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Ya'll like having fun!! Love the table through the doorway, and the fact that you have everyone at one table. Have fun up here in Seattle!

Terry D.

You have no idea how lucky you are to have such a large loving family. Please adopt me?

Jennifer M.

Oh my gawd. Thanksgiving looks like so much fun at your house. What a great time!

cindy mandernach



can i join your family???


Enjoy your week.

mandy friend

You are so blessed top have your family...and that awesome tourquoise(sp?) chair!! Thanks for sharing Ross with us a little @ our holidays too (he gives a mean back rub)!


Oh...your pictures are just wonderful...what an absolutely beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us!


I am intrigued by the crocheted skirt.

Patty Hetrick

I think you have the funnest family!!! My niece came to visit from college and we stayed up Thanksgiving Eve and had martinis and played dominos, Last Word, and sang karaoke. Not too many other members of my family can kick it until very late at night....we stayed up until 5:30 in the morning!!

Have fun in Seattle!

maureen F

Adopt me also - Thank you for sharing your family with us - Always enjoy the stories


Great job on the pictures, Karen and Shelley! Glad to see you in more of the pix!


Wow... I'm in the UK so we don't celebrate thanksgiving, and I don't really have much family anyway, but your thanksgiving seemed like a truly wonderful day.

You have such a beautiful, fun family. I hope mine's like that one day.

(Oh, and your cousin Jesse is cute! It's okay, though, I'm seventeen. I'm allowed to say that, right?)



Love the usual (which is why I'm taking another of your classes in Jan)! Shelley did a great job with the football pictures too. For some reason, I'm always surprised to see green grass and leaves still on the trees WAY UP THERE! We think we're the only ones with mild Thanksgiving weather way down here in the deep south. I hope you have a great time with your sister next week. I'm sure antique shopping will be on the pics!


Loved the pics! Thank you for sharing!


I wasn't even there and it was a great Thanksgiving Day! Looks like you have a fun family that enjoys being together. 29 people in your house, honey I pity you. But thank the Lord you have all of them close enough to come visit. Thanks for sharing your day!


This is why I love your always makes me smile!

tara pollard pakosta

awesome fun pictures of such a very beautiful fun familY!!!
we had 30 of our just immediate family (my parents plus my siblings & their spouses plus nieces and nephews) and there were even 8 missing! we could never add uncles, aunts and cousins it would be insane! we rented out a big place so we could all eat together in one room! I hardly took any pictures though! it was too cold to be outside! bummer! I love your outdoor shots so mUCH!


you are so very blessed....what a fun family...

teresa b

Looks like tons of fun Karen! along with lots of laughs! Thanks for sharing.. made my day!!
Have fun in Seattle..

Heather Freeman

Never seen such a happy bunch! You are very blessed! Looks like a fun time. By the sound of these comments, you may have some "surprise" guests next thanksgiving! Count me in!


Oh my gosh, your family looks like a hoot! LOVE that you are in the action shots having a blast, and most of all I love that look of pure smitten-ness Josh Downs is giving you in the kitchen dancing photo.


29 is such an odd number. You really need a nice round number like 30.

Adopt me.... please.
My grades kind of suck, but I'm easy to get along with, I'm neat, and I love to cook, do dishes, and the laundry. More importantly, I kill it on the football field... Go Beavers!!!


Looks like SO much fun!! I LOVE the chandelier in the dining room!! Enjoy Seattle!!


Looks like another terrific holiday. I LOVED the "dancing in the kitchen" other way yto top off a family get together than...getting down!

Alicia Sharp

Will you adopt me please?????? You all always have sooooo much fun.

Corie in Indy

I want to go to YOUR house for Thanksgiving! (Looks like you had tons more fun than we did!) :o)


i think i have a crush on your cousin... Annie's hair is getting so long!! all you kids..., just beautiful!! ya'll just have too much fun together!! and that's a good thing!! many blessings Karen!!

amy kelly

i think this is the third thanksgiving of yours that i have "seen" through your pictures. you capture your whole family so well. i can tell you had a great day!


Thanks for sharing your photos. We play Guesstures every year at Thanksgiving too! So much fun!


I can relate with the passing of gas. We had a lot of that going on around the house. Love the pics for your family gathering!


Looks like you had a great!


See, that's what happens when kids interupt you while you are typing!
I meant to finish my post and say "Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!"

gina f.

Great pictures!! Glad you had a nice thanksgiving and have a fun week ahead!! Was the chandelier in the dining room the one you scored in Montana? sure is beautiful!!

Carolyn Hall

It is so great to see you in a bunch of pictures for a change!!! looks like a great time.

glee stormont

fabulous time was had by all, clearly!! and i see you got your chandelier up, it looks great!

Kathy C

I LOVE the fact that ALL 29 of you got to sit at the LONG extended table...we always sat at "the kids table" when I was younger...SO COOL! ;-)


That has to be one of THE BEST sets of pictures I have ever seen!! Triple Loved them...

I visit here everyday...
You rock Miss Karen :)



I LOVE that you have all that room now in your new old house....and that everyone had an amazing time. Our family plays Guesstures, boys against girls too-so much fun!!!


Your pics are gorgeous!

You know, if you're coming to Seattle, you are welcome to come visit me and take pics of my family! ;) I'd sure love to introduce you to Ruby!!!


Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful, FUN family!


Love your family! So much fun!! Hope you enjoyed your trip in Seattle.


It looks like you all had so much fun! What wonderful family traditions you carry on! Enjoyed every picture!

tammy hebert

Wow that looked like so much fun. It makes me miss our family get togethers before my grandma died. Her bday was 4th of july and it was like that. Only volleyball instead of football.
Ahh good times. Thanks for the smiles you gave me.

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