 4th picture with Annie's arms in the arm and her mouth open. She looks like she was really into it. Since you used the 70-200mm/f2.8 did you have to use a flash at all? Thanks for sharing all the great stories.

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